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Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1) 278

When I was last in the UK,
  • When a pedestrian put a foot in a crosswalk the cars really did stop
  • There were no-parking areas either side of all crosswalks
  • There were lights on the crosswalk to mark its location and to make the pedestrians more visible. Crossing places were clearly marked with road paint that's generally not faded out
  • School crosswalks had uniformed crossing attendants with giant "lollipops"
  • There were no clumps of bushes to "decorate" the crosswalks / hide pedestrians
  • Touristy areas had arrows in the road telling pedestrians which way to look for oncoming traffic (easy to forget they drive on the left)
  • Many of the crosswalks are pushbutton operated lights, not some funky flashing yellow light that nobody understands what to do with, but real r/y/g traffic signals that actually do respond to the push button
  • The roads are narrower, so the time given by the lights to allow pedestrians to cross mean that the pedestrians don't need to sprint

If Barcelona is doing better, maybe someone from SFO shoudl go there and find out why.

Comment I call BS (Score 3, Interesting) 279

1. There's lots of light in a cinema, a big bright image lights up the audiences faces. I would have thought ample light to run a regular inexpensive CCTV camera pointed away from the screen toward the audience. That not just locates offenders but provides evidence too. More light can be added in the form of IR as others have noted.

2. NV goggles are expensive and having the staff roam around in them adds even more cost.

3. Once the NV goggles have the sensitivity turned right down to allow for the brightness of the screen, I would have thought that would render them not much better than human eyesight.

I imagine this is a scare tactic and nothing more, maybe there'll be a couple of sets of rented goggles moved from theater to theater and "paraded around" to scare people off.

Comment Re:A discussion of constitutional limits of power? (Score 4, Insightful) 258

I would have said the opposite - I like the idea of each state having substantial differences per the will of the locals. As you say, the travel difficulties of the 18th century are largely eradicated now, people can move to the state they wish to live in fairly easily. The fact that, generally, people tend not to migrate to more up-market areas from within the US is, I think, the best indication that dropping the border restrictions around the world would not result in simply everyone in the world moving to Beverly Hills or wherever all the money is nowadays.

Comment Re: Unfortunately (Score 1) 235

The reason it is wifi linked back to central servers is that when barbie inevitably says something so very stupid that it must never be uttered again all that has to change is the server. No recall, no downloaded updates...

Comment Re:Theory (Score 2) 591

All but the most ludicrous churches will get on board as they are increasingly ridiculed for their untenable position on this. Many churches have moved on already (or not fallen for this ruse in the first place). I wonder what their next victim will be, some other thing to make their followers the in-crowd and everything else outsiders no doubt.

It would have been good to see the Repubs show some spine and discount this baloney in the past, at least they now recognize the will of the voters is shifting and they are changing their stance - that is at least how the system is supposed to work, belated as it may be. Next thing you know they'll recognize that many people outside the repressed grumpy old white guy demographic hold conservative fiscal views and stop pushing them away.

Comment Re:Israel hasn't vowed to "wipe Iran off the map" (Score 4, Interesting) 441

I'm an atheist and even I know religion is not going to die. Faith/superstition/curiosity about the ineffable is part of the human condition, religions will always emerge to prey on that aspect of humanity just as humans exploit other human vulnerabilities (disparities in power, wealth etc.). There is no way any clever argument is going to prevent humans taking advantage of other humans.

The best hope, to my mind, is to try and reduce the disadvantages with which so many in the world find themselves encumbered, teach them to read, join them to the internet etc. Allow people to travel freely across national borders (fat chance of that happening), treat people fairly no matter their origin, protect the vulnerable (especially children).

Inequality is fertile soil for the corralling effect of religions. I certainly admire the great works done in the name of various churches, but I think we should remember that these were achieved by humans that could just as easily been inspired by a personal faith as one of the "name brands" without the incumberance of fighting between the brand leaders.

There are plenty of things to fight over, lets strike religion off the list and work on overcoming the others

Comment Re:Naw, it's Doctors (Score 1) 696

There's always one jerk, thinks that everyone should leap out of his way rather than have him slow down for a few seconds. It happened to me recently, I was with my daughter and her friend, they were in the cycle lane (a couple of feet wide) and I rode a little outside the cycle lane on the right side of the "car" lane. I figured I would be more visible, give drivers some warning that the girls were there. An SUV rolled right up behind me and immediately hit his horn, wanted to punish me for being in "his" lane I suppose.

The thing that really winds me up is to see adult cyclists on the sidewalk, generally going against the traffic direction at high speed. That way when I check both ways before pulling out of an intersection in my car they can still "appear" out of nowhere to cross in front of me.

Comment Re:truth is... (Score 2) 93

My Xula-2 board just arrived and I hope it does not meet the same fate as yours. I also have a papilo board that is gathering dust and a DE0 nano somewhere (at least I had a little more success with that - the Altera toolchain seemed more tractible but equally huge).

I have had a hard time getting started. I have no doubt that an open source toolchain will be a great step forward in lowering that barrier and I'll probably have a play with that in good time, I especially liked the idea of playing with the j1a forth CPU.

In the mean time I'll be using the overwhelming xilinx toolchain. I chose the xula board because the Xess website seems to have some good "get you started" documentation, the image download tools are python based, the xilinx LX25 has some great clock/PLL resources that I wanted to use and I did not want to run into problems fitting my design into the ICE40.

It's mostly excuses though, I really should have had better results with the boards I have after all this time...

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