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Comment Re:Only incidentally similar to su (Score 1) 744

It's a privilege escalation inside a very complex environment. Su is a simple shell interface to a system call.

I'll tell you what - as long as I can turn the option of escalation privilege to arbitrary processes off inside systemd, in a safe and predictable manner, and the option to turn it off is heavily documented, I'm happy.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 744

Su is not a broken concept; it's a long well-established fundamental of BSD Unix/Linux.

You're pretty much making an argument to tradition here. The correct thing to do would be to counter his claims:

what "su" is supposed to do is very unclear. On one hand it's supposed to open a new session and change a number of execution context parameters (`uid`, `gid`, `env`, ...), and on the other it's supposed to inherit a lot concepts from the originating session (`tty`, `cgroup`, `audit`, ...). Since this is so weakly defined it's a really weird mix&match of old and new paramters.

I would like more detail from him on why and how it's broken, and how his replacement is truly different from "su -" but since it doesn't appear to be mutually exclusive with the use of "su" or "su -", other than typical reactionary hate I don't see what the problem is.

99% of the execution context changes and things that stay the same that su cause, happen in any subshell. Does Poettering dislike subshells as well? Does he dislike shell scripts?

Comment Re:In other news.. (Score 1) 133

Exactly. There is one big danger in programming and that is... well, there are *two* big dangers in programming and those are... Anyway, *amongst* the biggest dangers in programming we find the problem of parsing. Combine things like BER encoding (responsible for such wonderful not-at-all critical things like SNMP and X509), and languages like C (I absolutely love C, mind) and well.. you have the cocktail you have today. No, but absolutely not a single language at all took the hint from perl and made a semantic description of a parsing problem a core primitive of a computer language. They should have - I absolutely *crave* a compiled system-language that can do what perl can do with regexes and string-packing.

Comment As someone who has been at the receiving end (Score 1) 139

As someone who has been, albeit unwittingly, at the receiving end of a 'FOIA' request (they call it 'WOB' in my country), I say: good. These requests aren't here so that journalists can make a buck. They are here so that the public knows what's going on inside government. So while I was going to have my conversations with some civil servant exposed, I wasn't allowed to know which fucker made the requests. I say: if you wanna be a big boy, you aren't afraid to show who you are. You shitty journalists stand up for yourself.

Sorry about the rant. I just got to my deepest nerves at the time.

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