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Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 270

They've been working on prototypes at the NASA Ames research center in California for a while, and they're building a small system in Tel Aviv now. The problem with a system like this is getting funding and space. Americans can build stuff like iPhones pretty easily: they have a design done, send it off to Taiwan to build some prototypes, have them sent back, then work on the software (which seems to be the only thing Americans are any good at any more). You don't need to get all kinds of regulatory approval and such to build a handheld electronic device. But no one wants to invest in a fundamentally new and different transportation technology because it doesn't look anything like current systems (light rail, bus, etc.). They're probably also afraid of pissing off the auto industry; that hasn't gone over too well in the past. They have a long record of purposefully destroying anything that threatens the dominance of the automobile.

If you're at least open-minded about the idea, that's really good. Most people take one look and just say "that's impossible, it'll never work". People like them said the same thing about smartphones until Apple made one that people really wanted. People like them said the same thing about the automobile even, and couldn't understand why anyone would want a car instead of a horse and buggy.

Comment Re: ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 267

But it's combined by the user at runtime, not by canocal. The GPL allows an end users to do this.

This is a way that people kid themselves about the GPL. If the user were really porting ZFS on their own, combining the work and never distributing it, that would work. But the user isn't combining it. The Ubuntu developer is creating instructions which explicitly load the driver into the kernel. These instructions are either a link script that references the kernel, or a pre-linked dynamic module. Creating those instructions and distributing them to the user is tantamount to performing the act on the user's system, under your control rather than the user's.

To show this with an analogy, suppose you placed a bomb in the user's system which would go off when they loaded the ZFS module. But Judge, you might say, I am innocent because the victim is actually the person who set off the bomb. All I did was distribute a harmless unexploded bomb.

So, it's clear that you can perform actions that have effects later in time and at a different place that are your action rather than the user's. That is what building a dynamic module or linking scripts does.

There is also the problem that the pieces, Linux and ZFS, are probably distributed together. There is specific language in the GPL to catch that.

A lot of people don't realize what they get charged with when they violate the GPL (or any license). They don't get charged with violating the license terms. They are charged with copyright infringement, and their defense is that they have a license. So, the defense has to prove that they were in conformance with every license term.

This is another situation where I would have a pretty easy time making the programmer look bad when they are deposed.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 415

This is my point, it isn't luck, it's awarness that prevents accidents.


I don't care if you're Mario Andretti (and I guarantee you aren't). It doesn't matter how great a driver you are, because in many of those "easily prevented" accidents you look at, some moron is doing something stupid, and then running into another driver. There's only so much you can do to avoid someone else hitting you. Being attentive will not prevent someone else who's inattentive from running into you at a stop light (where you have pretty much no way to evade).

Notice that the IIHS is placing a lot of emphasis on offset-frontal crashes, including the new small-offset frontal crash (where, BTW, your new Mazda shines; Mazdas are IIHS top picks for safety, which is one of the big reasons I got mine). If you're driving on a narrow, windy country road and some drunk hick in a pickup going the opposite way veers into your lane, this is exactly the kind of accident you're likely to have. Being attentive will only help so much; if the road is only so wide, and has no shoulders and only steep ditches on the side (or trees), which is the case for the country roads where I currently live, then you have nowhere to go. In your Mazda, if this happens to you, you're likely to walk away. In some old POS, you're dead.

BTW, on mazda3revolution.com, look for the thread entitled "The Infotainment Project" under "2014+ Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics". It's a lot to digest but there's a lot of people working on hacking these systems, plus plenty of directions, scripts, etc.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 226

The difference is that passive components like 0402 resistors don't affect performance significantly, not any more than regular manufacturing tolerances. Two different Panasonic resistors will have different resistances even from the same reel, but the design accounts for that. But CPUs from different companies will definitely have noticeably different performance; this seems pretty unavoidable really unless both companies are using the same processes and mask sets. And the CPU is one of the most critical components in any technological item. It might be OK to sell a laptop computer with different LAN chips (Broadcom vs. Intel), especially when they're easily swapped out and can be specified by the customer anyway, but the CPU is a different matter; this is like buying the latest Intel CPU in your laptop and getting the last-gen CPU instead.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 270

You're a fucking retard if you think someone who has no income at all is making 6 figures.

From the OP's own post:
A few years later, I was let go from my job and redid my application for insurance, hoping for some assistance with the premiums, but unlike the commercials for Obamacare which state "most qualify for assistance", I did NOT qualify for assistance

Please explain to me how someone who is "let go from [his] job" has an income which disqualifies him for assistance. Last time I checked, when someone is "let go" from their job, they stop receiving paychecks, unless they get a deal like Milton's.

Either explain yourself, or go fuck off you piece of trash.

Comment Re: Wrong (Score 1) 134

Nope. Windows, in the command-line interface, uses backslashes for directory delimiters, and slashes for command-line arguments to commands like COPY, and filenames limited to 8 characters plus a 3-char extension. This is taken directly from CP/M.

Modern-day Linux has about as much similarity with UNIX of the 1970s.

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