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by NtroP (#48159733) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola
This only works if there is cooperation from those spreading the disease. Maybe I have an overly devious mind but one of my first thoughts was when is some ISIS nut-job going to get themselves purposefully infected and start planting bodily fluids on every subway handrail, mall restroom door handle, drinking fountain leaver, escalator hand-rail, ketchup-dispenser, and whatever else they can think of, before they get too sick to move, and then finish it off by collapsing in the middle of some very public place, causing panic. Don't tell me there aren't at least a few sick bastards out there thinking along these lines. All it would take is one or two of these cases and the shear panic it would induce would shut this country down for a long time.

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by catprog (#48148497) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

XKCD's shitty advice is protecting against brute force attacks by using length (even though in many cases the effective length is still limited to something stupid like 16 characters). By following XKCD's shitty advice, you open yourself up to statistical attacks - your search space is just a combination of a few words. People generally only use a few thousand words, and when you want them to be random about it they'll likely pick common ones, fairly short ones, mostly nouns, etc.

4 words from a list of 1000 words = 10^12 possible passwords

10,000 uncommon words, 4 symbol replacements on average , 2 digits of numbers , numbers at the start or end. capital/non capital at the start.

10,000 * 16 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 1.28 * 10^7.

A lot less passwords.

Any other ways you can think of to increase the passwords complexity?

Humans are terrible at being random. Any magician, con-artist, or statistician will tell you that. The most commonly-picked "random" cards are the ace of spades and the queen of hearts, for example. The 4 "random" words scenario will give you a search space many orders of magnitude smaller than a good, traditional password.

That is why you need a randomizer to pick the words rather then you picking them.

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by catprog (#48069597) Attached to: Solar Could Lead In Power Production By 2050

I'd say you live in a warm climate.. Cloudy days means more energy in colder climates. France uses at its peak about 100 GWatts of electricity. Say you'll need at least 10 hours of battery storage, then you are talking about 1 TWh of power storage for 100% replacement by PV. .

So a peak that lasts 10 hours?

If fact the 40% peak PV is for a Sunny Sunday afternoon, so a lot further away from 80% than you think. .

So storage is even further away from being needed?

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