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Comment: Re:in terms of energy ? (Score 1) 670

Apparently I shoudl ahve used google !

In theory, calculation shows that 1 kWh is enough to produce one ton of fresh water from seawater. However this assumes a perfect thermodynamic and mechanical system which is not possible to build. In practical terms a desalination system will require 7 to 18 kWh/m3 depending on the corresponding investment.

Comment: Re: Decent (Score 4, Funny) 482

Why pay $1515 per month ?

When with new Amazon Babycare your infant child (maximum 20 pounds and 30" x 10" x 10") will be picked up by drone on Sunday night and returned on Friday evening each week for a mere $1000 per baby per month. Baby warehouse specialists will tend to your child's every need and facilitate full access to kindle baby entertainment and eLearning.

Prime discounts available.

Comment: Re:regulation? (Score 1) 245

by bugs2squash (#49449263) Attached to: 3D Printed Guns Might Lead To Law Changes In Australia
Most of what you cite is just you imagination run riot, and even if it weren't you don't need the right to carry a concealed handgun for any of the purposes you cite. I have no concerns about people defending themselves in their own homes. If I lived a fair distance from law enforcement help I'd probably get a shotgun too if I were concerned. But handguns in particular, especially in cities, cause all sorts of problems and knock-on effects, we would be better off if the public were not armed and the police and business owners did not need to be so edgy about it.

Comment: Re:Don't want to be tracked? (Score 2) 73

by bugs2squash (#49433507) Attached to: Phone App That Watches Your Driving Habits Leads To Privacy Concerns

The hypothetical member of the insurance industry AC had it right.

Take my health insurance for example. I can't be charged extra for a pre-existing condition. But I don't qualify for the discount for not having the pre-existing condition. It starts with "discounts of up to $35 per month" available if you participate in the health screening (blood analysis, BMI etc.), so you participate. Then "oh, and by the way to qualify for the discount you have to answer the online survey (you guessed it, lots of mental health questions). Then "oh, you don't qualify for the full discount because of your girth/height ratio. You should take action".

last I checked my waistline was pretty similar last year.

Insurance has become a nickle and diming game based on taking your personal information and either losing it, selling it or using it against you directly

Comment: Re:Honestly? Cut him a check & send him on vac (Score 1) 279

It may be better for the employee too. After all, if I were working out my last couple of weeks I'd be paranoid about making some critical mistake and screwing something up. I'm careful anyway, but things can go wrong and if they do at a time when people are suspicious anyway then there'll be a law suit.

Comment: Re:The last contractors I hired... (Score 1) 120

I've had the opposite experience. I try to do a lot of jobs myself and that means that it's not generally an emergency when I call someone and I can wait for someone who is getting good reviews or a personal recommendation from a friend/neighbor, but the roto-rooter guy had a root cutting tool that I will never own and he was quick and efficient at getting my drain line unplugged, the heating guys spent days crawling around under my house, a service I was very willing to pay for having done far too much of that myself. I could never have done as good a job making the kitchen cabinets as the carpenter I employed. In general the people coming to the house have been courteous, fair and competent.

We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything.