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Comment Re: Oblig (Score 1) 662

Far worse - after filming he went for "a few drinks", got to the hotel after the kitchen had closed and there was no more hot foods available so he took it out on the producer Oisin Tymon. The film crew were already in bed, Oisin Tymon stayed up and waited for Clarkson to make sure he was alright.
The hotel manager organised a steak and chips for him to try and calm him down but it didn't help. In all he verbally abused the guy for 40 minutes and physically assaulted him for 30 seconds. People dragged him off of the guy.
Oisin Tymon is now getting death threats despite the fact he didn't lodge a complaint. Ah to be famous and be able to do no wrong in the eyes of the masses.

Comment Re: Oblig (Score 1) 662

The only reason you get fired for something to do with catering (unless you are raping them or something) is because they are looking for an opportunity to get rid of you. That's the only reason I can think of at any rate.

If one of your colleagues punched you because his coffee was cold, should he be dismissed for something to do with cold beverages?

Punching, threatening and verbally abusing someone is assault. As far as I'm concerned he should be charged with assault.

Comment Re: Oblig (Score 1) 662

Well, yes, he'd have still got sacked, if that's what you're saying about it not making any difference.

But are you implying that verbally and physically assaulting a colleague aren't grounds enough for dismissal?

He was justified! Do you know they didn't have hot din dins ready for him?
He's an important star after all and not having hot din dins ready for an important star should be classified as an act of terrorism.
Millions agree with me - look at the petitions DEMANDING the great one is reinstated.

Comment Re:Germany still building coal plants ... (Score 1) 260

BMW for one. Germany has been very aggressive in pushing green energy.

And just as aggressively building coal plants to back up the green sources. Coal has been a huge benefactor of the green push in Germany. Now admittedly these are modern, efficient and cleaner burning coal plants than what typically comes to mind. However the point needs to be made that renewables are almost always backed up by fossil fuels.

Expect some new nat gas plant to go up near Tesla too.

True. You should also mention that the coal plants built were to replace the older brown coal plants.
In the first half of 2014 Solar grew by 28 per cent in the first half of 2014 compared to 2013 and wind power grew by 19 per cent over the same period last year. brown coal generation is down four per cent and the production of hard coal-fired power plants decreased 11 per cent from 2013. Gas had the biggest decrease (preparing for the Russia /Ukraine challenge maybe?). Pity, gas would be preferable to coal imo.
the amount produced by coal has decreased and renewables increased.
There's a pretty graph in the linked page.
The 2013 figure for brown coal was about the highest it's been though.

I'm keen to see how well Tesla manages this.

Comment Re:What about range on this smaller car? (Score 1) 247

There is also the possibility of charging your car at work, friends/relatives houses... this could introduce the problem of power theft.

It also doesn't appear to be too far off for the use of a car as energy storage for a house - The Nissan Leaf is offering that option already although I'm not sure if it could cope with our western home requirements although the Tesla battery should be able to manage a couple of houses over night. A new business model - selling power to your neighbours?

Long distance travel is the only real weakness as you've pointed out. You really wouldn't want to miss a charging station - I suppose it may be possible to ask any residence if they were willing to let you charge your car (for a fee).

Comment Re:Another misconception bites the dust (Score 1) 365

In what year is it predicted that Germany will generate fewer kWh of power from coal than it did in, say, 2005? Will we have to wait until 2050 or something for this long-promised decrease?

This might interest you:
I would have thought Germany would have been better off closing the coal plants first and then phasing out nuclear but it appears to be a popular choice (still). I guess they weren't impress by things like:

In 1979 a report on the stability of the pit building was released by a working group under the leadership of HH Juergens which describes the now imminent scenario of uncontrolled inflow from the capping mass in the southern flank resulting in the subsequent loss of the load carrying capacity. The manager of Asse II in 1979 and his advisers categorised this report as "unscientific" and declared that there were no stability problems.

Now they have problems....
Trust is low I guess.

It's interesting that France is going to scale down it's nuclear generation and replace to capacity with renewables - cost reasons.

Comment Re:Rich, white hypocrites? Say it aint so!!! (Score 1) 317

It appears to me that Mr Tillerson believes having infrastructure needed for fracking near his property will affect his quality of life. The increase in water storage is directly related to the fracking requirements.
The lawsuit explicitly states that

BWSC will sell water to oil and gas explorers for fracing shale formations leading to traffic with heavy trucks on FM407, creating a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.

. People will be inconvenienced by the fracking. Mr Tillerson doesn't want to be in that group.

Anything cut to length will be too short.