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Comment: Any data from other countries? (Score 1) 578

by cant_get_a_good_nick (#47370397) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Taiwan has had these for years. Not only do the pedestrian walk signals have timers, so do both the green and red lights. They'd have to adjust for density though.... if you think driving in the states is hard, try driving in Taipei where every lane has scooters on both sides of you.

Personally, I like and use the pedestrian counters as part of my driving. As part of my judgment i check those if available, whether to push through the light or not.

Get off the damn phone, both drivers and pedestrians.

Comment: Re:Did the editor know...this is Google/Android te (Score 1) 242

I agree totally with criticizing him for the alternative treatments. But you do have to remember that Pancreatic Cancer is tough, and Jobs had a particularly bad version of it. Yeah, he futzed away valuable time, once he decided on normal treatment he spent a metric-sh*t-ton of money on his treatment. I do wonder if he'd only started earlier what would have happened.

Look at Patrick Swayze for another example. Swayze was not a poor man, yet he succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer pretty quickly. Its a tough tough disease. Anything that fiercely attacks your ability to get energy and nutrients from food will get you fast.

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I think you forgot the NSA, how they went after Snowden, NOT going after the bankers, and drone strikes against American citizens.

I think we're all a bit disillusioned with the Obama Presidency. (Though I am VERY glad we didn't elect either McCain nor Romney, IMHO they'd be much much worse based on what they campaigned on).

I think there a few sources for this disconnect. The first, Obama campaigned a lot farther left than how he's governing. You can blame him leading false impressions, or you can blame us for inserting what we believed into Obama. What does "Yes We Can" tell you about Copyrights? We were all viewing Obama as a Rorschach. If you're liberal you'd expect him to be the Anti-Republican, but he's not. If you listen to Fox, you think he's both Socialist and Communist (though they don't mean the same thing). After years of hearing he's the Socialist un-American, both Atheist and Russian and Kenyan Muslim, you're kind of disappointed he's not as left wing as you want.

The other thing is remember Obama is engaged in some sort of daily government battle. I think if Obama tried to pass a resolution that the Sky Is Blue, he'd have a filibuster in the house for 48 hours declaring that the Democrat [sic] Party is ruining the sky for Good Ole Americans. His achievements must be balanced against a somewhat antagonistic House and less so but still against him Supreme Court.

Guantanamo Bay must be weighed against realism too.. if we did the "right" thing and freed any prisoners, and any of those guys did anything, he'd be the guy on the hook. See: Willie Horton, Michael Dukakis. Even if the guy was innocent going in, if we freed him and he got so pissed off at the USA for being locked up for no reason for years, Obama's the guy that let him go. As much as I hate the drone strikes (and I think they should stop), even I can see this is related to the Guantanamo problem. If we picked up someone today, where would we put them? US prison? Think any domestic prison wants that mess? Add someone to Guantanamo and grow the prison instead of shrink it? Try to explain that one.

Sometimes I think the best way to undermine a philosophy is to let it govern. Once you need to make real world trade-offs, you become the villain.

Comment: Re:Obama (Score 1) 211

Not to be part of a flame war, but a minor correction. The ACA giveaway is somewhat to the Insurance industry. Instead of doing a Single Payer Government Run payment scheme (which would be cheaper) the "socialist" Obama forced people to pay private corporations. There's a tradeoff here, where they can not exclude on pre-existing conditions and all. Call it Obama realizing that single payer would never pass, call it a giveaway to corporations (as he did in financial crisis) but had nothing to do with pharma.

The pharmaceutical giveaway was under GW Bush #43. Medicare Part D gave away all leverage the US Government had to negotiate with drug companies. Drug prices rose.

Comment: Re:But I thought it was already dead? (Score 0) 71

I guess this is why it's going away... if even Brasil is not using Orkut anymore, then no one is.

A side conversation.... and Apple really isn't even in the conversation at this point. At least Google has a social network or two to shut down. Apple had what, Ping? Because of lawsuits iMessage isn't going to spread much past iOS/MacOSX. Though I don't like the explosion of places im supposed to lose my privacy to... it's like Oprah Winfrey "You get a social network! You get a social network!..." the big guys need one.

