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Comment multitask anyone? (Score 1) 107

Why cant the sensors have their own memory, and record data, regardless of what the state of the main computer is.

Each sensor should have its own cpu/OS/storage/backup battery. Main computer can just access each sensors data via http, over internal ethernet (backup wifi), and repackage up to send to earth, while the sensors can keep recording at the same time.

Comment BAD DESIGN NASA (Score 1) 107

Why not make the craft in such a way so that when it points in dish to earth, its camera can still point to pluto, heres a tip, how about install TWO cameras with 180deg fov, and then you will never miss your target.

Heres a clue, how about a motorized lens that can rotate the camera or lens or whatever.

Heres another clue, design an ultimate design thats fit for any planet/flyby, a generic all purpose best of all situations craft, with plugin addons for specific sensors.

Stop redesigning from scratch each craft for 700 million. NASA you need to learn from the PC industry, modular design. Reduce costs, send more probes, or always send up pairs, like the rovers.

Second, why are they still sending images in JPEG '94, they should use JPEG2000, to reduce the data by another 300% or send 3x more images.

JPEG'94 is junk.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 223

It is possible to compile java to native code, its just another layer ontop of C++ that has to preprocess java into C++, like C++ goes to C, then to asm.

Anything thats slow in java, would have been converted to a native API call that runs at 100% native speeds. If your code is slow in java, its because your a shit coder.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 223

Dude, this is what apple has done with quicktime/itunes, which is why it is BIGGER than MacOS classic itself.

Quicktime wrapped a carbon api to windows, and then they just hack ported itunes to windows, which is WHY its so shit and not multi threaded or multitasks poorly.

MS approach is more along WINE, the version that can recompile win32 apps using libraries inside linux.

All thats missing is swift, Obj C is dead.

Comment never trust new ceos/ctos (Score 2) 177

And guys remember, backup copy all IP/source code from companies weekly after a new ceo.

Setup your desktop in such a way, you can walk out and make it not boot the next day, Change bios settings to something that will fry the cpu/ram, save & power off.

Add backup admin accounts to all machines you can.
Change all SSL certificates to expire on 4th July.

Comment never saw the need???? are u insane (Score 1) 277

Even the cheap color lcd phones of 2002-2007 I needed smart features in.

I would hack a home made google maps, using JPEG map images.

I would copy dozens of .txt docs that were useful, like windows serial #s.

And dude, google translate is so cool when outside USA.

Comment Re:I still don't know why ... (Score 1) 86

They should have bought the rights to Amiga, and made a new Amiga MkII, with improved specs, CD32 size, and ported part of the mac api to it ( amiga was better :P~ apple ).

And if it ran old amiga games, it would have been a hit, or get more sales than macs, if people would rig up a large monitor and Kb/mouse to it instead of macos.

As long as we're going to reinvent the wheel again, we might as well try making it round this time. - Mike Dennison