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Comment: Like a Segway for your face (Score 1) 321

by ch-chuck (#43767927) Attached to: Head-mounted displays / sensors like Google Glass are:

someone said it's like a Segway for your face - that person also refered to riding a Segway a being a 'Dork on a stick'.

Having said that, I would actually be wearing one if available - while riding a segway, with my pocket protector and a slide rule attached to belt, glasses taped together from the last bully beating.

Comment: I need this (Score 1) 158

by ch-chuck (#40699091) Attached to: Al Franken Calls for Tight Rules on Facial Recognition Software

Being horrible with names it would be handy to have an augmented reality glasses at a party to remind me who I'm talking to, what their interests are, plus I think it would be helpful for others to know me also. Of course it will eventually be used so salespersons know what your tastes are and what to push.

Comment: Re:To put that in perspective (Score 1) 252

by ch-chuck (#40665607) Attached to: Record Setting 500 Trillion-Watt Laser Shot Achieved

There were plans for a TEA laser in Scientific American Amateur Scientist column once that claimed 100KW, which sounded absolutely astounding until you realize the beam pulses are only 10 nanoSeconds long - so an ordinary amount of energy from a 6volt battery charging up a capacitor looks fantastic when expressed as power, or energy per unit of time, cuz the denominator (time) is so small ;)

Comment: Re:Good thing I live in North Carolina (Score 1) 266

by ch-chuck (#40458219) Attached to: U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

Actually - if you read that blog carefully, which I did since I visit the outer banks quite often, they are, still bizarrely, regulating I guess official state reports of expected sea level rise, to be calculated a certain way. Basically, a group of coastal property owners are afraid of devaluing property from overly pessimistic predictions. Kinda like, I remember in the 80s when amazon rainforest destruction was all the rage and all these celebrities were getting on the bandwagon, each one outdoing the other saying how fast it's being destroyed and just tossing out meaningless numbers to try to get people motivated - 'they're destroying millions of acres every second!' - I can see how someone would be afraid of gw activists 'peppering' the predicted numbers to try to get a reaction, just like anti-drug crusaders make drug use sound worse than it really is.

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