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Comment The "We are better attitude" again! (Score 1) 228

"You find two-stroke engines in poorer countries because they're cheap..."

Maybe they have these blowers there because they "want" them...or because of some other reason. Not because they are poor, but just happen to be poor.

Why does this attitude persist? Is there anything we can learn from these "poor" countries? I know of Americans that have left this country for the so called poor countries - for good. Question is: Why?

Comment The current majority will fade out... (Score 1) 547

Those that constitute the majority now will surely fade out in a few decades. That's guaranteed.

What makes it worse is that there isn't much that current governments can do about it, though the majority of the population doesn't look forward to being the minority.

This confirms one thing: Times ahead will be interesting.

Comment How can we forget the normalization of debt? (Score 1) 729

Americans work so much because among other reasons, sadly, having debts is now considered 'normal.' It's become like divorce after marriage. People are encouraged to borrow more. Even for things they do not really need. A good number of folks especially those new to the workforce do not see any problem carrying debt at all.

The "me" "me" attitude makes things worse. In fact mortgage, auto and student loan debt now is in the trillions and getting higher! It's sad. But more importantly, we still think we're at the epitome of standard of life.

Very few folks talk of saving to buy what one wants. And if they do, their voices are drowned out by corporate controlled media.

Comment Effective immunization against US aggression... (Score 4, Insightful) 176

According to the Norh Koreans:

"...The Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq and the Gaddafi regime in Libya could not escape the fate of destruction after being deprived of their foundations for nuclear development and giving up nuclear programs of their own accord, yielding to the pressure of the US and the West keen on their regime changes... a bitter lesson should be drawn from those events..."

I wonder why I am inclined to believe them. Am I alone?

Comment Standard cliche-liketalking points, sadly! (Score 1) 132

"A good chunk of the web today (and particularly the mobile web) effectively relies on -webkit prefixed CSS properties & features. We wish we lived in a world where web content always included standards-based fallback (or at least multiple-vendor-prefixed fallback), but alas, we do not live in that world. To be successful at rendering the web as it exists, we need to add support for a list of frequently-used -webkit prefixed CSS properties & features."

This has always been the case. Are they telling us they had no clue it's been this way all along?

Comment Any real tangible merits to using Windows Server? (Score 4, Insightful) 288

Can someone tell me what exactly I am missing by [stubbornly] refusing to use Windows Server? I know there surely exist some advantages but what are they really?

I have been using Debian Linux on our servers for almost 13 years now and we have no regrets! We have Samba installed as well.

I sincerely do not know what I am missing as our systems have not given us any trouble for a long time.

I must say we have some company contracted for support just in case. Who will bite?

You may wonder what then keeps me busy: Well, We experiment a lot and contribute to quashing Debian specific bugs from time to time.

Comment No more secure way than human memory (Score 1) 242

I say this because I wonder whether there's a way for scientists to read a password from my memory. I doubt! I have one that consists of a special combination of my school registration numbers since grade 9. Unbeatable!

To this sequence, I have added space, special keyboard characters from those number keys. It has worked for me for 21 years so far. One password of mine had 31 characters. All from my mind! No wonder the NSA can't beat this approach.

Comment The media are complicit! (Score 4, Insightful) 289

It's sad! The western media, with no personnel on the ground but with their respective government agendas to advance, report news with innuendos being taken as the truth by the consuming public.

No wonder none of them took their governments to task when Iraq was being bombed years ago.

Question: Who provides reliable truthful media reports in today?

Comment It should have been sooner... (Score 0) 316

The absence of a serious alternative to MS Access or easy/documemnted scripting [via macros] and VBA, as found in Excel is a non starter for me.

I am aware of the limitations of these MS Office applications but you all will agree with me that in many small office environments, they get the job done.

LibreOffce or Open Office just do not cut it!

Comment Re:GM is aware (Score 0) 54

It doesn't matter to me because GM sells products that I will avoid at all cost. Their cars are meant to expire after a set of metrics have been hit. And there's not much one can do about it. My buddy had his CTS stall on him once it hit 100,801KM on a 100,000KM warranty.

Back to topic: I am not surprised!

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