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Comment: Re:Honestly? Cut him a check & send him on vac (Score 1) 235

It may be better for the employee too. After all, if I were working out my last couple of weeks I'd be paranoid about making some critical mistake and screwing something up. I'm careful anyway, but things can go wrong and if they do at a time when people are suspicious anyway then there'll be a law suit.

Comment: Re:The last contractors I hired... (Score 1) 117

I've had the opposite experience. I try to do a lot of jobs myself and that means that it's not generally an emergency when I call someone and I can wait for someone who is getting good reviews or a personal recommendation from a friend/neighbor, but the roto-rooter guy had a root cutting tool that I will never own and he was quick and efficient at getting my drain line unplugged, the heating guys spent days crawling around under my house, a service I was very willing to pay for having done far too much of that myself. I could never have done as good a job making the kitchen cabinets as the carpenter I employed. In general the people coming to the house have been courteous, fair and competent.

Comment: Re:Fuck so-called religious "freedom" (Score 1) 1069

No-one is born jewish.

And assuming sexual preference is a mental function then I'm not sure that such function is present in a newborn either (I know the brain is still developing).

Being Romanian is merely an artifice to do with the parents' legal status and the place of birth, not anything intrinsic to the newborn's biology (the baby is a citizen of Earth).

So of all of the things you list as being innate at Birth I would say that skin tone is innate, Sexual Orinetation may be innate, nationality is not a biological issue and jewishness is an add-on later (or a take-away if you count the Bris I suppose).

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 538

The problem to my mind is that so many voices try to convince us that all politics has only an X axis and that every issue lies far to one end or the other on that axis.I'd love to hear a discussion on, say, abortions might be reduced, with the intent to find some workable steps to reduce the incidence of abortions instead of the sole purpose of the debate being how to perpetuate two-party politics.

Comment: fond memories (Score 1) 411

by bugs2squash (#49151825) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

When I was a kid my bed time was marked by the TV schedule, I had to go to bed at the end of Star Trek. I used to hope each episode would go on longer. The whole thing brings back happy memories of childhood. I especially enjoyed the episodes where some presumably sensitive and complex circuit board under the main console in the bridge had to be repaired by Spock using some kind of crude welding process

going off at a tangent, isn't Spock proof of god's existence (leaving aside the nit that Spock is fictional) ? There's no way evolution could account for the breeding compatibility of an earth woman and a vulcan man

Comment: tv show (Score 1) 100

by bugs2squash (#49119653) Attached to: Police Use DNA To Generate a Suspect's Face
reminds me of a tv documentary, I think of an investigation in Ireland. The perps had left an apple at the scene that had some unusual bite marks in it. The Dentist they showed it to gave a full description of the guy, down to hair color, how tall he was. Apparently some rages/genders/body types were genetically predisposed to gnawing on apples in that way. Of course, now I know about parallel construction... But it made for a great tv show.

Comment: Dark side (Score 4, Insightful) 65

by bugs2squash (#49091945) Attached to: Does Open Data Have a Dark Side?
I don't see that the privatization of government services is necessarily a "dark side". If the services can be delivered more effectively and efficiently by private organizations then they should be. My only problem is with those that would campaign for privatization when there is good evidence to suggest things will be worse as a consequence just because they are anti-government.

Comment: 2003 (Score 1, Insightful) 138

by bugs2squash (#49053011) Attached to: Apple Hiring Automotive Experts
My car is over 10 years old and will still go about as fast as it did when I bought it, new. My iphone 4 is way younger and runs nowhere near as quickly on the latest iOS as it did on previous versions. These apple cars will be real unpopular after about the third software version upgrade when they can only do 20 miles/hr and need to be traded in for something thinner.

Comment: Re:Peanuts (Score 2) 411

by bugs2squash (#49032389) Attached to: Your Java Code Is Mostly Fluff, New Research Finds
My complaint about perl (and for that matter clojure too now) is that so many symbols have special meaning. and sometimes it is context dependent too. If your code contains $#`'~_ all over the place it makes it hard to read for anyone not intimately familiar with it. Sure, there are some well used conventions like _ for anything or triangle brackets for collections of types, but there comes a point where using a symbol to convey really important and subtle meaning is far harder to read than just putting in a keyword. All I can say is thank god Unicode was not invented earlier or there woudl have been 1000s of other characters involved.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"