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Comment: False savings (Score 1) 328

Yes, LEDs are far more efficient and use less electricity yada yada. However, it's pretty much guaranteed that this will not lead to cost savings.
Historically, every time a cheaper lighting technology came along, from candles to oil lamps to gas lamps to Edison bulbs to CFLs, people simply increase the amount of lighting and the length of time (into the night) that they keep the house lit up. I see nothing to suggest that conversion to LEDs will change this trend.

Comment: Does it have Draft Mode? (Score 2) 148

by cellocgw (#48940813) Attached to: LibreOffice Gets a Streamlined Makeover With 4.4 Release

I've been waiting since, well, forever, for staropenlibre office's word processor to have a Draft or Galley mode (called "Normal" in Microsoft Word, or at least it was). Why in the world people think they should see the header, footer, and margins while writing and editing a document is beyond me.

That's one reason I would love to switch to LaTex all the way: the IDEs out there have one panel where you do your writing and editing, and a separate panel for viewing the fully rendered result when or if you want to.

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