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Comment Re:Eh (Score 1) 754

I do not see how, even if more people worked, and the administration costs were less, this would be possible without raising taxes greatly. You will end up taxing people who work, which will just eliminate their basic income portion.

But it will be as part of the tax system and not the welfare system. You won't end up with situations where you lose 90% of your welfare for every dollar you earn.

Comment Re:No excuse for them to be "unemployed" (Score 1) 754

Business A makes iron ore. For every$1 they get 85c is expenses and 10c is tax.
Business B makes steel from the iron ore. For $1.20 they pay 12c in tax and $1 in expenses. leaving 8c in profit
Business C makes a wind turbine from from the steel. For $1.40 they pay 14c in tax and $1.20 in expenses. leaving 8c in profit
Business D sells the electricity from the wind turbine. For $1.60 they pay 16c in tax and $1.40 in expenses. leaving 4c in profit
Business E uses the electricity for the supermarket. For $1.80 they pay 18c in tax and $1.60 in expenses. leaving 2c in profit

From $1.80 the government takes 70c in tax.

As a percentage of the tax take though the idea can work.

Comment Re:4/5 in favor (Score 1) 754

What happens when I am say a cook. I can get good deals and make excellent meals cheaper then the government provided ones.

However as the only way to take advantage of the food part of the income is to go to the center I will not cook.

It also does not allow supplementing the income with work. A person earns a living wage. They cannot use the basic wage to provide the basics but have to use their income for it.

A commune is where people join together to share their lack of wealth. -- R. Stallman