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Comment: Last Post (Score 1) 233

by LearnToSpell (#39581421) Attached to: Plantronics Helps Make Remote Workers' Lives Easier (Video)
What a shame. Like many others, my IDs are high through lethargy; I started reading in 1998, and the desire to accrue karma eventually became too great. I've hit the site almost daily since then, and have collected my fair share of +5, Flamebait mods.

No more. If you're this beholden to your corporate sponsors, please let them know they can advertise with impunity, since your remaining readers are obviously ok with it. I'm done. Thank you for the good times and the bad. From OMG Ponies to the 9/11 post, GNAA to klerck's page-widening posts, it's been a treat.


Comment: Depends, as always... (Score 4, Interesting) 334

by LearnToSpell (#39545827) Attached to: I prefer to listen to recorded music ...
Stereo can be fine. If there's access to the original recordings though, there can be fantastic remixes. I'd recommend the surround mix of Nine Inch Nails - the Downward Spiral. If you like that album at all, surround really takes it to another level. A very immersive experience.

I voted 7.1 though. :-D Love the channel separation if it's done right.

Comment: Re:Dear Curt Shilling (Score 4, Interesting) 908

Just think, that beautiful antique Ming vase you brought, the original effort and creativity that went into the painting. It's unique, some Chinese artisan spent months, or even years, of their life making it. They would never do that if they didn't know that hundreds of years later when you bought it at an auction in New York, they were not going to get a cut of that.

Actually, look up 'droit de suite.' You may laugh. Or cry.

Comment: Re:Tolkien's prose (Score 1) 505

by LearnToSpell (#38644220) Attached to: JRR Tolkien Denied Nobel Due To Low Quality Prose
Add me too please. I read the Hobbit a couple of times, and quite enjoyed it. Last time I attempted LOTR, I was living with a girl who loved them, so I figured I'd give it another shot. Got a little bit in, and exclaimed how much I liked this Tom Bombadil fellow. She said "oh, yeah... that's it. You don't hear from him again until the end." Bah! I quit right then.

Some time later, I discovered he had an entire book of his own! Alas, it was out of print or something, and the cheapest copy I could find was something ludicrous like $550. One day...

To downgrade the human mind is bad theology. - C. K. Chesterton