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Submission The Force Awakens With Devon's $28,500 Star Wars Limited Edition Watch->

MojoKid writes: If the Force is strong in your bank account and you're looking for a new timepiece, luxury design firm Devon Works has come up with a limited edition watch that's perhaps more advanced than the Death Star. It's the new "Star Wars by Devon" co-branded watch with a patented system of interwoven "Time Belts" and hybrid electro-mechanical power. The watch is a celebration of Devon's fifth anniversary. It combines glass-reinforced nylon belts (same as used in the gauges on the original 747 aircraft) with multiple high-tech optical recognition cells, micro-step motors, and no less than 313 electrical contacts. Materials used in the construction of the Star Wars timepiece are sourced from an aerospace company located in California. Keeping true to the Star Wars franchise now owned by Disney, the watch incorporates elements of Darth Vader and the TIE Fighter. Only 500 of these watches are being made. If you want one of these timepieces, you'll need a $2,500 down payment towards its $28,500 retail price.
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Comment Re:movieblob (Score 0) 168

OP here. I put this up because, in the past, I've found Moviebob's reviews to be fairly reasonable evaluations of comic book movies. Even if I disagreed with them, it seemed he could often at least explain his positions so I could understand them and make my own decisions. His YouTube videos have become more rant-y and curse-y, but I figured that was due mostly to lack of editorial oversight.

I knew Moviebob had been let go from "The Escapist", but I don't know the whole story. I admit I wasn't following things too closely, as I just went for the movie reviews and such. If you can post some summaries explaining why Moviebob is now persona non grata, I'd be pleased to read them and educate myself.

Comment Re:Control unit runs at 100 Hz? (Score 2) 250

That makes a lot of sense. A lot of aviation power systems run with 400 Hz AC current (the higher frequency lets them use smaller transformers). They could be dividing down the power signal to 100 Hz, and using that to increment a counter.

The other option is that many operating systems use 10 ms = 100 Hz for their internal interrupt timers. So it could just be a counter that is being incremented every interrupt cycle, and doesn't care what frequency of electricity is being used.
(cf. the jiffy )

Comment Something completely different... (Score 2) 667

The article doesn't explain why there is no prescriptive body for the English Language; something that would be equivalent to the Acdemie fancaise. Instead it discusses how English lacks a prescriptive basis, and how it becomes incumbent upon the speaker to match their use of the language their audience and purpose for speaking.

Comment Nothing could possi (Score 2) 164

So instead of having the tattoo ink spread out in a relatively benign part of my dermis, instead I'll concentrate it in my lymph nodes. It feels like this could cause problems. How does the body clear the ink from the lymph nodes? Is it broken down; or does it just stay there, possibly clogging the nodes, or acting as an irritant and maybe causing a long-term cancer risk.

Maybe we could also turn the research around. If there were ways to make less digestable or less "attractive" inks, or to pre-train the macrophages to ignore the ink particles, you could make longer-lasting tattoos that need less ink to apply and fewer touchups.

Comment Re:The answer was in front of our faces. (Score 1) 273

And doesn't Keith Richards have his blood replaced every three years or so? So there should be a lot of used blood around anyway for... testing. Yeah, testing, that's what I'll call it...

I should want to cook Keith a simple meal, but I shouldn't want to cut into him, to wear the blood, to be born unto new worlds where his blood becomes my key...

I'll be in my bunk.

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