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Comment Charged per connection (Score 1) 522

I still remember when the cable companies would charge you per TV in the house and splitters were against the TOS.

The lack of competition is sad. These companies reap so much in terms of subsidies and do very little to invest that money into infrastructure upgrades.

I recently switched from 20/2 (for $80/mo that includes hardware rental fee) to 30/5 @ $65/mo. Just another sleezy tactic they use, automatically hike your prices until you call and complain, then they magically find a better deal. Even 30/5 @ $65/mo is not that good of a deal in most developed countries.

At 20/2, we could not have 2 simultaneous streams going.. my wife watching youtube videos at 480p and I streaming at 1080.

Comment CG leads to a loss of meaning (Score 1) 232

I dabbled in a bit of acting at younger ages and have some close friends still heavily involved in theater. Movies that rely heavily on CG take away the emotion and reaction of not only the actors but also the environment. When filmed in front of a green screen, it becomes much more difficult to get lost in the character. For me, it is similar to running on a treadmill.. I lose motivation to continue going because no matter how hard I run, I still am not going anywhere.

I'm glad movies have taken a step back from the ledge and become a bit more practical with the effects. You can never replace the impact of an actor well immersed in the character.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 121

So there is no energy input to refine oil into gasoline? You don't think technology has improved over the past few decades?

I'm not going to refute many of your points, however saying that it didn't work in the '90s for these reasons doesn't mean it cannot work better now. Enough auto makers are pursuing it (and some have had cars on the road for years) that maybe they can make something that is efficient.

Comment Re:Use of force? (Score 2) 202

I'm sure there are more US police that are killed in the line of duty as well.

I look at it as a "chicken or the egg" type question. Which came first, public mistrust of the police or policy paranoia? My dad is a retired cop, sheriff's department for a county with less than 100,000 total residents (I think the department was involved in only 2 or 3 shootings in his 25+ years.. every time the criminal fired the first shots). Even on traffic stops, they are worried that the driver could easily be waiting with a gun in their hand. They do not trust anyone.

I think it's more a statement on society in general. Anyone can be armed and everyone is considered a potential threat.

Comment Re:Driverless cars may be what China needs (Score 1) 37

I've spent a lot of time in Mexico recently. Stop signs are optional and most painted lines on the road are so faded that no one follows them.. however driver actions are very predictable.

Compare that to the US where traffic laws are generally followed and road conditions are much better.. however there are many crazy fucks behind the wheel that do random stupid shit.

Comment Re:I fail to see the problem (Score 1) 289

Last time this sort of thing happened, the population of humans was not in the billions. The island is the canary in the coal mine. Sure, it would not take much to resettle all these people. What do we do with the billion people that could potential have their lives ruined because they live close to a coast?

Comment Size of the animal (Score 2) 209

Just like humans, the size is a determining factor. The bigger an animal (or human) is, the more stress it puts on key organs such as the heart. Of course there are other factors.

We have 2 cats.. and I bet they will live to be 20 since they both annoy the shit outta me. One chews wires and the other only wants food and can't cover her shit in the litter box which stinks up half the house.

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 1) 242

You think NASA has stagnated? Who just returned close up pictures of Pluto? Who has an active rover still on Mars?

Sure, other agencies have had some great accomplishments.. there's no reason NASA has to have a monopoly on space exploration. Right now, there really is no point to extended manned space travel. As much as the Star Trek nerd in me wants to travel the stars, we are far away from that ability.

It's funny you think a Soyuz is winning the long term race. They take people to a floating platform. What innovation has Russia provided to space exploration in the past 40 years? They do one thing well, launch rockets to ISS. NASA, ESA, JAXA are all still far ahead.

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