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Comment: Re: obligatory /. car analogy (Score 1) 249

by blang (#48800323) Attached to: Education Debate: Which Is More Important - Grit, Or Intelligence?

or minerals ! vitamins and makronutrients.
lack any one of them, and it could means death, disease or underperformance. too much of one , same result.

however you current level of intelligence is not just genes, it is also a result of years with curiosity, grit, networking, anaslysisd, practice. if you don't exercise an intelligent mid, it rergresses towards a vegetable.

Comment: Re:Who gives a fuck (Score 4, Insightful) 104

by blang (#48791409) Attached to: Chrome For OS X Catches Up With Safari's Emoji Support

I consider then harmful.
I suspect Emoji are like those smileys with mustaches, beer steins, and birthday cakes that show up in skype chat.
I hate that garbage. Many a time, I write a sentence that contains a parenhtesis, using grammar correctly, and then my message comes across as some random retarded shit sprinkled with smileys. I have a hard enough time avoiding typos, I don't really need the client mucking it up even worse.
Or pasting small code samples. I sure hope nobody is passing each other code snippets in skype for the next mars mission. Does mustache smiley mean greater than or less than or modulus?

Comment: Re:That poster was NOT delusional... (Score 1) 786

by blang (#48791229) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

Let me see:
1) categorically against any kind of weapons regulation, as "postal" shooting sprees seemingly become as regular as the 9 o clock news.
2) Vehemently against health care reform, despite the country having less coverage than any other industrialized nation on earth,
3) Against any kind of regulation of Wall street, despite the fact that wall street bankers and brokers have brouyght the word economy to the brink of armageddon numerous times, after which they get rescued by tax payers. And if you say true republicans would not allow tax payers to foot such payoffs, republicans in power do exactly that.

Those are called facts. Now, you can go on with big eyed eye rolling, as if that would make me look like the crazy one, and not you.
Bring some facts of your own with examples where republicans actually propose legislation that would do anybody any good. Or where democrats bring legislation that would do a great harm to the public. Or you can continue living in a cartoon world with your lofty principles, and high morals.

Comment: Re:must be some wrong interpretation of statistics (Score 1) 126

by blang (#48791181) Attached to: Radio, Not YouTube, Is Still King of Music Discovery

Because my car radio is as old as the car, and only has radio and cassette. which was the standard package back in the day. I'm using one of those cassette adapters to provide an aux, and they sound OK, except for the grinding sound of the fake cassette spinning.

By the way, the biggest scam nowadays in new cars are the equipment packages. Schmucks are not going to pay you off on those when the car is sold used anyways.
If you pay $1,000 for a CD player or even just a radio, you're being had.
After market digital players for under $100 can generally play the shirt off the standard included ones.
My neighbor chose to order his car with no audio package at all.
Ordered an aftermarket digital player and speakers.
Great was our surprise that the car already came with speakers.
Apparently, the only difference between package or not, is that they wont put in a head unit. It must be cheaper to just install speakers on all cars, than bother keeping a stock of cars with and without audio.

So next time you buy a new car, save yourself a bundle, and say no thanks to audio package, bu a $100 head unit and use the savings to buy $900 worth of other stuff.

Comment: Re: why bother? (Score 1) 331

by blang (#48790793) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

Well, if you needed 500tb, for 1 month? Rent it.
If you buy 500 tb now for 10,000 you can probably get it for 5000 next year. Why toss $5000?
Why rent anything? Because sometimes iwning is more expensive and inconvenient.
Same reason as you rent a car on vacation instead of buying one?
Same reason why you pay $5 to rent a beach chair.
Same reason id buy a car for 15000 and rent it out for $100 a day, while it depreceates only $5 a day.
Same reason why id buy 50 beach chais at $10 each and rent out to touristst for $5 a day.

There are tons of real reasons why storj is nt going to be a big sucess, and given enough time will become a huge calamity.
Disk is cheap now andwhy would anyone want to rent out ir why woud anyone want to rent, is not one of them.

Comment: these are the real reasons it will not fly (Score 1) 331

by blang (#48790699) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

It is claimed that storj will be much more effective than public clouds.
No chance. Public clouds buy massive amounts of hw. They use every possible technology to squeeze more out of it.

Storj will, because of the inherently very unstable uptimez of the members, have to build in a lot more redundancy.
A single piece of data would need at least 5 parity nodes , lets say 10 nodes total. Both reading and writing would suffer.
And mindboggling amounts of bandwidth would be consumed when having to deal with someone takin their 5ftb off the net.
Also, the consumers would haveto disble their power saving modes. One couldnot run a system like this if most of the nodes were off he net half the time. Unless adding even a higher number of parity nodes.

