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Submission + - What do you do when warranties go bad? 1 1

bobthemuse writes: What do you do when you have a truly horrible experience with an in-warranty hardware repair? When you get the hardware back and it still has the same problem, or worse, they never get back to you. Aside from legal action, which is often too expensive to undertake, how can you force the manufacturer to respond?

I purchased an Averatec laptop at my local Staples several months ago. A little while later the hard drive started making noises. Hitchi Disk Utility confirmed it was defective. Averatec has had this laptop for nearly three months, support says all they can do it contact level 2 support to find out the status (looks like the go through for actual repair). Emails to all addresses (support, sales, even CEO) go unanswered.

I'm wondering if the slashdot community has any creative ideas for forcing a refund or getting the laptop back?

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jtagen [at]

The copy designed for the touchscreen I used (search eBay for "ramline tablet") doesn't work too well when viewed on non-touchscreen, as I hide the mouse cursor and some javascript tricks to make the 'tapping' of an icon more sensitive.

If you're seriously interested, I can set up a slightly different copy so you can play with it on a PC.

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