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The Almighty Buck

Long Range Eye Tracking for Advertisers 134

Posted by samzenpus
from the The-unseen-mechanized-eye dept.
holy_calamity writes "A Canadian firm has launched a device that can track the gaze of multiple people from up to 10 metres away. Originally developed at Queen's University, Ontario, they hope to sell it to advertisers to allow them to monitor how many people look at their ads. Admittedly they are trying more benign stuff too like better hearing aids, but I doubt that will make up for movie posters that make a song and dance whenever you glance their way."

Comment: Re:Cygwin + rsync (Score 2, Interesting) 100

by Filoseta (#9885117) Attached to: Remote Backup of Windows Boxes w/o Samba?
To expand on this slightly, I have had good success with duplicity.

It supports gpg signing and encrypting of archives and provides direct support for scp/ssh as a transport while handling full and incremental backups very nicely (well, after I wrote a few wrapper scripts just to make my life easier).

I have not used it on windows with cygwin, but I know people who are.

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