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Considering that #1 non-disease loss of life is due to car crashes (maybe it is guns in the US, but US is special in that regard) and significant portion of these involve speeding, they are not investing enough in speed traps. I would definitely welcome more speed traps. Speed kills, and clearly people cannot understand that basic fact.

So your solution to traffic accident deaths is to reduce the speed at which the accident occurs, thereby improving the chances of the people involved of surviving?
Wouldn't a better solution be to prevent the accident altogether? Since death can occur at speeds as low as 7-8 mph (a friend of mine was a cop, and saw it happen more than once - broken neck.), that means at best, reducing speeds will prevent some deaths, but not all. Not to mention the damage to vehicles that must be repaired, damage to the environment from leaking automotive fluids, etc.etc.

How about this: Get the complete morons who shouldn't be put behind the wheel of a golf cart off the road, and we'll have far fewer accidents, regardless of what the speed limit is.
I know, I after study shows that accident rates increase when speed limits increase. Well, there's a very subtle, but massive selection bias in every single one of those studies. They only select people who've been in accidents. What they actually prove is that people who are likely to get into an accident are more likely to get into one at a higher speed. They don't include the guy who's been driving at 35 over the limit for a 40 mile trip to work and back for 40 years, and never been in an accident.

Have you seen those "<Country>'s Worst Driver" shows? Have you ever stopped to think that every incompetent, useless driver on every one of those shows has passed a driver's test? What is wrong with this picture? The problem isn't speed limits. It starts WAAAAY before we ever get there. The problem is, practically worldwide, we're letting complete incompetents behind the wheel of a car.

Here's another thing: Have an at fault accident in most jurisdictions, and you'll get fined. Have an accident that kills someone, and you'll probably still just get fined. Have another one 6 months later, and you'll get fined again. Barring your being drunk at the time, though, the chances of you losing your licence are slim to none.
However, if you fail to pay a $35 parking ticket, when you try to renew your licence, you won't be able to.
Road safety isn't important to the powers that be. They just want to make sure they get their money from you, that's all. Which is exactly the same thing as the GP claims, with law enforcement using speed traps as revenue generators.

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The feds have been tagging talk radio listeners, gun enthusiasts and others as "extremists" in training material and other non-public documents for years now.

How's it feel?

The precedent is long set, but you didn't care when it started because you agreed with it at the time; "teabaggers herp derp."

Too late now, fuckers. Keep your head down.

I've never agreed with it. A gun enthusiast is no different from a racing enthusiast. A talk radio listener is no different from a /. visitor. An 'other' is no different from you or I. For the government to tag any of these as "extremists" or "needs closer monitoring" or anything else, is just wrong.

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They say to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a frightened small-minded cop, everyone looks like a crook. To an agency charged with protecting a nation against people who keep secrets, everyone looks shifty, and like he has something to hide.

To the hanging judge, every man looks guilty, and to a coward, every man is a terrorist.

Their attitude reflects their mindset: they're a bunch of frightened, small-minded cowards

And this kind of insightful eloquence (from an AC, no less) is the reason I still come to /., despite Dice's best efforts at killing it.

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by cbiltcliffe (#47372403) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains

Uh, no. Because Microsoft's security team didn't put the ex-parte petition together. Microsoft's legal team did. And Microsoft's legal team most definitely gives a big, massive shit about copyright infringement.

MS Legal may have used a lot of information from the security team for their reasoning, but to say it's got nothing to do with copyright infringement because the security team doesn't care about it is incredibly naive.

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by cbiltcliffe (#47362335) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains


No-IP domains are used 93 percent of the time for Bladabindi-Jenxcus infections, which are the most prevalent among the 245 different types of malware currently exploiting No-IP domains.

[Emphasis Mine]

So, Microsoft is alleging that No-IP is assisting (presumably knowingly) in the distribution of malware and that 93% of No-IP's domains are vehicles for malware distribution. Is this true?

I'm guessing that MS intentionally used vague wording for this, with the intent of misleading the judge, but without definitely being at fault for doing it. "No-IP domains are used 93 percent of the time" could mean either "93 percent of all No-IP domains are used for these infections," or it could mean "Out of all the domains used for these infections, 93% of them are No-IP domains." I'm willing to bet that the second is true, but the first is what MS wanted the judge to read into it, and of course, the 93% of malware No-IP domains could be only 0.01% of total No-IP domains.

I'm also willing to bet that MS wanted to do this because of the fact that various Windows KMS servers are set up on hosts, allowing unofficial activation of volume licenced versions of Windows without paying MS a cent.

If I'm right, I really hope the truth comes out in court, and Microsoft gets slapped, HARD, fined by the court, is required to issue a very loud public apology to No-IP, and give them a bundle of cash for damaging their business.

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by cbiltcliffe (#47360501) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains

I bet it's nothing to do with malware.
It's because there are instructions like this on Facebook, as well as other places.....

**Activate Windows 8 without using crack or patch***
1) Open your command prompt as administrator
2) Type exactly what you see below (Press enter after each line)
slmgr /upk
slmgr /ipk XXXXX-11111-XXXXX-11111-XXXXX
slmgr /skms
slmgr.vbs -ato
3) Restart your system and enjoy your activated windows 8.
Note: This trick was tested on Windows 8 Professional Retail. Enjoy!!!

Once again, content providers and piracy take precedence over all other interests, business or otherwise.

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GP stated figures for the last 60 million years. Your graph covers less than 2.5% of that range, so it doesn't have anywhere near enough data to refute the GP's claim.

However, if you look at the graph of the last 65 million years, you'll see that we are, quite literally, the coldest we've been during that entire period.

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The extent to which they could use this against you is to tell you that you can't claim a charitable deduction for making contributions to these tea party organizations. This isn't quite the jack-booted thugs trampling over your liberties which you seem to imagine. Problematic, certainly, but let's try to have at least a little perspective here.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people see something like this situation, and voice an opinion that basically states:
"I can conceive of a possible worse situation than what we currently have, so let's not bother doing anything about it until it gets to be equivalent to that worse situation."

The problem with this, of course, is that it's ALWAYS possible to conceive of a worse situation than what we're currently in.
Imagine if we did that with our health:
"Well...I'm getting a bit overweight, but I don't need to start exercising, because I'm not dead yet."
"Well, I know I stink, and I'm always short of breath, but I don't need to quit smoking, because I haven't been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer yet."

Once we get to the point of the worse situation, it's frequently too late to do anything about it.

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