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Comment: Re:"Free market" scare quotes (Score 1) 345

by chfriley (#42286593) Attached to: Hotmail & Yahoo Mail Using Secret Domain Blacklist

And if he is really concerned about the "free market" not doing enough, there is always the option of starting a competing service that is more "free market" and responsive. Yes, that costs something, but that is the nature of the "free market" - it isn't free to everyone, someone's time costs something, always.

Comment: Re:Honor him by fixing corrupt transplant matching (Score 1) 24

by chfriley (#42110543) Attached to: Pioneering Transplant Surgeon Joseph Murray Dead at 93

Perhaps prioritizing based on when a person registered themselves to be a DONOR would be helpful too. This would encourage people to be donors and eliminate some of the issues for matches because there would be many more people who were donating.

E.g. Someone registered to be a donor when they were 18 and needed something at 60, would be placed ahead of someone who registered at 59.5 (or not at all) and needed one at 60. This would encourage many, many people to donate, alleviating the shortage and finding many more matches. It would likely result in the time of registration rarely or never coming in to play.


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by chfriley (#39344053) Attached to: Indian Gov't Uses Special Powers To Slash Cancer Drug Price By 97%

Viagra and Cialis are NOT "COMPLETELY OPTIONAL."

If you are a prostate cancer patient increasing blood flow to the area for up to 3 years will improve healing - for nerve damage and the like. They are only "optional" in the sense that physical therapy is optional or that statins are optional. You want healing for both continence and potency among other things.

A little knowledge goes a long way, but to claim that it is completely optional ignores the studies showing the benefits for at least prostatectomy patients.

The example still holds though: if Doctors and patients are not aware of the benefits of a drug, they won't prescribe it.

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