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Comment Re:Media pesonalities (Score 1) 142

As much as /.ers hate Joe Sixpack and his fascination with the Kardashians - they sure perk up their ears when their media darlings pontificate.

Guess it's my one day of the month to get trolled, so...

We listen to NdGT and ES because they say stuff that makes sense. Joe6P doesn't listen to the Kardashians: he stares at their boobs and butts. See the difference? (unless you're obsessed wth Snowden's butt, which I suppose is possible)

Comment Re:"or at one of the Lagrange points" (Score 2) 211

There's a much simpler solution to the water problem. Don't send meatbags. Do all the work with robots & advanced waldo systems. Even ignoring the water, you could afford to lose (completely) several robotic mining systems for the cost of one human-rated craft.

Comment whistle-blower? ha ha (Score 4, Informative) 569

Take a quick look at the fate of whistle-blowers in the USA. Every single one, even those who finally (usually 10 to 15 years later) get their cash settlement, are blackballed within their industry, if not outright shunned by 'most everyone they knew in their former company. Typically a (USA) company engages in a propoganda war against the whistle-blower, starting with firing him for misconduct or violating IP or similar nonsense; then moving on to significant character assassination.

Whistle-blowing ain't gonna happen, so quit trying to blame the technical staff.

Comment Re:The odds are good (Score 1) 160

I'm so glad I now know that taking a selfie while swimming with sharks is not a good idea.

I propose that you're wrong for two reasons. The first is the infamous "two bombs on an airplane" theory: the number of people killed by sharks while taking a selfie (go ahead, mis-attribute my clause there and claim the shark has the camera!) is infinitesimal, so if you're going to swim with shartks, be sure to take a selfie.
The second is the well-known "cancellation Hearts" rule: each dangerous item cancels out the other.

Comment Re:Why do teens *need* all these drugs??? (Score 1) 133

I'd usually finish my work fast and early and then be bored, and start distracting my neighbors. That began to earn me having my desk up closer to the teacher where she could keep an eye on me, or give me something else to do.

I would come up with new and creative things to do in class...

All of which in no way suggests ADD/ADHD. ADD kids are generally incapable of focussing on the assigned task and thus do **not** finish their work. Any vaguely competent teacher (or MD) can tell the difference between an ADD kid and a smart kid who's bored to the point of disruptance.

Comment 1979 (Score 1) 127

Didn't anyone RTFAT(itle)P(age) ?
  If this position had any serious acceptance in the legal community, you'd think we'd know about it 36 years after publication.

Any lawyer can claim anything. Especially if you pay them. Getting other lawyers (judges in particular) to agree takes a little more work.

Comment where were emojis when... (Score 1) 264

We really needed them? as in:

"This post may cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to distribute around the world. Are you sure you want to do that?"

In those days we invented all sorts of stupid initialisms to reduce message sizes. Just think how emojis could have helped. Remember, "a picture is worth 4k bytes"

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 265

No, I'm claiming that a large number of teens get into sex because of peer pressure.

And so long as you're citing medical reviews, please look up some of the work in the last decade or so on development of the frontal lobes and the established physical fact that teens (and in fact up to the late 20s) do not have the capability to make judgements about engaging in behavior which is both pleasurable and risky.

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 265

The question is not about how many people have had sex by age 18 (or 16), but whether this is really consensual sex in the first place.

While I agree that jail time is almost certainly counterproductive, I completely disagree with the premise that early-age sex is either psychologically or physically healthy behavior. Further, it really is rare that young women are engaging in a fully consensual manner. They may "want" to have sex as a way of "proving maturity," or to be part of the cool crowd, but that's a poor definition of 'consensual.'

A certain overly randy POTUS fired a very well-spoken Surgeon General who had the nerve to suggest that teens would be far better off both physically and mentally if they engaged in autoeroticism. High time we accepted that position and did whatever we can to reduce the societal pressures to have early sex.

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