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Submission + - Project Natal hardware may lose processing chip->

bomanbot writes: Microsoft reportedly made some changes to the hardware of its upcoming motion-control technology Natal that could make upgrading older games with Natal motion-control impossible.

According to a article, Microsoft removed the chip from the Natal hardware design responsible for processing the "bone system" of the Natal technology, instead opting to use a software solution that offloads the processing into the standard Xbox 360 CPUs.

While this will make the Natal hardware cheaper to produce, the side effect of this decision could be that patching older games to use the Natal features may not be possible any more.

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Submission + - Battle for Wesnoth Version 1.6 Released

bomanbot writes: The team of the great turn-based, open-source strategy game Battle for Wesnoth have just released the new stable version 1.6 of their popular title.

Some of the highlights of the new version include a new campaign, new multiplayer scenarios, improved graphics and user interface and new background music. The entire release notes are here, source code and binary downloads for many different platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X can be found on the Downloads page.

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