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Comment: Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 2) 234

by bogaboga (#46795177) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

You must be joking right? Powerful armies can and have been defeated many times. Remember the USA and Vietnam?

On the other hand, I believe Russia has the [military] hardware to deliver serious havoc on the US should America take the unwise route.

What would the USA's most powerful president have done in the circumstances anyway?

Comment: Journalists usually have a hidden agenda... (Score 1) 156

...for evidence of this, just look at how the recent Crimea issue has been handled.

No one raised a finger when Kosovo was carving itself out of Yugoslavia. No body is asking the tough questions. No body from the big media houses sees the USA's double standards...

Comment: It's not difficult to prove at all (Score 4, Informative) 379

There are certainly older programmers who can produce much better software at faster rates than their younger counterparts, but it is difficult to prove and requires the employer to take a greater risk in hiring you.

It isn't difficult at all. At my company, an "older programmer" solved a bug in code written by a younger fella by introducing a function that we all never knew about. This fella refactored code, cleaned up the mess we had in our AIX/DB2 system and saved my company lots of cash by single handedly writing code that verified that our data migration to PostgreSQL from the mentioned DB2 system was worthwhile.

Specifically, he wrote code that printed cheques the way we wanted (Numbers to words), in about 1/4 of the lines of code we had. All this by employing functions we never knew existed. Nothing can beat knowledge/experience. Nothing!

Comment: Flawed logic? (Score 0) 148

by bogaboga (#46014969) Attached to: Examining the User-Reported Issues With Upgrading From GCC 4.7 To 4.8

Does this mean 4.8 is flawed, or that you shouldn't use it? 'Not at all,' he concluded. 'You can certainly use 4.8,' provided you keep in mind the occasional bug in the system."

It reminds me of the [in]famous Windows 9x BSOD whenever I wanted to print some particular Word document. If I wanted it to print without throwing the BSOD, all I had to do was to remove the leading space at the begining of the header. The same document prints fine in Windows XP.

With this kind of logic, it just doesn't make sense!

Comment: It could have been worse... (Score 2) 137

by bogaboga (#45985717) Attached to: Target Credit Card Data Was Sent To a Server In Russia

If the attackers had left a script behind to effectively re-partition or even reformat the compromised servers' hard-drives.

But what troubles me the most is the common American citizen's perception that we (as Americans), lie at the epitome of technology that works; after all, we have the "biggest and greatest" technology companies, right?

Comment: Do they have hard proof evidence...? (Score 1) 130

by bogaboga (#45966489) Attached to: Silicon Valley Workers May Pursue Salary-Fixing Lawsuit

...Or do they simply have circumstantial evidence? For, if the companies got into a pact via a "gentleman's agreement" - an agreement not written down on paper and not recorded in speech anywhere, potential employees will have a tough time proving their case.

Disclaimer: I support Google, Apple and their ilk.

Comment: Worthless and inconclusive research, I'm afraid... (Score 4, Interesting) 382

by bogaboga (#45927501) Attached to: Daily Pot Use Tied To Age of First Psychotic Episode

And this is because this research doesn't answer the following question:

Can we be sure that even though psychosis manifested itself earlier in the subject population, it (psychosis), still maifested itself later in this particular group?

In otherwords, can we be sure that pot use in this specific group didn't delay psychosis even though on average, psychosis came earlier as compared to the other group?

I know of folks who use pot daily. They are now in their late 90s. One could argue that pot is responsible for their delayed psychosis if at all, no?

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