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Comment: Re:To make it worth it. (Score 1) 427 427

I'm with you. The only other feature I would add is to be aesthetically pleasing. I don't have giant wrists/hands so I don't want a giant watch. I'd like to be able to switch out the watch band to any aftermarket one I like. It seems like the watch we want doesn't really need to be "smart" at all. I think Bluetooth could handle all of those features.

Comment: Re:GEOS! (Score 1) 654 654

Yes! I came here to vote for GEOS. My dad installed the 16-bit version on our 486 and it was pretty great. The included apps were solid and fun for a kid to play with. I used GEOS to create a classroom newspaper in the third grade using GEOWrite. I thought it was awesome to be able to create pages with multiple fonts, columns, and graphics. It seemed way better than hacking around in the white on blue screen of WordPerfect. I think we eventually started using Windows 3.1 so we could dial up to the net.

Comment: Who needs physical copies? (Score 1) 1162 1162

I no longer see the point in owning physical copies of media. Why spend my limited viewing time watching something I've seen before when my Netflix streaming queue has so much new stuff for me to see?

There's also the DRM issue. DVD players pretty much just work. My in-laws purchased a Blu-Ray player, but no longer use it since it refused to play a handful of movies they had rented. They're not going to bother with updating the firmware on their device when they could just watch a DVD instead.

Comment: Re:Not unusual (Score 1) 341 341

Actually the way they find planets outside of our solar system is by measuring the "wobble" caused by the planets gravity as it orbits the star. Thus, it is much easier to find large planets with more gravity and planets that are closer to the star with shorter, more observable orbital periods.

Comment: Re:INCORRECT Correlation (Score 2, Insightful) 570 570

Wow. Quit sleeping through your econ classes.

Charging 3 different customers different prices for the same product is called discrimination. Great if you can get away with it (sometimes called a senior citizen or student discount), but not how most businesses operate.

The grandparent was correct, and you pretty much agree with the post in your second paragraph there. Text message market should be in perfect competition. Text messages from Sprint are exactly the same as those from Verizon, they are perfect substitutes. In a correctly functioning market, market forces will push commodities with perfect substitutes down to the marginal cost. Marginal cost is the price it takes to create the last widget, or in this case text message. As per the article, text messages cost almost nothing, therefore, the price of text messages should be almost nothing. The fact that this is not the case indicates that the market is not functioning correctly.

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