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by blocsync (#46136765) Attached to: Press Used To Print Millions of US Banknotes Seized In Quebec

Bitcoin sucks. See stories of millions of stolen bitcoins posted here on Slashdot only weeks ago. Not that its a bad idea outright, just that bitcoin is far from a perfect implementation of a crypo currencey, and fan boys like you keep touting it like the end all be all solution. It is NOT imunne to exploitation and theft.

Are you seriously trying to blame the currency/protocol for exploitation and theft as though to imply that fiat currency is somehow immune to those things? People who have had bitcoin stolen have done so by leaving themselves vulnerable through things such as poor anti-virus, poor password practices, and general ignorance of scams. This is not a flaw in bitcoin (either the currency or the protocol), it's a lack of education for the end user. This is almost identical to putting a hundred dollar bill (fiat currency) on your front porch while you're at work and wondering what happened to it when you come home.
  I concede that bitcoin has it's downside, but exploitation and theft is something any and every currency form will always be subject to, if your using that as your anti-bitcoin basis, then your point is rather moot.

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by blocsync (#45963311) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?

I also use and recommend the WD TV Live. I use it in conjunction with a rooted Seagate Go flex home 3 tb NAS. I run transmission on the NAS and use is Web interface to snag torrents of movies and shows. I can then turn my computer off and still be downloading and watching movies. I have 3 of the WD units and they all stream from the NAS simultaneously without skipping a beat.

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Submitted by blocsync
blocsync (320897) writes " appears to have been DDOS'd and then hacked. Users are showing more bitcoins in their account with the pool than what they really have. withdraw attempts remain "In process" (even if you had legitimate bitcoins in your account prior to the incident. There hasn't been any public notice or e-mails sent to the users to indicate the problem or any time line on a resolution."
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New Zealand Court Orders Facebook Disclosure To Employer 243

Posted by timothy
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An anonymous reader writes with a story out of New Zealand: "Gina Kensington was sacked by Air New Zealand earlier this year following a dispute over sick leave she took to care for her sister. She said she did not misuse sick leave, and went to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) seeking reinstatement. Air New Zealand responded by demanding to see her Facebook and bank details. Kensington refused, saying it did not have that information when it dismissed her and that 'it is well accepted in New Zealand there are general and legal privacy expectations about people's personal and financial information.'" At least in the U.S., Facebook isn't keen on employers getting access to employees' Facebook account details.

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by blocsync (#44204547) Attached to: Detroit's Emergency Dispatch System Fails

Actually, I don't need to speak to "HAMs that have actually attempted to participate in such activities within the last decade." As I am one. I'm not sure what bad experience you've seen with what sounds to have been a poorly organized net. However, it does not describe the entire community and it definitely doesn't apply to all situations. I don't think I've ever heard an actual "radio check" on a live emergency net either. Net Control tends to get very annoyed about low priority traffic like that.

Perhaps you're speaking only of a specific area or a specific group of HAMs, but I don't believe your comments apply everywhere.

Clearly in this situation, All Police/Fire/EMS/Dispatch personnel could have used Cell Phones to fill the void, but they didn't. There's a string of failures here, not just one system failing. My suggestion wasn't to replace their coms completely with HAMs, rather to use them in an organized NET to handle the lower priority calls, due to the concern over high volume on the state radio system.

I think people underestimate the degree to which people will volunteer and assist public services when called upon. You can criticize HAMs/Red Cross/etc... all you want for their failures, I'll judge them on their successes when few others are stepping up at all.

Comment: Should have turned to the HAMs! (Score 5, Interesting) 191

by blocsync (#44203815) Attached to: Detroit's Emergency Dispatch System Fails

I live in Florida, and when weather gets bad it can destroy critical communications equipment (including redundant systems). One thing I've seen done in the past is pushing communications through Amateur radio operators. Who (unlike the name would have you believe) are EXTREMELY professional and they tend to be able to very rapidly deploy communications equipment from the inner cities all the way out to the rural areas. Some of their equipment is capable of city and state coverage, but some of them can also establish international communication on a moments notice. This would have been a good fail-over for the lower priority calls. Just my 2 cents... has some info on the group I'm referencing.


Asking Slashdot: Converting an SUV Into an Hybrid Diesel-Electric? 543

Posted by timothy
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joaommp writes "So, my team has started a project to convert an SUV into an hybrid diesel-electric vehicle — basically, an electric vehicle with a diesel engine working as a range extender. We've now setup a campaign on Indiegogo to help with the project costs (we are a non-profit team) and later we'd like to, if the project is successful, be able to provide conversion kits and additional kits for elements of the transformation, like the HUD, for example. Why an SUV conversion? Because a lot of people like SUVs (sense of safety, overcompensation, etc) but they're un-economic and environment unfriendly. I'd like to ask all slashdotters if they have any advice or tips for this project. We already have the project well defined but more input is greatly appreciated before we begin tearing apart the beast. So, if you could help providing additional advice and information, it would be awesome."

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No problem, just wanted to throw it in as an idea... I can say I've personally set up Digital Signage software as a method of mass deploying music to 100's of locations (hotel chain). It worked great, was fairly simple to maintain. But it can absolutely be it's own animal. Any way, I wish you the best of luck on the project, sorry I couldn't offer a solution that matched your needs exactly.

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So... can you build a 5 story building? sure... have you personally done it by yourself? doubtful.... Having first hand knowledge of something, and knowing it can be done are not the same thing.. you're a complete idiot if you believe that you need to have done something to know it can be done. Like I said, stop trolling and offer some useful input.

Comment: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... (Score 5, Insightful) 120

First off, I've never done this with FOSS... That being said, I'm 100% certain it can be done..

You need to accept a couple of things when planning to do this with FOSS:
    Remote management can be done, but will require someone who understands the way you set it up
    You will probably be custom scripting when your playlists start (cron?)
    Updates will require manual playlist modification (goes back to understanding how you set it up)

For an amusement park, I think this is a bad idea... Not sure how big of an IT/Tech savvy staff this location has, but while they're looking to save a few dollars today, are they considering business continuity if you leave or if something happens to this custom system? are they planning to have regular backups done? are they planning for future expansion? etc...

My personal advice would be to avoid broadcast software (Way overpriced for this).... What would be more reasonable is digital signage software... it's designed to do this with audio and video, but you don't have to use the video portions (of course, consider that a future expansion option)... If you want to stick with linux based, I know ParkMedia has a decent setup... If you're willing to consider other (windows) options check into CoolSign.... Those are just 2 that I've used for similar setups, but there are tons of options in that field, that do what you want to do, with easy user interfaces for changing/moving stuff around, and the ability to remote manage them... Also they tend to work in a client server setup, so you back up the server regularly and if a client machine fails you just replace it.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

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