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Comment: Paradox (Score 2, Interesting) 795

by cfeedback (#33181838) Attached to: DRM-Free Game Suffers 90% Piracy, Offers Amnesty
Paradox Interactive has a great system where users have to register with their serial number in order to post in or view certain areas of their vBulletin forum. There's no in game DRM. It's completely unobtrusive but there's a lot of peer pressure to register games (anyone posting in the General Discussion areas for support almost immediately gets told to register their game and post in the support area). I'm not sure how piracy rates are figured but I'd be curious to see what theirs is--I'd imagine they do better than average.

Comment: Re:Tablets are dead (Score 1) 401

by cfeedback (#32041962) Attached to: Microsoft's Touted iPad Rival Courier Becomes Less Than Vapor

The overwhelming majority of people don't need a computer with a general purpose operating system.

The overwhelming majority of people don't need a computer at all.

Can someone explain to me how a comment with this statement in it can be +4 informative? I may be new here but this has to be one of the most idiotic things I've ever read on slashdot--which says a lot.

Comment: Re:easier way to get the power (Score 1) 351

by FlexAgain (#31732168) Attached to: Tsunami Warning From Space?

Not to mention you'd also destroy pretty much every non-military (ie very seriously rad-hardened) satellite which didn't have the Earth between it and the nuclear device.

So, a large area of Earth based elecronics destroyed, and even if you've managed to avoid that, no communications or Earth observation satellites to aid in recovery.

(...and yes, most satellites are built with rad-hard components, but they're not designed to withstand an EMP, which requires substantially more shielding).

Comment: Re:Non-issue (Score 1) 776

by Ogive17 (#31732122) Attached to: Toyota Accelerator Data Skewed Toward Elderly
I hear 2 or 3 incidents a week on the local news about an elderly person mistaking the accelerator and brake pedals. They have no bias towards any specific make/model from my observations.

Heck, about 5 years ago my own grandma was backing out of her garage and she missed the brake pedal and kept on going backwards right into my RSX. She was mortified, I was shocked, the rest of my family ran back into the house because they were laughing so hard.

Comment: Re:If you can't handle calculus, science isnt for (Score 1) 467

by Sheafification (#31729308) Attached to: Help Me Get My Math Back?

Sorry, I just re-read my post and I sounded like a bit of a jerk compared to your completely reasonable post. I had just scrolled through enough posts like "calculus is useless! statistics 4ever!" to be somewhat irritated.

You're quite right that direct computation of derivatives or integrals is rarely done by people nowadays (and it should really be this way in calculus classes as well, but I digress). My poorly phrased point is that the knowledge of what an integral is and how it behaves is of great value when thinking statistically, even if you don't do any integration.

I think many people undervalue the conceptual understanding to their detriment, but I'm going to cut myself off before I start ranting again.

PC Games (Games)

Does Professional Gaming Have a Future? 116

Posted by Soulskill
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mr_sifter writes "Three years ago, celebrity gamers such as Fatal1ty were bagging millions in prizes, and TV channels were queuing up to broadcast games on TV. Professional gaming looked set for the big time. It never happened, and in the current economic crisis, sponsors and media organizations are cutting costs, resulting in the closure of many pro gaming competitions (as we recently discussed) and a down-scaling in prize money. This feature looks at whether pro gaming can bounce back, and whether it will always be a PC sport, or if pro gaming on consoles is the future."

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