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Comment Re:in other words, no fix (Score 2) 107

OS updates never get pushed. They require effort from both phone manufacturers and carriers, both who have motivation to not bother and encourage new phone purchases.

Google apps get updated.
Google Play Services get updated.

In short, the things that Google can control (their apps, Google play services) actually gets updated. Chrome is an app

Comment Re:If you don't like the job... (Score 3, Informative) 165

so, all businesses get together and say that they'll pay you a buck a day oh and you need to breathe asbestos without a mask, because we ain't paying for that shit. Oh, and if you don't like that job? go get another. But it will have the same requirements.

Seems fake? no, things were kind of like this in the early 1900s. Oh and if you complained there was a nonzero chance of you getting killed. Unions and work laws didn't come out of nowhere. They came out of abuses where companies used their large power as leverage. If you have thousands of people applying for a handful of jobs at amazon fulfillment centers where you do nothing but walk all day carrying heavy stuff just so maybe you can be one of the 10% that get full-time jobs, the "purchasing power" of labor is pretty weak. Saying "just go get another job" ignores this.

When corporations do illegal stuff, we oddly don't say "go get another line of work" and make the banks that financed drug lords start selling oranges by the side of the road. But for some reason people are expected to.

Comment Re:Suburbs (Score 1) 259

Evanston specifically (and i lived there for a bit) i would not call a suburb.

Suburbs used to be small towns around a larger city. The city itself would have industry and jobs, and you'd drive out to a place with decent housing stock.

But with Evanston, it was established before Chicago. it's not a satellite city. But a town that happened to have a big neighbor push up on it's southern border.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 2) 259

Evanston actually predates chicago by a bit. It's not a suburb. Chicago grew until it pressed against Evanston's southern border.

evanston has some advantages over Chicago. It's got a good solid core of Northwestern University. So it has a lot of young college kids roaming around the city. It's a much smaller city than chicago and the density is easier to maintain. The old joke is that there are more dead people than living (there's a big cemetery near the southern border with chicago).

It also has a lot of infrastructure from being close to chicago. The Purple line is an extension of the CTA, and runs locally on weekends. There are CTA busses that come through, not just suburban busses. There are a couple Metra lines the go through because of proximity to chicago

There are rough neighborhoods to the west (evanston borders the lake on the east so the rich folks are east, the poor folks west.) I haven't read the articles yet, but I'd love to see how the Western part fits in the grand plan

Comment Re:Bad compiler, then (Score 1) 246

I hate copy paste into Outlook, either from the paste into side, or the copy from side. Very easy to screw up working code by going through outlook.

C/C++ isn't so bad, since you can have an attachment. Shell is worse, since we filter out "executable attachments" including shell scripts, so the first few attempts all try inline until you realize this and just call it .txt.

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