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Comment: Are they still on the job? (Score 1) 269

by bogaboga (#49274813) Attached to: Fraud Rampant In Apple Pay

Some bank executives acknowledged that they were were so scared of Apple that they didn't speak up.

And such officials are still employed? In my opinion, such employees are good candidates for immediate termination.

But wait! We're gonna hear about the usual vitriol from these banks. I will go something like this:

"We take [the] security of our operations and clients' accounts with us very seriously."

"We process in excess of several billion transactions daily and although fraud is part of our industry, it constitutes less than 0.1% of our business." "Our bank is committed to providing the best security there is in this business..."

Comment: What if the leader/decision maker is incompetent? (Score 5, Interesting) 255

by bogaboga (#49229709) Attached to: On Firing Open Source Community Members

Many would think if this term referring to folk who write code. This is OK for me. My problem though, would be how to address technically competent people who make nonsensical decisions.

I remember politely fighting GNOME folks over design decisions they took around the `Open File` dialog box, only to be slammed with what was referred to as "Won't Fix" because it is what they called a "Deliberate Design Decision." No wonder GNOME suffered soon after.

Comment: Something missing here, I'm afraid... (Score 5, Insightful) 145

by bogaboga (#49118663) Attached to: Attention, Rockstar Developers: Get a Talent Agent

and finding really good people and hanging onto them is very difficult.

...and finding really good people and hanging onto them is very difficult, if in addition to not giving them freedom, you do not pay them as well as the competition...

I thought that last bit is missing. Anyone agree?

Comment: Re:Why isn't this influence peddling or corruption (Score 0) 62

Well said, thanks a lot. Where can I find a list of organizations that lobby for the ordinary folk? Can we have these organizations grouped by subject matter?

How for instance, is it OK for members of congress to have a medical insurance scheme that members of a certain party (that I will not mention), find so toxic to be of [any] benefit to the ordinary man and woman? I would like to know.

Comment: Why isn't this influence peddling or corruption? (Score 5, Interesting) 62

Between 1999 and 2002 the four companies spent a combined $95.6 million on lobbying the federal government, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics...

When done in other countries, my government calls it corruption. When done here, it's called lobbying.

Question is: Who is lobbying on behalf of Joe Six Pack and family?

Comment: Don't crucify the FDA. They came out long ago... (Score 3, Informative) 80

by bogaboga (#49051525) Attached to: Unearthing Fraud In Medical Trials

Didn't they agree to this long ago? What do you expect anyway?

From the piece, authored more than half a decade go, "The FDA now admits that Americans are suffering and dying because the FDA does not have the scientific ability to ascertain if new drugs are safe or effective or to evaluate scientific claims." (Bold mine).

What troubles me though, is that most Americans believe our country has the "best" medicine or healthcare one can find anywhere on planet earth.

Comment: I don't think this [release] matters at all... (Score 0, Flamebait) 193

by bogaboga (#49010369) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

I don't want to come off as too negative, but let's be realistic/objective as a tech community. Does this release really matter? I doubt! In my last 7 years supporting schools and small businesses, I have seen several KDE and GNOME desktops. I have come across zero XFCE installations!

I guess slashdotters can tell me where XFCE is making a difference. Does such a place exist?

Comment: I think we need some serious open source effort (Score 1, Insightful) 157

by bogaboga (#48999677) Attached to: Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades

I had a car that at about 18,000 miles, had its "check engine" light come on. I ignored it as I knew from past experience, that this car had no major problems. This light remained on till 29,000 miles when the car started shaking while at about 80 mph.

Any speed lower than that would be without problems. I decided to have it checked out. The dealership wanted $480 to for a new sensor. Without fixing, this car "will stall on you one day" he said.

Well, stubborn as I am, I ignored his advice. I added another 120K miles on it without any problems at all. When it used to jerk at the 80 mph point, I would just push the gear lever into N and rev it hard...At one time, I thought my tank may be dirty - it wasn't.

Later on at the same dealership, the fella (who was now out of the business), told me that cars are better built these days and that manufacturers had to find a way to get you back into the dealership to spend.

Look folks, we need a radical direction otherwise car companies will hold us at ransom as Microsoft has done with its MS Office software.

Comment: We need to "up" the game... (Score 1) 81

by bogaboga (#48957865) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space

Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehghan saying the satellite, designed and built in Iran, is named "Fajr," or dawn in Farsi.

I guess the designing and launching of satellites isn't the preserve of the so called "developed" nations only these days. the other month, it was India. Now Iran! Folks, we need to raise the bar.

With your bare hands?!?