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Comment Re:Internet costs in Australia (Score 1) 318

And Iceland (103,000 sq km) is just over 1% of the size of Australia ( 7,741,220 sq km) - even bearing in mind that both have uninhabitable regions in the middle of them. Also I think Iceland is part of the main transocean lines between America and Europe, so has greater access to bandwidth anyway. All told, I'd guess that the costs of installing infrastructure, intra-city comms etc. are costlier/more problematic in Australia than in Iceland.

Comment Re:Forgeries mailed to suspect at location of serv (Score 1) 620

The FBI had already gained control of Tor boxes against Freedom Hosting - see here ( ). It's not pushing the realms of reason to assume they've done so again for Silk Road.

Comment Re:HOW?? (Score 1) 620

Potentially I'd say it was related to this story ( ) about the FBI having control over a number of Tor servers. Initially they were aiming for Freedom Hosting, but if that can do it for one site/service, I'm sure they can do the same for others...

Comment Dodgy Source (Score 3, Informative) 102

It's probably worth pointing out that the original story is an interview in the Daily Mail ( )

That makes it about as trustworthy and reliable as stories on Fox News

Comment Re:Bogus. (Score 1) 61

Why should the high numbers represent errors, but the low ones don't?

I'd tend more to think that the low figures equated either with a) reclassification or b) having got rid of some people who were constantly trying.

Also, how do you know they were repeated access attempts on a site, rather than attempts at many, many sites, all of which got blocked for some reason or other?

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