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User Journal

Journal: Sigs

Journal by cdrdude

There are a lot of great sigs out there, so I think I'll copy and past some funny ones that I like. In no particular order, here they are:

"All great wisdom is contained in .signature files"

Don't think of it as a flame---it's more like an argument that does 3d6 fire damage (I wonder if this guy has one for trolls...)

If big boobed women work at Hooters do one legged women work at IHOP?

-- I systematically moderate down people who describe their abuses of the mod and metamod system in their sigs. --

I'm a signature virus. Please copy me to your signature so I can replicate. (I did as this one asked)

The world's burning. Moped Jesus spotted on I50. Details at 11.

"When the atomic bomb goes off there's devastation...but when the atomic bong goes off there's celebraaaaation!" (I really like this one :D)

I ate my sig.

The problem with slashdot is that most of its users were bullied and stuffed into lockers as kids! (thankfully not me)

It's no use modding me redundant. God has already done so. (I think this was a sig for a special occasion, but either way, it wasn't modded redundant)

Powerpuff Girls vitamin supplement - now with added Chemical X! Warning: finger loss may occur.

Three out of four people account for 75 percent of the population.

I find censorship offensive. Therefore, let's censor it.

Dieses Schreiben wurde mit Hilfe einer Datenverarbeitungsanlage erstellt und bedarf daher keiner Unterschrift. (I have absolutely no idea what this means, but I bet it's pretty funny)

Real programmers have sixteen fingers.

The Gestapo, KGB, and Orwell's Thought Police all acted to protect "national security".

NO! It is the BAD kind of puppy! (I find this funny for some reason)

In Soviet Slashdot, sig read you!


I'm a felon. I refresh pages a lot!

Unintentionally & Accidentally Point-Blank Stupid

I have discovered a truly wonderful signature, but this margin is too narrow to hold it

I plan to live forever....or die trying.

First they came for those who wanted more than 120 characters, but I did not speak out, because I did not want more tha

Running Linux is like owning a Lightsaber. It's "a more elegant weapon for a more civilized time."

Those are the good ones I saw. I'm sure there are about another gazillion or so out there though.

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"