So think of this as raid 5 with maybe 4 datanodes and 16 parity nodes. You might need 4 tb to securely store 1 tb.
A cloud provider on the other hand can use dedupe and a host of other tricks, and maybe need just 100 gb to store 1 tb of data, in addition to sourcing hard drives snd ssd at a fraction of what consumers pay.

Then there is the legal bits.
As a defense they compare the service to tor.
That nobody has been prosecuted for hosting a tor relat0y. And also cited that us govt. Is pro tor, citing us state debt buerau of democracy recommending tor. State dept does not care about usa consumers. State dept wants democracy advocates to use tor in myanmar and north korea. But it should be oretty safe to state that Dept of homeland security, cia, fbi, and all other agencies probably hate tor with a vengeance. Your data will be safe only as long as the oarticipation of this service is significant, stable or growing. Every time a signficant number of members drop out, theee is a risk that your data will get lost.

If a bunch of tor relays are knocked out, no big deal. Worst case scenario, maybe it slightly impacts response times. A bunch of storj nodes gets knocked out, because of a bad patch, customer dissatisfaction, a scary even if fake newsstory, a security breach, a bug in a windows 8 service pack, data will get lost. POOF! No longer retrievable. That kind of screwup only happens once. After that kind of event, there are no more customers or members, and the name is only whispered as cautionary tale.

While things might look ok now, there is also a fair risk that this service could be blocked off by isps, just as tor and torrents. If comcast and verizon both decided to take down storj, your data would be lost forever. There is no provision for a centralized backup.

Also your data would be lost as soon as you stopped making rsnt payments. Poof.

Lets say youre carted off to jail with no visiting rights for a month, because someone who had stolen your identity had some something really bad. Your checking account has been frozen for same reason. You get out from the fase charges, and get out. All your data ia gone poof. Unlike the storage facility where you keep your collection of first edition figurines, you data went poof as soon as you missed a payment of cryptocurrency to that confederacy if cryptonerds.

Comment: Re: Nope (Score 3, Insightful) 331

by blang (#48790521) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

Very clever, but you forget one thing.
The dudes showing up at your door is not going to a be gullible fellow nerds.
They will carry it all away, you tablets cell phones, and anyting that looks like sort of computerlike. They are not going to take just the usb stick you hand them, they are going to look at you with blank eyes when you try to explain about vmware.
Then they can with law in hand force you to hand over passwords.
The inconvenience is not that they might find something youre hiding,
The inconvenience us that they will take all your stuff, for who knows hiw longm and werher ut wilk be returned to you intact. The san itself probably should be in a different physical location, preferably on a different address that does not have internet. With wifi or ethernet connectivity to your server location.

So better be more clever. If you have added frequent offsite backup, via net or sneaker, and the ability to recover quickly to a replacement san, ok.

If you have the $$ also review any such deal with a lawyer and have a plan what to do in case of different scenarios.

Comment: Re: Nope (Score 1) 331

by blang (#48790265) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

Its economy, stupid.

Landlord first. When you pay 100 dollars for a hard drive and using only half of that capacity, you are sitting on 50 dollars wort of storage, unused, wasted, 50 dollars that you will never see again. Providing your bandwidth is good, you system is not overloaded, almost any price higher than $0.00 would be profitable.
You might buy a 10 tb nas for $1000. It will take you 5 more years to fill it up. If you get $800 back over the nex couple of years, would it still be a bad idea?

Tenant side:
The main reason for renting is that we dont want to buy something, especially if it is only temporary. Maybe you need 10 tb for a short project over a couple of months. You can buy it yourself for 1000 or so, or you can rent it for 30 for a couple if months. If you needed 10 tb permanently you likely would just buy.
Or if rental prices are favorable, you could rent.
You say disk is cheap.
I will let you in on a secret, kid.
It is going to be even cheaper next year.
So the price to rent 1 tb us going to go down and down.
If you buy disk now, you miss out on the half price disk next year.
Renting will let you keep you $100 in your pocket. You might be able to rent 1 tb for 20 dollars for the next 100 years.
So you saved 80.

And regardless of saving a buck, this sounds like a relatively inexpensive way to buy offsite backup.
The only problem i see is that you need more rendundancy than normal solution, since the providers might quit the service ot go offline with no warning.
Increased redundancy means much less efficiency. So this system is not something you could set up just for making money in competition with the main cloud vendors.
It is only a system to recover some of the money you itherwie have wasted on excess capacity.

Comment: Re: Nope (Score 1) 331

by blang (#48790177) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

That is a very obvious one. You dont.
The system must however permanently scan your library of rented space to tally how many copies are online, and as soon as it drops below 4 or whatever the threshold, ned to rent space on anew nide, or as an emergency measure start backing up the data to owned local storage, or a public cloud.

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