Boa tarde....

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I was writing on my notepad when I put the baby in the playpen to calm her down. Then I discovered the pen was not working.

Natural language can be pretty vague. Talk to a programmer who takes down a ISP router with a misplaced semicolon on how strict they can be. Computers are not smart enough yet to do true natural language. When Watson can answer every single question, maybe.

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by cant_get_a_good_nick (#47342415) Attached to: KeyStore Vulnerability Affects 86% of Android Devices

as others have said, i'd call bs until i heard a model associated with this. Did you buy it new? off Ebay?
my wife's iPhone 4 is close to 4 years old, can run iOS7 (though never get ios8) and gets security updates.

Apple sees value in the software ecosystem. They want everyone on the latest OS so you can buy more apps from the Apple store. Google wants to sell you ads. The difference in perspective is why I lean iOS,

Comment: Mild Irony - CMD.exe immune to this type of stuff (Score 1) 215

by cant_get_a_good_nick (#47335711) Attached to: Exploiting Wildcards On Linux/Unix

As may times DOS/Windows has been burned by bad design (Explorer hiding extension yet action dependent on extension being a big one) the lack of functionality helps it here. The * is not interpreted by the shell, but by the app. It sees a *, and does a library call to do the glob. So there's no chance of it being interpreted as a flag. My guess is that DOS was so restricted in memory, that executing a glob may have blown the stack, much like we use xargs on UNIX when a fileglob is too much.

Comment: Re:Rookie mistake (Score 1) 47

I did some web stuff in the year 2000, back when PayPal was nothing but a Palm Pilot app. Even back then, as the rules were still being written (Javascript was relatively new), you "program convenince on the client, validate everything no matter on the server".

Seems they never learned that.

Comment: Re:See even Microsoft thinks MacBook Airs rule! (Score 5, Interesting) 365

I'm a programmer. I've written GUI code, I've written a device driver that shipped in a commercial UNIX kernel. I've used Windows since 3.1 days (WindowsForWorkgroupsForTheWin!). I've even debugged and configured Windows Vista in Chinese even though I can't read it - I was able to get someone to translate the occasional dialog box.

I can not understand Win8. When my sister asks me to help configure something on her Win8 laptop, I struggle with the UI as if I'm some rookie coming from some stoneage tribe.

I hate hate hate hate Windows 8.

Comment: See even Microsoft thinks MacBook Airs rule! (Score 4, Funny) 365

They'll do anything to pick them up cheaply, even trade some unwanted Surface 3's for some!

Jokes aside (and please don't mod for flamebait, it's sarcasm above, downmod for a bad joke if anything) ...

I don't think will go much. You're assuming that someone values their $1000+ dollar MacBook Air at $650 and values the Surface at something worth the discount. Considering the amount of work you'd have to do to migrate (either Windows to Mac, or Mac to Windows) you have to think about 200-300 realistically for swapping costs. Makes good headlines (as we see here) but won't help much.

Comment: Re:It can never be fair (Score 1) 150

Unions do the exact same thing, why isn't that collusion? I see no issue with a bunch of companies agreeing not to engage in a poaching war.

The rules for Unions are different. Would you have the same attitude with your 5 year old drinking and out til 3AM than a 22 year old? The rules for the companies is that it's collusion. They did something they weren't supposed to.

As to why, it's like the offside rule in soccer/hockey. The rule itself doesn't make much sense if you think about it by itself (why not let people charge on breakaways) but it has side effects (fewer forwards up, more guys back on defense, even FEWER goals, if that is possible with the top tier teams).

One company/corporation has a lot more power than an individual. A union does some work to make the power a bit more equal. But if you get corporations colluding, the power goes back to the corporation. Side effects? No growth in wages. No increased purchasing power (remember that the US economy is 70% consumer based, the bulk of that money comes from wages). People doing odd borrowing to maintain a standard of living (thinking of your home as a piggy bank is due to stagnant wages, and was a part of a great Economic Collapse). Squelching of wage increases has a lot of negative consequences, at least you can trim the illegal parts out.

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