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Chemical batteries are also, generally the cheapest most compact method to store electricity, which is what you need to run servers, if all you want to do is store energy, hot water is a better method.

All the other storage methods have huge losses when trying to get electricity out, requiring larger and larger storage capacity to deliver the required electricity.

Comment: Generator and fuel (Score 2) 250

If it's 24 hour semi-reliable power you want for periodic short (up to several days) grid outages than the easiest method would probably be a small generator and a stored supply of fuel. (not the most environmental but it works)

Some will suggest solar with your roof area, which you are obviously aware of, but if you want 24 hour power with that you will need a large battery bank which is going to cost you more and take up a large amount of space.

As far as heating the cost effective method is to add more insulation, and if you're running servers you have a ready made electric heat source.

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by captain_nifty (#46930155) Attached to: Favorite Star Wars Movie?

As a kid it was all about Hoth with the imperial walkers, the AT-ATs were about the coolest thing ever, but as I got older I appreciated the better acting/chemistry between actors and storymaking decisions that still make it my favorite star wars movie.

The prequels fell short, in my opinion George Lucas needs limits, for the first movie, he had no money, for the second and third this was still more or less the case, and most importantly Lucas didn't direct them. Give him a room of yes men and have him direct and you get the prequels, not bad movies, but not great either.

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by captain_nifty (#45944871) Attached to: Windows 9 Already? Apparently, Yes.

Will they bring back the start button.

They spent ~20 years training a generation of business computer users that the lower left corner is where to go for the menu.

Their UI was so ubiquitous that they got a key added to almost every keyboard manufactured.

And then for no apparent reason they decided to change it.
UI design shininess should really take a backseat to legacy.
When will microsoft realize their real customers are businesses /governments/ large offices
They aren't going to get the new OEM computer market that they have had in the past because people aren't buying new computers.
They need to adapt to the changing market and their attempt to remake themselves as a integrated tablet environment has failed spectacularly.

Continuing a 3 year release cycle with drastic changes each time requiring huge amounts of emplyee training and modification of legacy apllications is going to kill the business market too.

Sometimes I feel a little sad watching the Redmond death spiral and waiting for the year of the linux desktop.

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by captain_nifty (#45326129) Attached to: Feinstein and Rogers: No Clemency For Snowden

The most effective write in would be one that unambiguously shows your disdain for the process, this is normally done by voting for a cartoon character, say Micky Mouse or Donald Duck, but I think a more effective method would be to gather a large number of votes for a candidate that sends a very clear message to those in power who continue to violate the law in the execution of policies to increase their power.

Vote Edward Snowden for all federal elections!

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