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Comment Re:Inadequate Buffer (Score 1) 52 52

Baro measurements are accurate to about 5' at these altitudes. A $0.20 chip and $2000 for the lawyers to haggle over the language you have to click through when you set it up in the plane.

I fly to 6000' with rockets and you know who the idiots are? The pilots. We put out a NOTAM with our coordinates and recovery space, notify all local FAA towers and get legal waivers for all flights. And in the middle of nowhere, where we fly, we get no less than 4 light aircraft fly right overhead at less than 1000' - some even doing multiple passes - just to see what we're doing.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 94 94

What do you mean "locked to a single platform". I admit that I haven't tried it, but they give away the source code to VS 2015.

I don't think having access to the source code to VS 2015 is going to allow anyone to compile VS for any non-Windows platform. Not unless you have a few million man-hours available for porting and redesign (since much of the functionality present in VS wouldn't even make sense outside of Windows)

Comment Missed opportunities (Score 1) 133 133

NFC and wireless charging really seems like they should have been no-brainers.
The removable backs would seem to really favor of uSD storage (they're already using the cover for access tot he dual sims) and replaceable battery.

It's a shame they went totally cosmetic with the backs. If it had included the back and side (wrap-around), that would have been fabulous. Something like the slim guard case for the LG G3 (that was, oddly, only available in S. Korea) would have been awesome. I know, you can always add a ridiculously bulky case that makes your phone twice as thick and half again as heavy, trapping stray sand between the case and back to produce wonderful swirly patterns on your OEM back, but something integral would have been a real bonus.

Comment Is this not the 21st century? (Score 1) 133 133

If you don't like wireless charging, you must not have a magnetic charging mount. I made one for my car - the phone snaps into place and charges without ever plugging it in. It's also easier to drop it on my nightstand.

I'll admit it's a minor convenience, but we're living in the 21st century. It should feel like it.

And a bottom headphone jack is (as the kids say) teh suck. Want to put your phone in a stand or tilt it up while listening - nope, can't do it. How about putting your phone right side up in your pocket so when you take it out you can see your program right side up. Nope. It's one of the least favorite "features" that came to my iPhone 5, and one of the ones I hated when Android phones followed suit.

Comment Re:Missing the point here...... (Score 2) 76 76

Why does the malware need to be closed source. Can you not write and hide malware in open source software? It's not as if an end user is typically going to be able to audit the entire OS codebase even if it is available. And anyone involved in the setup of the machine would have the opportunity to easily slip in the malware, while the OS appeared to be stock.


Hacker Set To Demonstrate 60 Second Brinks Safe Hack At DEFCON 142 142

darthcamaro writes: Ok so we know that Chrysler cars will be hacked at Black Hat, Android will be hacked at DEFCON with Stagefright, and now word has come out that a pair of security researchers plan on bringing a Brinks safe onstage at DEFCON to demonstrate how it can be digitally hacked. No this isn't some kind of lockpick, but rather a digital hack, abusing the safe's exposed USB port. And oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that the new safe is running Windows XP either.

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