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Comment $100K in cabling that went unused (Score 1) 377

I was tasked with a fiber cabling project for a new upstream connection at a small ISP. I documented the requirements, placed a purchase order, interviewed contractors, recommended one of them and went ahead with the project. My boss was downsized during this process, and when I informed my new boss that the cabling was completed and that his signature was required in some document in order for the contractor to be paid, he said something along the lines of "did nobody tell you that the upstream connection will not use that kind of fiber?" I wanted to die at that moment, but the fact was that it wasn't my fault - it was a consequence of the massive layoffs, the resulting chaos, and the deficient flow of information.

Comment Re:Once a government has your money, no give backs (Score 1) 117

Here in Argentina, if you forget to make a payment, or if AFIP (our tax office) believes you under-withheld more than just a tiny bit, they might FREEZE ALL YOUR ASSETS countrywide without any warning, including your personal *and* business accounts, credit cards, etc. That is their way of letting you know that you forgot to make a payment - they treat you like you were a first-class criminal. Be grateful you live in a country where the government shows a little respect for its citizens.

Comment Re:A poor workman... (Score 1) 281

A great workman doesn't work with inferior tools, and so he has no need to blame them.

A great workman know which tools are inferior. If someone says PHP is a great language and chooses it for a new project, either he doesn't have the talent to be a good programmer or he doesn't know any other language.

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