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Comment: Re:Rich, white hypocrites? Say it aint so!!! (Score 1) 317

by blind monkey 3 (#46327293) Attached to: Exxon Mobile CEO Sues To Stop Fracking Near His Texas Ranch
It appears to me that Mr Tillerson believes having infrastructure needed for fracking near his property will affect his quality of life. The increase in water storage is directly related to the fracking requirements.
The lawsuit explicitly states that

BWSC will sell water to oil and gas explorers for fracing shale formations leading to traffic with heavy trucks on FM407, creating a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.

. People will be inconvenienced by the fracking. Mr Tillerson doesn't want to be in that group.

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by blind monkey 3 (#45496159) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP
sounds like a genuine question.
OECD summary:
OECD page for all countries with links to data:

The biggest "subsidy" to the oil industry imo is the amount spent protecting oil and gas pipe lines and shipping lanes.

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Mate, the ballot paper looks like an Asian grocery shelf and you complain about the lack of choice?

More like a restaurant with a huge menu of delicious dishes to choose from. You can order what ever you want but you always get either sweet and sour pork or beef in black bean sauce served to you - both come with special fried rice.

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Where did you read that? All the articles I've read say the same thing :One link:

The regulators acted after finding the operator had missed checkups on about 10,000 pieces of equipment. The Nuclear Regulation Authority requested that Japan's science ministry urge the operator to comply.

If you read anything different, a link would be appreciated.

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It was an attempt at sarcasm, hence the legend.
Yes, there was nothing subtle about the post. It wasn't meant to be.
The topic was about infrastructure investment, hopefully the rights and wrongs of subsidies (there are some eloquent advocates with disparate views on /.) and a possible argument on "green" (note the quotes)/ "dirty"(note the quotes) / "nukular" (note the quotes) . What happens?
Fukit, the town's name is Nantucket.....jeeez......I couldn't bite my "tongue".

Apologies, next time I'll spell it out.

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