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Comment No more secure way than human memory (Score 1) 242

I say this because I wonder whether there's a way for scientists to read a password from my memory. I doubt! I have one that consists of a special combination of my school registration numbers since grade 9. Unbeatable!

To this sequence, I have added space, special keyboard characters from those number keys. It has worked for me for 21 years so far. One password of mine had 31 characters. All from my mind! No wonder the NSA can't beat this approach.

Comment The media are complicit! (Score 4, Insightful) 289

It's sad! The western media, with no personnel on the ground but with their respective government agendas to advance, report news with innuendos being taken as the truth by the consuming public.

No wonder none of them took their governments to task when Iraq was being bombed years ago.

Question: Who provides reliable truthful media reports in today?

Comment It should have been sooner... (Score 0) 316

The absence of a serious alternative to MS Access or easy/documemnted scripting [via macros] and VBA, as found in Excel is a non starter for me.

I am aware of the limitations of these MS Office applications but you all will agree with me that in many small office environments, they get the job done.

LibreOffce or Open Office just do not cut it!

Comment Re:GM is aware (Score 0) 54

It doesn't matter to me because GM sells products that I will avoid at all cost. Their cars are meant to expire after a set of metrics have been hit. And there's not much one can do about it. My buddy had his CTS stall on him once it hit 100,801KM on a 100,000KM warranty.

Back to topic: I am not surprised!

Comment I gave up on some Google Apps (Score 1) 62

... I find that the very pleasant full-screen text-message window I used to like with Google Voice is now one I can't figure out how to reach,...

Is it just me that finds some Google apps quite disappointing? Let's look at its Maps:

Why does the screen turn off [by default] once the app is in use? Waze doesn't do this! How does Google expect us to use this app? I can't be bothered hitting the screen to prevent it from darkening on me!

I have always found its messaging apps just plain ugly. Am I alone? Google should take a look at Viber, Go SMS and many others who have done things right in my opinion.

Google should wake up!

Comment Wait a sec... (Score 1) 409

but I would imagine that they could much more easily create a solar grid than dealing with the nasty politics surrounding nuclear, if energy was the primary concern. A bit fishy.

I agree with your sentiment. But wait!

First, its their legal right to nuclear energy. Second, they (Iran), are a sovereign nation and as such, are free to pursue their ambitions for whatever reason. Further, if we take a look at what "the greatest democracy" in the world has done, they have wasted over a trillion dollars on a plane that just doesn't measure up! This is despite having huge deficits.

Question for you: Why do ou think that their only reason for pursuing nuclear energy is for energy alone? Why? Couldn't be also because they want to learn? Heck, much of what makes today's life what it is, is that those who lived before us did a lot of research in fields that one could argue weren't meant to make Joe Six Pack's life easier. But we all benefit as time goes by, don't we?

Just leave them alone.

Comment They are hiding the truth... (Score 2) 81

A lack of evidence means that the investigation has now ended.

I find it hard if not impossible to believe the Germans could not find any evidence. Heck, we aren't talking about some banana republic here. Or are we?

The more plausible reason is that they, (the Germans), didin't want what they have done displayed out in the open for all to see. Think of this as the "discovery phase" in a US court trial.

What sometimes toubles me is the we (read the USA), then attribute henious, undemocratic, autocratic, dictatorial, tyrannical, despotic behaoiurs to "those other regimes" around the world.

Comment Sounds like paid PR... (Score 1) 86

A rising tide will lift all boats," he added. "It's the beginning of an amazing moment for our industry."

Anyone remember Apple Pay with the already available credit card information? Well, according to some, it looks like a dud already. This could well be the same because I for one, have no intention of ever being a subscriber. I am sure I am not alone.

Comment Yes, and yes. That was then... (Score 1) 100

everyone else in the launch industry insisted it made no economic sense to try to recover and reuse the first stage of their rockets.

Yes, that was then - long ago. Things are different now. For instance, who in the 90s, knew you could get 8GB of computer storage at less than $15 those days? It's reality now.

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