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Comment: Re:Document Management Software and OCR (Score 3, Informative) 211

by burki (#27509595) Attached to: Building a Searchable Literature Archive With Keywords?

For an Open Source DMS that generates searchable PDF Files, try ArchivistaBox:

Tesseract (including fracture / black-letter recognition) and the Linux port of Cuneiform (BSD licence) OCR engines are used for text recognition. The hocr2pdf module (see is used to generate the searchable PDF files.


Dean Kamen Combines Stirling Engine With Electric Car 324

Posted by timothy
from the is-there-anything-kamen-can't-do? dept.
Colin Smith writes "Dean Kamen, (inventor of the Segway) has combined a Stirling engine with a battery-powered electric vehicle based on the Ford Think to provide a fully decoupled electric hybrid car which can run on any fuel which can provide enough heat to run the Stirling generator. Think are also producing a purely battery 'Think City' car which is capable of 62mph and with a range of 126miles." Some stats on the Ford Think: Top speed, 55mph; 0-30, 6.5 seconds; Range, 60 miles on battery.

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