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Comment Re:High fat? (Score 1) 244 244

I was 250, got down to 210 in a zealous fit of diet and excercise a couple of years ago. I seem to have settled at around 230 now (still obese, I'm not sure that label is helping me). I have gone back to not eating well but I did at least find a sport and stuck to it, so some good did come out of it and I feel a lot better than I did.

What I want OSU to do is to come up with something that means I can continue to eat badly but not suffer the bad effects, it's not that I don't know how to eat well or that I don't enjoy health food, it's just that I enjoy the unhealthy food as well. I found it far easier to change my excercise habits for the long term than to change my diet habits

Comment Re:Obligatory reading (Score 1) 419 419

I see from wikipedia that nuclear is a great option today so far as the energy density and reliability are concerned. But there is another option... Time. We could just wait until a better technology comes along.

Why should we have to put up with the risk of a launchpad explosion scattering blobs of toxic plutonium far and wide when we can just wait a decade or two until a better option emerges.

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