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Comment: Re:DoJ zone of lawlessness (Score 5, Insightful) 423

I swear you could just go back to the old school spy tradecraft (dead drops, one time code pads, etc.) and keep your illegal organization out of the eyes of the law as long as you weren't stupid and kept all confidential communications offline. I'll bet not more than 5% of law enforcement agency personnel even know what they used to do.

It's how I run my terroist organization these days, and the terror business is good.

Comment: Re:copper lines going away like analog TV (Score 1) 94

by boristdog (#48917965) Attached to: FCC Fines Verizon For Failing To Investigate Rural Phone Problems

Yeah, it ain't dead, but verizon doesn't want to support it. Our copper line kept deteriorating in quality and after repeated complaints Verizon hired some guy (seriously, a guy with a ditch-witch and a roll of cable) to lay a new line down the road to my house. He did a shitty job and didn't mark the line, so it got dug up or broken several times by neighbors in under a year.

So we invested about $1200 into a cell booster, antenna and tower. Now we get good cell reception and told Verizon to stuff it.

Still can't get broadband other than via the cell phone. And that's expensive. Even the "unlimited" plans only come with a few Gb of 4G, then it drops to Edge.

Comment: Re:Paradox (Score 3, Informative) 200

Can confirm. I have a business degree from a major university.
Two years after I got my degree I took a couple coding and networking courses at a community college.

Now I make a good living ($100K+) as a programmer/DBA from my two semesters of community college courses. I haven't done jack with my 4 year degree.

So anyone who wants to be a programmer can get a good boost from community college IF it's a GOOD community college. My profs were all old-time NASA programmers. They knew their stuff.

Comment: Re:Who's in charge, again? (Score 5, Insightful) 202

by boristdog (#48812573) Attached to: Obama Planning New Rules For Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions

Because brilliant geniuses like yourself remember how awesome it was back before things like the EPA and the Clean Air and Water acts?

Junior, some of us were alive in the 1960's and 1970's. We remember how well the "invisible hand" of the market didn't do shit to stop rampant pollution. We remember not being able to swim or fish in the rivers, lakes and bays we can now swim and fish in comfortably.

Go swim in some toxic sewage this weekend. Then get used to that feeling if the EPA is defunded.

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