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Comment Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615 615

While with capitalism. The business want to reduce wages , which reduced demand , leading to less people needing to be employed. Less people employed means wages are driven down further. Eventually you end up with not enough work for people to do.

And I think you are talking communism.

For a real example of socialism vs capitalism compare the health system of Australia vs USA.

Comment Re:Price won't come down (Score 1) 317 317

The first post in the thread.

> Therefore if this thing starts getting any actual sales traction, then the price of lithium will skyrocket, affecting any chance of the price of the PowerWall coming down.

The cost of lithium from the ocean

>That is about 3 times the current price

So if the demand actually drives the price of lithium up so much then the ocean extraction becomes viable. And as shown elsewhere this does not increase the cost of the battery compared with the cost of the product.

So in conclusion on current demand ocean extraction is uneconomical. However if this product takes off then ocean extraction does become viable and does not affect the cost by a significant amount.

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