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Comment Re:Not the total cost! (Score 1) 419

Apparently a coal train can carry 11,000 tons. (used as weight reference only)

For every 100m that train rises you will store 2.7 MWh. (And you need 2km of rail above +100m and another 2km of rail below +0m)

For their claim of 16GWh you will need 12,000km of rail line for storage (although if you double the hill you half the amount)

Comment Re:Eh (Score 1) 755

I do not see how, even if more people worked, and the administration costs were less, this would be possible without raising taxes greatly. You will end up taxing people who work, which will just eliminate their basic income portion.

But it will be as part of the tax system and not the welfare system. You won't end up with situations where you lose 90% of your welfare for every dollar you earn.

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