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Comment Re:hurrrudururrururur (Score 1) 124

With stuff like this, we wonder why women complain or feel harassed?

I feel genuinely put upon when I hear guys say things like this.

So, I'm going to say this in every thread where I encounter this statement.

I am a woman. I do not feel harassed. Stop fucking speaking for women and let us stand up for ourselves if it is necessary.

Please do not presume to speak for me, and further, please look up the definition of "harassed", because even if the above statement was insulting to all women (it isn't), it certainly does not count for the dictionary or legal definitions of "harassment".

I'm sure you and many others can and do fight your own battles. But I fail to understand your attitude. I guess you feel that men should just stand idly by when women are denigrated and treated as objects?

Well, here's the thing you overlook. When men act poorly, it reflects badly on other men. So as a male I have EVERY right to speak up in such situations.

Comment Re:Sigh, guess no Win boxes in the lab then (Score 1) 235

There is a logical fallacy right at the front of your extended reply.

If p, then q does not imply if q, then p.

My statement that "Macs are good for people who can't handle much else" stands. That statement did not assert "all people who use Macs can't handle much else."

Comment Re: Programming (Score 2) 603

This comes back to the ridiculous idea that liberal arts majors are incapable of learning math, and the even worse idea that math is hard for women ... so there should be another way to become a "programmer."

With decent teaching, the desire to learn, and the willingness to put in the time, math is just as much in reach as philosophy or political science or psychology ... maybe even more in reach, because you actually can solve problems with answers that are verifiably right or wrong.

Comment Re:Sigh, guess no Win boxes in the lab then (Score 1) 235

Another fallacious "free" concept: "Linux is only free if your time is."

But it's my free choice; I decide how much time I want to put in. And as to this:

the very last thing I want to do is fiddle-fart around with Linux just to achieve a modicum of usability

... in recent years I've had to do no fiddling to achieve a very high level of usability. It's only when I want something special or highly customized that I need to "fiddle." Of course sometimes I want to fiddle but it is seldom a necessity.

So, check my username and get a clue as to what I enjoy as an alternative to either...

Certainly a valid choice. Macs are great for people who can't handle much else.

Comment Re:Economics IS a science (Score 1) 153

The difference with economics is that there are far stronger incentives to corrupt observations and models than with most other sciences.

Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Look at historical debates such as "does smoking cause cancer" and current debates on climate change .... many sciences are subject to the influence of politics and agendas, and tragically, there are scientists who allow themselves to be so influenced.

Comment Re:Sigh, guess no Win boxes in the lab then (Score 3, Insightful) 235

they didn't listen because they wanted stuff to "just work".

The further irony is that they didn't even get that much ... what they got was "stuff just works, except when it doesn't."

Now ... before anyone says, "yeah but stuff doesn't 'just work' on Linux either" ---- I know that. But I also know how much I paid for Linux. And if I'm good enough at it, I'm free to "fix stuff" and "make stuff work" I've done so many times. (Sure there are limits, the kernel is not so easy to fix ... but still ... you at least have full source access.)

Comment Re:really... (Score 1) 616

there is definitely a vocal sub group that do claim it is exactly that

Even more interesting to me is that some of these vocal sub-groups make a literal word by word interpretation of the English translation of original Hebrew and Greek texts, usually the King James translation. Apparently English is the official language of their brand of Christianity.

As to the whole carbon dating of the Quran .... want to start a pool on how long it will take for a fatwah to be issuef against the scientists who published the study?

Comment Re:Too vague (Score 1) 292


In short - fuck off with your false equivalencies. The stub toes and the lower profits are BOTH a bunch of whinging, fascist cunts who want nothing more than to turn you into means for their own ends.

I'm not understanding your vituperative finale here. I think I stated in my original post that I'm tired of listening to both groups and would rather just hear about the actual science, and a few thoughtful posters put forth some good information---- from which you might learn something.

Comment Re:Too vague (Score 2, Insightful) 292

Can we just have science instead of hysteria? (Yeah, I know.)

I'm willing to accept the conclusions of science and whether I like them or not is irrelevant.

But I'm tired of on the one hand hearing the equivalents of "mitigating climate change will lower my profits, so climate change can't be real" and on the other hand, "I stubbed my toe, it must be due to climate change."

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