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Comment Re: Abstractions: a purely academic concept. (Score 1) 215

If the most complex software you write is a guestbook, then yes, you should probably avoid OO. The rest of us, though, who write complex, 10,000+ line code bases have much nigger problems than the 4 guestbook signatures on our nerdrage blog with a total of 3 posts bitching about MS, Oracle, and systemd.

Comment Re: Sad to see Kerry... (Score 1) 339

You don't contribute to charity while you are carrying a balance on your credit cards...

Really? If you live your life in such a way that you waste your money, you solve the problem not by reigning in your own excesses, but by taking from the poorest?

You must work for the music/movie industries. In no way is "not giving money to party X" the same as "taking money from party X".

Comment Re:A typo my ass... (Score 1) 339

IMO it has NULL value. It's just words which third-world countries are going to ignore, while the leaders of western countries pass laws forcing us to adhere to it costing our economy [mb]illions of dollars and jobs, while at the same time paying [mb]illions of dollars to aforementioned third-world countries to ostensibly help them with green technology development, which the leaders of those countries will promptly spend on weapons to destroy anti-government protesters, with no penalties whatsoever.


Comment Re:And what if we were just colder 160 years ago (Score 1) 735

That graph is the result of two completely different methodologies plotted on the same graph.
Temperatures before 1870 are estimated based on ice core data and other proxies. Temperatures since 1870 are actual measured temperatures using thermometers.
Anybody at all who plots these on the same graph as if they were continuous data doesn't deserve to call themselves a scientist.

My Google-fu isn't working at the moment, but I've read some papers that say if you use the same proxies for the last 150 years of temperature, rather than switching to actual measurements, that spike doesn't show up. Of course, that means that such spikes could have been continuous through the last few thousand years, but we have no record accurate enough to show them.
I've worked in scientific data analysis before, and consistency was so important that if I upgraded a software version on a computer during the course of a large project, old data from that project had to be reanalysed to ensure the results didn't change.
Not only are the climate "scientists" not doing this, they are intentionally using data from completely disparate sources and methodologies in an attempt to prove their hypothesis. If this isn't acceptable in any other scientific field, why is it done in climate science?

Show me consistently obtained data

Comment Re:CloudIT Dept's C-Box. (Score 1) 193

Disclaimer: I own the company I'm promoting here.

Based in Canada, so no NSL/NSA/FBI crap to deal with, either.

If Dear Leader Harper is re-elected you might discover NSL/CSEC/CSIS/RCMP/CBS knocking on your company door.

Well, two things:
1. Dear Leader Harper was pretty well trounced. Whether frat-boy Trudeau will be an improvement or not remains to be seen.
2. Customer data is not stored on the C-Box hardware, other than a list of computers and hardware/software installed. While an "anti-terrorism/anti-dissent" law could certainly legally (illegally?) require me to provide data stored on my computers to the authorities, there is no way at all that a law requiring me to help said authorities break into a third party computer would ever pass. Customer data is only stored on the customer's machine. I don't own that computer, and cannot be required to provide access to it.

Comment CloudIT Dept's C-Box. (Score 0) 193

Disclaimer: I own the company I'm promoting here.

A C-Box. It's brand new, (so new it hasn't officially launched, yet.) but it will do all you're asking for. Manage installed software, automatically install updates for various software when available, provides monitored antivirus, and runs a "second opinion" virus scan based on hashes and multiple A/V engines.
Also provides remote desktop style support for hands-on needs.

The website (which is little more than a placeholder, right now) is
Based in Canada, so no NSL/NSA/FBI crap to deal with, either.

Comment Re:Security by obscurity (Score 1) 392

Just thinking out loud, and I fully expect to get flamed out of existence for this. But I see a risk in open-sourcing all the ECU software. These systems are generally closed to the outside world, they generally don't have connections to the internet or wireless networks. This means that they have a lot of the protections of air-gapped systems and an air gap system doesn't need to be protected from the same threats.

In my mind then this means that there are likely to be lots and lots and lots of exploitable holes in the code. The chances of finding one of those holes when you are sat at a desk with a closed black box ECU is close to zero, sit there with the source though and it could be a whole different story. And if there is found to be a major hole how do you update all the vehicles in a reliable manner, and how far back do you go?

If they're closed to the outside world, then a security hole in the code isn't a big deal, as it can't be exploited remotely. However, as has been shown recently, they are not "closed to the world." Security exploits in closed code are rampant, and the real world exploits already demonstrated show that these flaws can be found, regardless of any security by obscurity that there may be.

You really need to pay more attention. This _is_ a problem, _right now_, and security by obscurity does not work.

Comment Re:Whoa! Consider the Law (Score 3, Insightful) 737

95% may agree that climate change is happening, sure. That's obvious. Climate change has been happening for millions of years, well before humans even came on the scene, forget about discovered fossil fuels.

The number who agree on human causes and extent is nowhere near that high, though.

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Comment Re: Whoa! Consider the Law (Score 1) 737

The Crusades weren't a witch hunt because actual evil people who were trying to destroy humanity were the ones being investigated.
The Salem Witch Trials weren't a witch hunt because actual evil people who were trying to destroy humanity were the ones being investigated.

The more you spout off in support of global warming, the more you sound exactly like a witch hunt. Church of Global Warming is right......

Comment Re: Science! (Score 1) 737

It sounds a conspiracy to try to harm what the scientists have already voted on so prison time is appropriate.

You keep saying that. So you admit that global warming is political, rather than scientific? Science doesn't "vote" on anything. As soon as you feel the need to get a bunch of yeas and nays, then you've eliminated science from the situation.

Science comes up with theories and tests them. They can be tested repeatedly, and thought to be correct for decades, and then something else comes along and invalidates them completely. This has happened repeatedly, and no vote can counteract the truth.

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