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by cavreader (#46729969) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

You do realize IBM has been a going concern since way before the term "Open Source" was ever uttered? Apple is one of the most closed computing ecosystems in existence for both hardware and software. Like Goggle they open source some code but don't think for a second they are open sourcing anything might actually result in giving a competitor a chance to catch up. Their contributions to open source are used to generate good PR in the development world.

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by cavreader (#46729739) Attached to: Chinese Man On Trial For Spreading False Rumors Online

Why do you assume the American public is not capable of locating other media outlets across the world? Do you think you are some how smarter then everyone else? It's becoming harder everyday to get to the truth about anything. Media outlets with prejudicial and biased editorial lines publish nothing more than opinions which are usually derived from information taken out of context and purposely omitting any facts that would contradict the publishers predetermined stance. It's become a competition between those supporting opposite ends of any controversial issues and winning the argument is put ahead any facts that might force someone to re-examine their arguments.

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by cavreader (#46720081) Attached to: Google Chrome Flaw Sets Your PC's Mic Live

The only thing you should push lawmakers towards is a high cliff so they take a flying leap and protect the country from their idiocy and malfeasance. And there are plenty ways to disable a microphone and a little piece of black tape takes care of the camera problem. If you need the government or a corporation to protect your privacy then you really don't deserve any.

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by cavreader (#46709755) Attached to: In-Flight Wi-Fi Provider Going Above and Beyond To Help Feds Spy

I don't think the problem is about corporations providing requested information to law enforcement. The problem is more about making sure there is a valid warrant before handing over the requested data. Court provided warrants have been a crucial and well litigated part of US law enforcement and are used to provide a level of protection that satisfies the requirements under the 4th Amendment. It's never been a perfect system but it is what it is.However the FISA warrants introduce a gigantic loophole into the entire process. People are just supposed to "trust" the government which is an absurd notion in the extreme. FISA warrants are basically requests for information that can be used to obtain a regular court approved search warrant. Any information collected using a FISA warrant can be presented to the court when trying to obtain a normal warrant but none of the information collected under a FISA warrant can be used in court against a defendant.

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And what exactly would you expect the government to do about the Russians annexation of Crimea even if they knew in advance? What exactly did you expect the government to do about all the turmoil in the middle east caused by the Arab Spring? As long as the government can spot an incoming flotilla of troop ships from China or missile launches coming over the north pole why should the US do anything except let the various calamities resolve themselves one way or another? The US gets hammered for doing anything and gets hammered even harder when it doesn't act so why bother doing anything?

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It's ironic that the H-bomb has indeed stopped war on the scale of WW2 since it's development but today the advances in missile defense could very well do the opposite. Any country sitting on a nuclear stockpile of missiles would lose their ultimate defense if the missiles are rendered useless against a robust missile defense system. The defense systems are only going to get better and it won't be long before orbital defense platforms get added to the mix regardless of any treaty about weaponizing space.

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There are already pressure meters, flow rate monitors, gravity meters, automatic shutdown valves. Every origination station, booster station, tank farm, delivery station, and pumping station monitors their assigned segments while simultaneously passing all the monitoring data back to a centralized pipeline control center. However these precautions cannot stop at least some product from being released into the environment if the actual pipeline is ruptured.

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The NK government stays in power because of the severe isolation that it keeps it's citizens in. 65 years of non-stop government repression coupled with brutal penal laws for any dissent has produced a docile, compliant, and non-questioning public that literally knows nothing about the outside world and how there lives measure up when compared to others around the world. There will never be any citizen led protests against the NK government.

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Outside of a full military invasion there is not much China can do about NK. The NK hissy fits and temper tantrums hurt China more than they do the US. Do you think China wanted to see the US and it's Asian allies beefing up their missile defense systems? That's exactly what they got when NK was spouting all the BS about launching nuclear attacks against the US and anyone else who happened to be in range.

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Memory and CPU power are there to be used so why not take advantage of it. And what the hell is a hand coded app? Or are you referring to programming against a runtime versus programming directly against the OS? And what does eschewing OO approaches mean? Are you talking about an application that encapsulates all it's functionalities without referencing any external resources or dependencies?

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I see absolutely no propaganda in my earlier statement. Are you actually saying only the US operates foreign intelligence programs to push for desired outcomes that could benefit its own interests? As far as a US Ministry of Truth goes the US is the only major power that places national firewalls or internet filters to restrict access to any information. People that speak of Ministries of Truth are just upset that their pet opinions might not be as popular as they would like them to be. Anyone expressing a differing opinion is automatically stupid, lying, or a state agent looking to suppress the truth.

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Wasn't there a recent private company looking for people to sign up for a one way trip to Mars?They got a couple hundred thousand applications. NASA could just chip in some money for access to study the health data on those going to help research ways into making it safer.

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