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Comment where were emojis when... (Score 1) 264

We really needed them? as in:

"This post may cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to distribute around the world. Are you sure you want to do that?"

In those days we invented all sorts of stupid initialisms to reduce message sizes. Just think how emojis could have helped. Remember, "a picture is worth 4k bytes"

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 263

No, I'm claiming that a large number of teens get into sex because of peer pressure.

And so long as you're citing medical reviews, please look up some of the work in the last decade or so on development of the frontal lobes and the established physical fact that teens (and in fact up to the late 20s) do not have the capability to make judgements about engaging in behavior which is both pleasurable and risky.

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 263

The question is not about how many people have had sex by age 18 (or 16), but whether this is really consensual sex in the first place.

While I agree that jail time is almost certainly counterproductive, I completely disagree with the premise that early-age sex is either psychologically or physically healthy behavior. Further, it really is rare that young women are engaging in a fully consensual manner. They may "want" to have sex as a way of "proving maturity," or to be part of the cool crowd, but that's a poor definition of 'consensual.'

A certain overly randy POTUS fired a very well-spoken Surgeon General who had the nerve to suggest that teens would be far better off both physically and mentally if they engaged in autoeroticism. High time we accepted that position and did whatever we can to reduce the societal pressures to have early sex.

Comment Re:"Less than Lethal"...How Reassuring (Score 1) 180

"Lethal" : a gun. Except a bullet can hit you in about 95% of your body area and not kill you.

"nonlethal" : taser. Mace. Billy Club. All of which can and have killed people.

Wordsmithing is getting worse all the time. Anyone want to define a WofNotMD? How fast/what range of killzone is required to be a WMD? An IED? It's a freaking BOMB, m'kay? Let's stop pretending weapons are something they aren't.

Comment Re:The map surprises me (Score 1) 203

i think "drought" is a bit over the top for the UK if you compare it to real droughts around the world. a few dryer periods sounds more like it

OTOH, there are some oceanographers who are watching the Gulfstream currents carefully. Should that flow ever relocate (the current candidate cause IIRC would be excess flow from melting Arctic ice), the Emerald Isle will go brown.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 4, Interesting) 706

And that is the root cause of this whole situation. We need to find a way to change the overall mindset (especially in these here Unitee States) towards other people's personal sexual congresses. Not only should it be nobody else's business, but nobody should even **care** what some person they're neither related to nor dating is doing.

If someone's cheating on a spouse (and the spouse does not approve of extramarital sex), the spouse will likely find out one way or another at some point. What happens to the couple is up to them. But what your employees, or Congressional reps, or sports/music/theatre idols do in their personal lives including sex, just plain shouldn't matter.

Comment Re:it is excel (Score 1) 316

I keep hearing people saying replacing MS office with openoffice or libreoffice is no brainer. It is no brainer when your're replacing the word processor. It is a total different story to replace excel.

Friends don't let friends use Excel.
End of story.

Details: never ever ever use Excel to do math or data analysis. The reasons are legion.. Never ever ever use Excel to set up a database. Again, the reasons are legion.
Never ever Ever use Excel to format a cute-looking front page or even a tree diagram. It's stupid, painfully slow, and will break the moment someone tries to edit.

So then you're left with what Excel actually is: a spreadsheet tool. But just try writing a macro that won't foul up if someone hides/unhides a few rows, for example.

Comment Re:It already exists in the US - your SS number (Score 1) 312

Well, for those of us of a certain age :-(, our SSN does not actually identify us.Yes I know the Fed gov't now treats us as identified by our SSN, but I got mine by walking into an IRS office and requesting one. I could have gone back the next day and requested another -- but since at the time the only purpose of the SSN was to track my earnings so as to calculate my retirement payments, splitting my salary reports between 2 numbers would have been stupid.

Comment Re:How do we know? (Score 1) 112

I trust you were not alive during the previous Administration. Calls for the death of the President were common and daily occurrences. Books were written about fantasy coup scenarios. He was compared, un-ironically, to Adolf Hitler. Is this one of those things where it's only wrong when the other side does it?

[citation needed}

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