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Comment Re:In other news.. (Score 1) 133 133

Exactly. There is one big danger in programming and that is... well, there are *two* big dangers in programming and those are... Anyway, *amongst* the biggest dangers in programming we find the problem of parsing. Combine things like BER encoding (responsible for such wonderful not-at-all critical things like SNMP and X509), and languages like C (I absolutely love C, mind) and well.. you have the cocktail you have today. No, but absolutely not a single language at all took the hint from perl and made a semantic description of a parsing problem a core primitive of a computer language. They should have - I absolutely *crave* a compiled system-language that can do what perl can do with regexes and string-packing.

Comment As someone who has been at the receiving end (Score 1) 139 139

As someone who has been, albeit unwittingly, at the receiving end of a 'FOIA' request (they call it 'WOB' in my country), I say: good. These requests aren't here so that journalists can make a buck. They are here so that the public knows what's going on inside government. So while I was going to have my conversations with some civil servant exposed, I wasn't allowed to know which fucker made the requests. I say: if you wanna be a big boy, you aren't afraid to show who you are. You shitty journalists stand up for yourself.

Sorry about the rant. I just got to my deepest nerves at the time.

Comment Wrong setup (Score 1) 296 296

'Cross platform' and 'manage memory usage and disk access at a very granular level' do not readily go together. And not in Java either. Abstract your 'granular access' away in a C (I said 'C', not 'C++') library of your own. Use a lot of #ifdefs. On top of that, build in whatever you want.

Comment Re:It's not like we don't already know (Score 1) 180 180

"just make your troops leave their personal devices at home."

The impression I get is that it is exactly this that all armed forces all over the world are struggling with. A lot. Apparently, you can order a youngster these days to do a lot. But not that they leave their phone at home. Also, bear in mind that when soldiers get to take their own phones, then armies don't have to buy expensive welfare network capabilities.

Function reject.