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Comment: Re:No the complaining will start... (Score 1) 369

by brain159 (#42994581) Attached to: Firefox Will Soon Block Third-Party Cookies will be a CNAME dns record, referring over to - so their server will be accessed as if it's part of's domain, elevating the cookie to First Party status even though it's transmitted to-and-from an entity which is third-party. The wrinkle is that interestingsite have intentionally given shadyads the authority to do this, by adding that dns record.

Comment: TV-B-Gone (Score 1) 260

by brain159 (#35770754) Attached to: 'Anonymous' Plans Sony Boycott On April 16

Just throwing this out there, I'm not available to go do this myself, but a TV-B-Gone or similar "universal TV turner-offer" device would be useful for this action. Even if you're not visibly obviously "doing protesting", you can help Sony reduce their carbon footprints by turning off all their store display TVs for them.

Comment: Re:Yeah yeah (Score 3, Interesting) 580

by brain159 (#35306352) Attached to: PayPal Freezes Support Account For Bradley Manning and a recent episode of Security Now went into a bunch of detail about the theory of how it works.

(tl;dr hard crypto-guesswork puzzles are used to restrict the creation of their new digital currency. It is apparently anonymous and untraceable, and some sites already exist that will trade it for RL US$)

Comment: Re:They need a simple guide or something to click! (Score 1) 200

by brain159 (#34070416) Attached to: Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

I fully expect, within 14 days of now (if that), for people to be using this in busy locations to send links out to victims friends telling them to "click here to browse my holiday photos with this cool FakePhotosRealMalware tool!".

Not that I'm going to do it, just that it's really obvious and I want to feel smug for totally calling it.

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