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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 316

I hear what you're saying, but in some ways it is a good example because it is so trivial. If the first case had been about access to lifesaving drugs or something more clearly essential then the question of whether gay couples should be allowed to buy groceries would remain untested. A cake is pretty far down the list of essentials to life so establishing a precedent there makes it hard to slide under the bar for other things.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 316

If the children are both consenting adults marrying of their own free will, and if I were a baker in Indonesia then I'd happily bake them a cake. On the other hand if I were a baker in the USA and I was asked to bake a cake to celebrate two gay minors being forced into marriage then I would refuse.

Complex, isn't it.

Not much trumps the rights of children to be protected until they are adult and certainly not some false comparison between gay marriage and child abuse

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 316

I know right? Refusing to bake a gay wedding cake is literally and exactly like dragging them into the street and stoning them to death. It is, as you say, "the exact same fucking thing."

Not to the same degree, no. But certainly the same side of the scale, just a question of being more emboldened after that.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 600

I was in Denver Recently, there had been a blizzard overnight and the next day I-225 was covered with no marking visible. I forget how many lanes it normally has (6 or so I think each way) but that morning drivers were uncommonly courteous, traffic divided itself into about 4 lanes, people used turn signals and backed off to give space to change lanes. Of course there was only half the normal traffic on the road which helped.

The next day the roads were clear and the assholes were back in action. But hey, for a few hours at least it was a fun commute

So my recipe for a better commute is less traffic and wider lanes, how practical is that !

Comment Disregard (Score 2) 286

What scares me about NK is that their leadership seems not to care about the NK populace. I'd like to think that the US would consider civilian casualties before a launch against another nuclear power, at the very least the extent of US casualties from a successful retaliation. I'm not convinced that NK care about casualties on either side and since so few NK people will have been involved in any launch decision on the part of NK it's hard to think of the average NK guy in the street as the enemy.

Comment Re:You mean It's Lenny? (Score 1) 253

Last time I got a call from "microsoft support" I put the speakerphone next to the computer and told the guy on the line that he needed to sing to the computer to heal it. The conversation lasted a good 15 minutes as I insisted over and over that singing had restorative power over technology, I even offered to sing along with him.

Come to think of it they never called back.

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is the key. (Score 1) 668

I always thought that the term "politically correct" was intended to be hurled as an insult at people who voice objections to racism, misogyny and intolerance. It is a lazy argument made by people who have resorted to calling sincerity into question. I'm sure there are plenty of pious and hypocritical campus bullies but critics should call them out for what they are on the demerits of each.

Cleese's comedy was at its peak when it highlighted government nonsense or the frailties of the human condition, the arbitrary nature of the olympics, messed up class politics. He has done plenty to make people more aware of the lack of logic in racism and witch trials.

If he can make the case that the students are falling into a trap of some kind in a way that rings true, then I want to see and enjoy the comedy, if he wants to regurgitate talk-radio gibberish then he's not saying anything of interest to me

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