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Comment: people are the problem. (Score 1, Flamebait) 251

And who works for the govt, your average joe fat pack in an office.

Who approves of the laws and pushes them? Your employed cops and lawyers.

Too many people with high qualifications and so called smarts are just "Doing their job" like the S.S. in Germany did.

Time to say, FU boss, quit, or dont even go applying for govt jobs, leaving it empty for foreigners (who came from bad regime govts and are use to oppression, who then go on creating more of it)

Comment: WINE , or AINE (Score 1) 167

by cheekyboy (#47270471) Attached to: Android Needs a Simulator, Not an Emulator

So if Apple can sim run iOS apps in OSX, why cant they officially, run all iOS apps (w/arm emu) inside OSX, so that I can run full screen iPad apps in OSX, or small iOS apps as desktop widgets.

Dont give me the crap of ohh the iPhone app will look crap full screen, duhhhh , run it in a window thats scalable.

Comment: I would call the FBI, call fraud (Score 4, Interesting) 335

by cheekyboy (#46997491) Attached to: Zuckerberg's $100 Million Education Gift Solved Little

If 100M yields no results, call the FBI.

All those advisors and union officials need to go to jail now.

And kids, lesson of the day, all school work was a waste of time to graduate, just become a union official or politician, no qualififications, easy money, and your above the law.

Comment: Re:No different than asking... (Score 2) 201

especially if the production process between the two is identical, and the only difference is the type of grape or, the scale of production vs small acreage of land for a special wine with limited supply, thus artificial high price, which is made in just the same way as a $10 wine.

Comment: DSLR is great for video fool (Score 1) 201

The DSLR has all the features one would want for a video camera, full control etc... balance.. etc... zoom lens,

Wow, it can take photos, hey dude, do you know what a video is, its nothing more than 30 stills per second in sequence.

Yeah, id rather carry two devices, made by canon, using the same Chipset.

Still camera, video camera, both have SDHC and lots of storage, dont be a dumb stupid ass, and compare it to phsyically carrying a load.

Your comparison is just plain DUMB.

Dude, wait till your phone has the same digichipset as a $400 DSLR. Technology will advance past your old stereo types and NEED to have a 1980s video of a VIDEO CAMERA vs a STILL CAMERA.

There is no reason why both can merge and NEED to.

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