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Comment Re:People need more science (Score 4, Insightful) 187

They were not doing experiences in order to submit papers to academic journals. It was a television show meant to entertain an audience.

No, it was not perfect science. It has been a few years since I have watched but from what I remember, each episode would have one main myth they were testing. If it was statistics based, they would almost always have a baseline to compare results to. If it was event based, they would do their best to replicate the conditions of the myth before they switched gears and simply tried to figure out how to replicate the results.

Trial and error is science.

Comment Annoyed into upgrading (Score 0) 374

My wife and I both had Win 7 ultimate installed, I on my desktop and her on a laptop. I see the little upgrade icon in my toolbar but have never been prompted to upgrade. Every time she turned her computer on, there would be a popup asking if she would like to upgrade for free. She eventually did it because she was tired of the pop ups.

I don't know why her experience was different from mine. I don't have any intention of upgrading.

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 1) 367

More intelligent by what measure? If you have a higher iq than me, it does not mean you'll come to a better conclusion or make a better decision. I am sure there are some areas you are more knowledgeable than I but other areas I will know more.

How is what you are proposing any different than slaves only being counted as 3/5ths of a person?

What would be nice is our representatives only being on committees where they could prove they were competant on the subject matter.

Comment Re:Blaming American Engineers (Score 1) 301

Maybe in Germany. In the US, they are below industry average for dependability and are always one of the lowest rated brands for quality studies.

Maybe the engines will run a long time but the owners will spend a lot more money keeping everything else working.

Comment Re:Blaming American Engineers (Score 1) 301

VW is the German equivilent to Chevy. They may look good for a couple years but the cars fall apart very quickly. VW has been at or near the bottom in all quality/satisfaction ratings in the US for a number of years. Sure, there are those who love the brand but I know far more people who have ditched the brand in the past 15 years... and to top it off their new styling look like old Saturns.

I'm in the automotive industry. We currently use a German company for 9 speed ATs. They are among the biggest piles of shit I have ever seen. My previous car had one, it was embarassing to drive and completely ruined the experience. Luckily the relationship will only last a couple more years until a better one is developed in-house and build in our own plants. Point being, German companies have been living off their reputation for far too long. There is nothing superior about German engineering these days.

Comment Re:all voting should be paper and pencil (Score 1) 393

We have machines that act very similar to your description except the paper copy is spooled through a view window and remains inside the machine. After finishing the touch-screen voting it will print and scroll vote by vote for visual verification.

A couple things that I don't like:
1. It's a Diebold machine (not a stellar reputation)
2. I have no clue what happens if I disagree with the printed ballot since it's all internal
3. One year the paper roll was jammed in the machine. I told the poll workers but they didn't seem to care. Who knows how many paper ballots were printed on top of each other...

I don't like the machines. Eventually we'll get one that is trustworthy.. but not until capitalism has run its course.

Comment Re:USA next? (Score 1) 104

Fuyao (they do automotive glass, possibly other stuff) opened up a production facility near by at a former Delphi location.

An aquaintence quit her job and began working there in quality control. She said the Chinese management staff is going to drive that place into the ground, they don't understand American workers are not going to put up with the same abuse factory workers in China occasionally face.

Comment Re:It might work out (Score 3, Insightful) 104

I former co-worker told me a story from his first week in a union shop (he was non-union). Walking the floor, he noticed a screw was a bit loose on a panel, so he grabbed a screw driver to fix it. He got yelled out because maintenance was a union responsibility. Two weeks later, the screw was still loose.

I'm not anti-union. I'm anti-dumbassness. The reason so many people are tired of unions is because shit like this. The desire to work to make the company successful is completely gone in union shops, it's just show up, do the bare minimum and collect a paycheck. (not saying this about all unions, but UAW is notoriously bad).

Comment Re:Well shit (Score 1) 258

I'm suprised these companies have not sued convicted murders for damaged due to them eliminating one source of revenue stream from society. On top of that, they basically remove themselves as a functioning member of society so that is two revenue streams gone.

Won't somone think of the non-value adding suits?

Comment Re:dry ink (Score 2) 223

I had a similar experience. Bought a decent HP wireless printer but the cartridges went bad before I could even finish the ones that came with the printer. I cannot justify buying new ones for the very limited amount of printing I do. It's just an 8lb paperweight now.. or something for my 2 year old to play around with.

Comment It's the humidity for me (Score 1) 388

Last summer we kept our house at 78F (about 25C) but it was relatively dry. This summer we dropped it down to 74F due to an extremely wet June/early July just to get the moisture out of the air.

At work it is similar, I'm in a large open office area. Even if the temperature is reading 72F, you can feel immediately if it stops working because the humidity creeps up. It can get uncomfortable quickly in business casual dress. Of course there are a few women who constantly complain they are cold, walk around wrapped in blankets and wearing gloves with the finger tips cut off.. but overall it's not too bad.

Comment Re:What is being missed... is the $2 million part. (Score 1) 456

While you are probably correct, I am sure there is much more to the story.

Do we know if the current situation is even efficient? That $2mil might be to upgrade all the systems enough that it will save $100k/yr in more efficient operation.

If you think about how long they have milked the current system, maybe they do well with their budgets.. just not enough info to decide if $2mil is wasteful.

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