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Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

Isn't that the 80/20 rule? I know I'm guilty of doing the "exciting" stuff on little libraries, then when it comes to the bits like packaging/documentation/etc.., putting it off to "later". It's just not as fun to do those little maintenance stuff as it is the neat parts

Comment Idiomatic Java? (Score 1) 341

I learned Java way back in the 5 days. Obviously things have changed since then (and I was much less experienced). What examples are there of "the right way" Java applications?

For instance, is there a performant HTTP server/proxy that keeps pace with something like nginx whose source I could browse to see the state of the art?

Comment Re:Why to develop anything? (Score 2) 184

People don't magically create software where there isn't a gap to fill (fucking about user interfaces excepted of course).

Everything systemd aside, that's not true. The NIH-syndrome is alive and well. Instead of working on and improving existing software, a LOT of people want to start from scratch just so they can have their braces in the place they like to see them. For instance, I was poking around with protobuf earlier and saw that there are five javascript bindings.

Comment Honest question (Score 3, Interesting) 321

Intel has a mountain of money, the various ARM SoC guys have a pretty large revenue stream (though it's fragmented...). Is it reasonable to say that Intel's money they have to devote to pushing their power usage down is large enough to overcome ARM's advantage, or does ARM have some sort of inherent advantage (+ ARM's supporters' money) that will keep them at least at parity?

Comment Re:Not a daily-use thing (Score 1) 54

The speed limit is the speed other drivers expect you to be driving at

Absolutely not. I-88 outside of chicago (part of my commute) has a speed limit of 55, and the only two times I've ever seen people traveling under 70 was in rain or if there was a cop in the median. Every city I've lived in has the same effect.

Speed limits are a number of things, but they're certainly not "the speed other drivers expect you to be driving at"

Comment Re:It's their bandwidth ... (Score 1) 582

I don't think we're that far apart. Certainly the idea that a university should ban everything is stupid. I was just saying that people who dedicate their lives to teaching appreciate students that pay attention and succeed. Saying: "why should the teachers care if the students or pass" disregards why those people enter education compared to other careers

Comment Re:It's their bandwidth ... (Score 1) 582

I might as well have just stopped reading your post there, they might lock you in to studying with them for 4 years but you are allowed to move off campus you know.

Many universities don't allow you to move out of the dorms (the cynic in me says it's for the $$, but who knows). I went to a tiny school in a really rural location and even if we wanted to move out, there were more students in the town than actual people in the town (1400 students, 800 residents), so it would've never worked to have people spread around.

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