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Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 1) 337

Alsop became a VC and entrepreneur after starting the DEMO conferences, which gave him early insight into what goes well, and not, in product development. He's not a king maker, but he understands how both kings are made-- and destroyed.

Musk's deflection of Alsop's order didn't stanch Alsop's love, because Alsop's not in the love business. Instead, a wounded Alsop has made the flatulence well-known, long after the scent is dead, hence the bully pulpit citation.

If you or I were to yelp/etc the crap out of the chosen Model ? it would make nary a difference. But Alsop's imprimatur on such a review would be one more battle for Musk, who currently is fighting many of them. Like I said: this is a game rich men play.

Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 1) 337

Alsop played the press trump card; he was in tech media when most readers here were in diapers. And while Alsop's Real Soon Now tag line to empty vendor promises was nice, there is a species of human that uses their seeming bully pulpit to get stuff, then castigate it for whatever fun that might lead to.

Musk could have played along with this sort of ruse, or just flipped him off. So he flipped him off. Brinksmanship is a game the rich can play.

Comment Re:Linux is becoming a shitshow, even before this. (Score 1, Troll) 129

The enemies of FOSS are well-known, although some superficially appear to have changed their tune.

Your frustrations are common to most projects, as they evolve, go through cycles, and wax and wane.

I have no problem with the GPLv3. Other licenses can be more or less permissive. Linux is still just the kernel, and the rest is devil of the details. FreeBSD is a lot of fun, with its cousin. There are a lot of decent projects out there, some with good code, some not.

In the early days of a project, a lot of code is pretty good, and the number of coders, good and bad, has increased meteorically over the years. Some never knew what the actual ancestry of Unix was, let alone the FOSS movement.

I use Linux, but it's not the only thing I use. Like you, I have choices. Some days I'm deep in Debian, other days, in Centos. Otherdays it's MacOS and Windows. On rarer days, FreeBSD and Android and iOS, QNX, and for fun, Raspian.

These are tools, and used for reasons unique to each user. There are those that DO come here and whose gig it IS to say, "hurray for our side" despite slashdot's diminishing numbers. There are old timers here, and a 4000+ response is probably unlikely as social media has caused a lot of diffusion. Maybe they go to Reddit, etc. I don't care. What I see here, however, are decidedly astroturfing warriors that alternately disparage Windows MacOS or Linux to suit the aims of their overlords, rather than voicing cogent chapter and verse about actual problems, rather than anecdotal rumor mongering.

The truly insane seem to have left, as have the goatse crowd, and the other off-their-meds posters. Some days, it's even under R rated. Fine. ACs do what they will, but I watch as various threads get crapped on in a decided tone that doesn't seem to match reality, and so they become suspect. Certain companies are known to hire people that do exactly what I'm describing. You know who they are.

Comment Re:Basically no (Score 1) 532

You believe that this is algebra, and it's not.

When it suits their interests means that travelers have only expensive alternatives if they want to fly regularly, and internationally. Otherwise, inconveniences abound.

Using the distributive law, the little inconveniences add up to big ones. Using the cumulative law, the big ones add up to the same number. What's left out is the dimensions of guys like this, clearly clueless, asserting his authoritarianism, clearly and aggressively using a bully pulpit to stanch yet another constitutional guarantee as though he knew WTF he was talking about. In so many vectors, this is wrong, not only because he's not a spokesperson, but because his attitude stretches the stress levels of good people everywhere. This sort of pomposity, coupled to the plutocrasy we already face, just increases the height of the political cesspool that we're mired in, today.

Comment Re:When every mirror has everything (Score 1) 302

There is the A list, and the not so A list, etc. Let's say you get an account, and a URL. The traceroute of that URL gives a lot of info. Pick some other programs. See where those go, and what the ping latency is. After a while, you can pick the program by just being a customer, then following the stream to its destination. You don't have to guess, you can be a customer and just do it.

The streams aren't going to be much different to then characterize. Yes, load balancers and long-path sourcing might be troublesome, but CDNs are highly localized these days, and have co-lo space in many areas. Geographic sampling wouldn't take long if it's done methodically.

Ok, this is Comcast, whose IQ compares to stairsteps in short buildings.

Comment Re:When every mirror has everything (Score 1) 302

You don't know that all nodes have the most popular content. You're guessing.

Think about it.... you're an ISP and everything your customers watch go through its wires. No, you may not have a TLS crack, you know when commercials are inserted, where they come from, and which CDN sources are being used. Not tough math, if you think about it-- oh, and have an account or two to see how selections map to varying resources YOU make because YOU have the cert in your browser while you make them.

I'm not fond of VBR encoding, but I am in favor of rights holders earning their rights legitimately, not the tactics of the MPAA/etc. The Open Internet is more or less an oxymoron. I'm filtered, you're filtered, and don't deny it. Netflix isn't going to close its doors, and if Hulu had brains, they'd be the perfect competitor to Netflix.

Look at the selections on a Roku or Apple TV and tell me that Andy Grove's maxim about the battle between all providers is two eyes, and 24hrs. YouTube, and a long long list of non-TV network providers are starting to prevail, as crappy traditional corporate TV/radio networks start to die off. With all of their strictly bought-and-paid-for messaging, broadcast network television was doomed to die as a communications delivery vehicle.

Comment Re:When every mirror has everything (Score 1) 302

Specific nodes will have specific content. Latencies can also help determine what's going on, too. Predictability is reasonable.

What they're trying to do, however, is hassle and compete with Netflix, who doesn't need to report the same numbers to the ad gods.

It's internecine fighting that's all in the spirit of good fun, right?

Comment Re:Bestridge (Score 1) 225

All of the perception problems are based on time. Throw out time for a moment and add other dimensions, quantum cohesiveness, and the current reality becomes something that time obscures. It raced out from the Big Bang, and presents us with a construct which our minds now experience, and try to fathom.

Where time is removed from the equation, or altered to permit quantum awareness-- no delta T- we always were, and always will be, but for now, our brains record the moment as an artifice for understanding. Where other dimensions are added, and we may be in them all at once, or only a single set of them, our collective conscious attempts to learn and understand, until the life is drained away, except that in the removal of time as a measurement, we'll always be here, as we always have.

And I didn't even smoke a bowl of something to think that one up.

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