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Comment: The next USA nuclear power plant accident is: (Score 2) 127 127

Sorry for the flamebait, but the next "accident" really is the complete failure to start building more power plants. The cost we're incurring by sticking w/ fossil fuels, in environmental damage, human health, $$ flowing to the Middle East, far outweighs either the cost of nuc plants or the potential hazards of such plants.

Not all disasters are active. Some are purely passive but just as destructive.

Comment: Re:"Other types of electromagnetic radiation" (Score 1) 529 529

Hah. Just wait 'til someone tells them those radio sources are in the day sky but invisible . You know, invisible just like radiation!

So... if sunlight's bad for vampires, but the moon isn't, even tho' the moon is lit primarily w/ sunlight, does this mean vampires could live happily in houses where all sunliight is reflected once before entering the house?

Comment: Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067 1067

Lim as x->0 of X/X =??

Sorry,can't tell if you're asking a question or posing a rhetorical response.

The answer is "1" . The limit is NOT the same as the value of the expression at 0. Calculus is loaded with examples of functions whose limit is not the same as the value at the stated point.

Comment: Re:inconsistency is the constant at Microsoft (Score 1) 186 186

Well, because keystrokes involving F-# are stupid because it's not a standard touch-typing-reachable key pair, because CTRL-Q predates Windows, and depending on "Fn"-key prefs, alt-F# may or may not do the thing you expected. In case that's not clear: you can set Prefs so teh Fn-F# combo such as switch screen, WiFi on/off, etc are the default and you have to use Fn-Alt-F4 to quit an app.

Comment: inconsistency is the constant at Microsoft (Score 1) 186 186

Take a look at Office, their cash cow for a zillion years now. But even today, Powerpoint supports CTRL-Q to exit while Excel and Word don't. And us old-timers remember that all pre 2003 (or maybe 2000) Office suites were abysmal at copypasting text from one app to another. Font, font size, color, etc. would get completely bollixed up.

So no surprise that Microskype is going this way.

Comment: Re:Inexact Comparisons (Score 1) 74 74

There is a value in 'information sharing', it just depends on the information being shared. Sharing the sorts of data associated with an intrusion, so that others can check their networks for similar activity or vulnerabilities? That's a good thing. The comparison here would be having Tylenol's makers share the information on how their supply chain was possibly compromised in the first place, so that we don't wind up having them fix the problem, only for other companies to get hit with the same thing because the details were kept secret.

Except it wasn't. The poisoning turned out to happen inside a home, and the public was never in any danger. So, we ended up with a huge cost increase on every single product, dangerous or not, along with multiple layers of "safety" straps,coatings, etc. which are incrediblyannoying to remove and do very little to improve the alleged tamper-proofness of the product itself. Really: do you think some creep could manage to drop poison pills into hundreds of nsaid bottles in CVS stores (assuming no tamper-proofness) without anyone ever noticing?

Comment: dupe dupe dupe... (Score 1) 496 496

I know people don't RTFA, but apparently nobody RTFP(osts) either. we've got, what, 30 identical wrong answers (north pole only), 30 people who don't understand the difference between 1 mile from the South pole and 1mile+ X/pi ?

Just for that: imagine a Beowulf cluster of starting points in the Southern Hemisphere...

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?