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Comment: dev world vs medical world (Score 2) 212

by cheekyboy (#48356169) Attached to: New Book Argues Automation Is Making Software Developers Less Capable

In the dev world, we are required to do all things from R&D , BA, coding, testing, tech writing.

In the medical world, the ops table has 12 people each with minor specialization.

Imagine if there was one doctor doing the prep, drugs, cleaning, cutting, sewing up, the works.

Comment: smarttv will be the control hub (Score 2) 209

by cheekyboy (#48314757) Attached to: What People Want From Smart Homes

As smart tvs get better and more capable, built in wifi/bt android OS etc...

They will be the control hubs of the home, they will IP chat to your consoles, or PCs, or wifi lights, anything. Even running the apps when tv is off (no power even, with 2 AA batteries to keep running during outages/storms)

Of course the korean companies will all talk to each other. Sony will make something totally custom and 3x the cost.
China will make it on every tv, but with poor security.

Comment: Re:BT (Score 1) 89

by cheekyboy (#48275015) Attached to: Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Warg Faces Danish Jail Time

Enjoy your high altitude flights were cosmic rays are greater and you might get cancer faster.

But tech IP is different to movie IP. You cannot claim tax losses on lost potential sales, otherwise I could claim that you didnt hire me, so in effect, Ive lost income of $5m, so the govt should refund me all tax ive paid in history.

I hope you pay your pilot well, not a cheapass wage.

But its a free market, if you charged 1 billion for your IP then you would get zero sales, so your price was fair to a company, and then evenly spread across 100000s of sales.

Oh and why would you risk everything, any real gambler always hides enough capital to restart or live well. You dont spend every cent you have left, or did you hide millions in assets in your parents name first to avoid paying your over worked unpaid workers.

Comment: 3D isnt hard (Score 1) 57

by cheekyboy (#48109991) Attached to: Simple Hack Enables VR Mode For Oculus Rift In Alien: Isolation

It just doing 2 renders from two angles.At half the res, but either side-by-side or top-2-top framed.

Most 3d tvs, and projectors take those inputs to be 3d.

And its probably a feature of most game-engines to do so.Like those ps3 games.

Motion inputs are probably just mapped from a Xbox-controller protocol.

It's a naive, domestic operating system without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.