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Comment: Re:Christmas is coming early this year (Score 1, Interesting) 674

by cellocgw (#47400763) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

I don't see a problem showing a device is working as intended. If it can prevent even one bomb from going on a plane it's well worth it.
I don't see why people are getting bent out of shape about this. Take a chill pill people.

Dunno why I'm responding to a subhuman troll, but hey it's Monday, so:

First of all, it won't prevent any bombs from being brought onboard. How difficult do you think it is to show a working laptop which happens to have 500g of C4 wedged inside?
Second, it's an absurd abuse of reality, since as everyone and his brother already said, any device w/ dead battery -- or heaven forbid, some toy that only runs on AC and you didn't bring the adapter-- gets tagged as "dangerous terrorist thingie."
Third, it'll be cheaper to pay $10 million per person injured, let alone killed, by your fictional device-bomb than the direct and indirect cost of this screening program.

Finally, it'll take approximately negative 5 seconds for any potential bomber (of which there aren't any in the first place) to use some other gizmo to carry a bomb. Like a fake tin of sardines. Ooops, apologies to everyone who was going to bring a snack on board.

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by cellocgw (#47351377) Attached to: Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

I was looking at this issue before thinking something similar to the ways that ships have bars of iron fixed to them so that the bars decay before the hull. Its not an apple or apples comparison but the end goal is the same, save the ship/crew by sacrificing a small part

So you're saying we should wrap the spaceship in a layer of crew members to save the remaining crew from radiation? Maybe that explains the Reavers' actual reasons for their ship accoutrements.

Comment: Re:Should be a medal and a discharge (Score 1) 192

by cellocgw (#47334237) Attached to: An Army Medal For Coding In Perl

May I respectfully disagree, on behalf of all the dead GIs who "went with what they had," in their case being non-armored HUMMVs and worthless body armor.

Read "Paths of Glory" for an earlier instance of the same Charlie Foxtrot.

With rare exception, it's far better to postpone action until properly prepared than to follow blind orders. I suspect Sun Tzu would agree.

Comment: back to the (ugly) past (Score 1) 81

by cellocgw (#47315985) Attached to: Maglev Personal Transportation System Set For Trial In Tel Aviv

Dunno about the system designers, but this Joe Dignan guy is either woefully ignorant or a total asshole. Nothing is worse-looking and intrusive to the urban (and suburban) environment than elevated highways, elevated "subway" lines, and the like. Just because there's free airspace doesn't mean it should be filled in.

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