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Comment Re:won't work. (Score 1) 220

Cell phones don't even have any moving parts..

My Galaxie 4 has three exterior buttons, one of which is a rocker switch. I have a Vibrate Mode, indicating the existence of a moving part inside. Yes, even piezos move.
I have a microphone and a speaker, both of which have moving parts.

Comment vacation (Score 1) 320

We were on a touring yacht around Antigua. As a result, we only got sporadic radio reports for the first few hours. Bit of a downer in the middle of an otherwise idyllic setting.

Once I found out the contract was "wired" (i.e. internal nepotistic corruption) for Morton Thiokol and they refused to build onsite, and that that was the only reason the damn two-piece body was chosen over a single structure, I was thoroughly pissed off.

Comment Re:Mdsolar strikes again with unrealistic FUD (Score 1) 346

Pfft, I like my artisanal coal fired steam turbine generated electricity. The nuclear steam turbine stuff is alright for an everyday fix though. I'll even indulge in that bottom shelf hydro-electric stuff once in a while when money is tight.

The photovoltaic and wind turbine stuff though is rot-gut, nobody should have to suffer with that. The just don't bulbs don't glow right.

It's not the source of your electrons, it's the cable. Have you tried this ethernet connection or these these audio cables

Comment Vonnegut's take (Score 1) 223

I think it's in schlachthof fünf that Vonnegut describes a superduper spaceship drive which gets energy from nowhere, except that it turns out to be grabbing all the energy from stars in a different universe. When the last star is exhausted, all spaceships come to a screeching halt^H^H^H^H nonacceleration.

Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 1) 60

all of that will be inserted from the network HQ in New York City, from a satellite feed from a dish on a truck outside the stadium. Probably more than one, for redundancy.

No fiber will be used to get the television signal out of that place. It's all done via satellite

Hmmm..., well, not naming any names but our asset inside the Kremlin referred to as "Cardinal" thinks that method might not work either.

Comment Re:String theory (Score 1) 51

THIS got voted funny? One of the 3 jokes banned from rec.humor.funny? One of the jokes that reached every corner of the pre-EternalSeptember Internet, never to be successfully wiped out?

Get offa my lawn you young punk upvoters!
(and don't even THINK about posting bell-ringer or mouse-ball jokes)

Comment not just Nest (Score 1) 432

I have an Emerson "semi-smart" thermostat. It works, and it responds to my internet-based commands. Here's the part that caused some trouble: It has a nice big "Off" button on the front panel. One day, a relative who was house-sitting (in the winter) figured that "off" meant "don't heat to the setpoint." -- which is true in a bad way. Luckily I checked the status remotely and turned the thermostat back "On," with a proper low-temp setpoint.
This would never happen with a single-purpose mechanical thermostat. Then again, maybe I'm deep into my GetOffaMyLawn years and all sorts of climate-control devices have an "off" state that should be used with care.

Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

That depends a lot on whether you believe in following both international and US law. Committing what is in fact assassinations on foreign soil is not what I'd call worthy of a medal. These drone ops, and their commanding officers, should all be court-martialed.

As for their counterparts over at CIA, they should be shipped to Daesh headquarters to be utilized as that bunch of crazies see fit.

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