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Comment: credible enough (Score 1) 110

The threat was credible enough to get fighters launched to escort the plane. How much more credible does it need to be to get the plane shot down. Do the pilots of commercial airlines use encrypted radio to talk to the fighter pilots ? Or could that have been compromised ? Seems the perps got reasonably close to bringing the plane down without having to bring any explosives on board.

Comment: Re:a proposed solution for common ownership (Score 1) 512

It sounds so fair and balanced until you realize that this utopian dream of people being equally rewarded for their thrift and adoption of a small part of a shared risk is being mercilessly raided by people with more information that the average investor, with more power to bend the market at their elbow, more capability to take the profit and leave the risk to you.

Comment: Re:Python over Visual BASIC (Score 1) 648

by bugs2squash (#48856791) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming
clojure is the way to go. That way they will improve their typing skills as they search for every printable ascii character on the keyboard that has some obscure and subtle effect on their `code'. They can improve their reading skills by grappling with poor explanations of vital concepts from the terrible books that cover the subject, and the teacher can have fun grading assignments since it is simple to read, like perl.

Comment: Re:Unanswered questions (Score 1) 65

by bugs2squash (#48850079) Attached to: Microsoft Researchers Use Light Beams To Charge Smartphones

I imagine they are using visible light to make the demo look better.

My charger delivers about an amp at 5V, are these goons really suggesting that they deploy a ~5W laser to charge phones around unprotected humans. Now do it in IR so they have absolutely no warning, just suddenly go blind from either a direct hit or a reflection. Really, what could possibly go wrong ?

Comment: Brrrr... (Score 1) 324

by bugs2squash (#48803549) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads
This is why I run deep freeze on my family's PC. We can install stuff with impunity and, if it behaves well, I may even re-install it on the unfrozen machine when I get around to applying the windows updates. I wish my Dad would do the same. It's not as if the installation of these packages is usually time consuming. The only issues are with taking the time to save backups of game progress data for my kid so he doesn't lose his "progress".

Comment: Re:Smartphone (Score 1) 840

You can get replacement parts for iphones, I just replaced the charging connector on my wife's phone 4s, I had to buy a special toolkit (fancy security screws) but the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow and the actual part (an integrated assembly in itself) was large enough to handle.

To be fair, grandpa is unlikely to have faced these issues since it's advances in manufacturing that have made these highly integrated devices affordable and put them into so many hands. If he had been faced with the task of repairing, say, a Rolex watch then he would have been woefully under skilled too, but he wasn't because Rolexs are the preserve of the wealthy few.

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