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Comment: Re:Document Management Software and OCR (Score 3, Informative) 211 211

For an Open Source DMS that generates searchable PDF Files, try ArchivistaBox: http://sourceforge.net/projects/archivista/

Tesseract (including fracture / black-letter recognition) and the Linux port of Cuneiform (BSD licence) OCR engines are used for text recognition. The hocr2pdf module (see http://www.exactcode.de/ is used to generate the searchable PDF files.


Dean Kamen Combines Stirling Engine With Electric Car 324 324

Colin Smith writes "Dean Kamen, (inventor of the Segway) has combined a Stirling engine with a battery-powered electric vehicle based on the Ford Think to provide a fully decoupled electric hybrid car which can run on any fuel which can provide enough heat to run the Stirling generator. Think are also producing a purely battery 'Think City' car which is capable of 62mph and with a range of 126miles." Some stats on the Ford Think: Top speed, 55mph; 0-30, 6.5 seconds; Range, 60 miles on battery.

Torque is cheap.