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Comment: Re:Enjoying my Linux eee, ordering another (Score 1) 774

by byronne (#27485105) Attached to: Microsoft Boasts 96% Netbook Penetration

I concur! I've been nothing but pleased with my 701 - even after trying out different distros on it and having to restore back to Xandros (typically because wireless was very unpleasant to configure and make worky...)
Regardless, there's not much that I can't do with Xandros that doesn't fulfill the intent of a 'Netbook'. It's not meant to be a replacement system - it's a mobile tool. If you're doing anything serious on it, you're cracked. Just accept it for what it is and appreciate its elegance.
Not that I'm a Windows fan - quite the contrary.

Comment: Macbook Penetration (Score 1) 774

by byronne (#27485057) Attached to: Microsoft Boasts 96% Netbook Penetration

I keep encountering folks with Macbooks that have installed Windows. What's up with that? I know it's marginally relevant, but if users are returning Netbooks because they lack the 'Windows Experience' in their new purchase, is the same happening with MacBooks as well?

Yea, I'll give you a 'Windows Experience'. One you'll never forget.

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