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"I like how to consider better visuals = Hollywood = bad."

It's not merely "better visuals", it's the cinematic techniques where you stop say in Call of duty, to say call of duty isn't one giant action movie would be an understatement. I'm saying the "trying to be in a movie" bits distract from actually making a game because "immersion" and videogame like gameplay are at odds in say a single player campaign.

What happens is you start to obey the generic laws of the real world and the expectations of how things 'should' behave to a larger extent which limits the kinds of gameplay you can have in the game, which makes for incredible boredom from one sequel to another.

So you have little idea what you're talking about sadly. It's not 'merely' great graphics, it's the kind of design vs hollywood action sections in a game that conflict with one another. You simply can't do insanely crazy things because you've got the hollywood mindset happening and not the videogame mindset happening.

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"The supporters of Kickstarter are always pointing to games that haven't been released yet as examples of its success."

Faster than light. Shovel Knight and Shadowrun have been successful, the first Shadow run was rough but they more then made up for it with Dragonfall. Developers who've never made a game in a genre or been away from it for many years go through a learning curve as they relearn the ropes of making that certain type of game. So that is somewhat forgivable.

Kickstarter has defintiely been abused but to say its a total loss is idiotic, I'm awaiting Retro

Shovel knight

Faster than light

Shadowrun Dragonfall

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"It's become a stagnant genre, and it's time we had an Doom/Duke Nukem/Unreal/Half-Life successor"

The reality is many games single player aspect back then don't hold up very well if you play them back to back with modern games if you measure them on a feelings and "this is so awesome" standpoint, the rise of the cinemtic game - even as me an older gamer has shifted my preference hierarchy to want "both". I force myself to play brutal doom to get my "gameplay vegetables" because I hate the fact that hollywood props and cheap tricks give human brains higher highs in terms of excitement over intrinsic gameplay in terms of single player experiences. I really hate the fact that when I go back and play doom 2 I wish it was some hybrid of the cartoony doom I know and love and the best elements of hollywood deadspace, but minus the hollywood hyper realism. I was never a fan of the push towards realism in doom 3 on mars, I always loved the pixel art/toony type style of doom 2 and it was kind of awkward seeing the Cyber-Demon rendered realistically, when doom 2 had more of an artistic comic vibe with it's enemies like the walking spider brain that felt poached from Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

To say that modern games are all boring is a bit of an overstatement, they certainly DO cause excitement in their hollywood parts. I enjoy Assassins creeds world even if I have serious issues with the dumbed down combat when compared to prince of persia series also made by Ubisoft. I really do think the push for hollywood has seriously made developers dumber, newer generations of developers raised on Halo regen shields and hollywood handholding campaigns has been infecting all of gaming, I seriously question developers, that "they know what they are doing". Too often even simple and cheap to program things are missing in many modern games.

The problem modern games main problem is gameplay, PC (modding/dedicated servers) and challenge related but this is publishers trying to drive DRM and control the market by confiscating game ownership with encrypted steam games via steamworks DRM for multiplayer/matchmaking. Shooters FPS/TPS, they are most certainly by the numbers but the mass gaming audience prefers hollywood action movie over intrinsic gameplay generated by fun and challenge. To be honest with you, I thought half-life 2 was just a giant pile of fail, trying too hard to be the hollywood action movie type game it never really was really "here's an empty base with an experiment gone wrong, you are on your own". Half life one did it's best to get out of the players way, while Half-life 2 feels like a very force sequel. I think it comes down to Valve not really not know what they are doing storywise. When I got to the buggy desert/section I gave up, I just got too bored. Half-life 2 was poorly made in many areas and poorly paced. I lost interest.

Half-life, while it was one of the first 'movie based games' where there was story integrated into it, but it wasn't done as obnoxiously and overbearingly as it is done today. That being said, some obnoxious overbearingness works, if you play the singleplayer campaign of Transformers - Fall of cybertron, you'd be hard pressed to say that it couldn't compare in terms of fun to Doom 2.

Doom was made at a time before the integration of 'hollywood action movie/cartoon show inside a videogame' was mastered. The newer generation has problems going back and playing games that haven't mastered the hollywood integration like Mass effect 2, Call of duty and transformers fall of cybetron (sp campaign). I don't fault newer genreation gamers for that because even I as an older gamer know that when CPU/GPU power hit a threshold it was just easier to use high def AV to flash our primate brain in sensation, problem is instrinsic feelings related internally generated gameplay are easily overwhelmed and outcompeted in many (not all) instances of set piece hollywood bullshit. The kind of excitement we get from the hollywood is of a different character them the stress based excitement from challenge and mastery.

This is why while we might have all enjoyed mass effect 2, it left us with a kind of shitty aftertaste like we lost something, and we did. Since hollywood stimulation and gameplay stimulation seem to compete and often times are at odds with one another in our brains where one drowns out the other, more of then not, gameplay losing out because it causes stress and costs the brain energy and passive audio/visuals goes down easy.

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"Nowadays America, my adopted country, has turned into something that I ran away from, where the "Press" no longer collaborate with the authority, where the "Media" willingly becomes the mouthpiece of the power that be"

America has been at war and over throwing others since it's founding, you do know that right? Only someone naive would believe this. America has always been the way you are seeing it, you, like most of the ignorant masses of mankind don't do well to become historically literate.

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"Both of which, BTW, want you to hate Fox News, which you are dutifully doing."

Just because the CIA does something doesn't mean it is necessarily bad or irrational, it's in the governments interest to decrease political extremism where fox foments it if we're honest with ourselves.

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"Oh, hang on. Sorry, he was writing about socialism, wasn't he?"

Orwell, is a democratic socialist. He was criticizing stalin's russia

"... for the past ten years I have been convinced that the destruction of the Soviet myth was essential if we wanted a revival of the socialist movement."

AKA he wanted to revive the socialist movement. He stayed a socialist.

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"I must stress that I am not a socialist or communist by a long shot, but there is something wrong with a society that can't pay their workers a proper wage."

That's the nature of capitalist society, capitalism naturally breeds inequality. Marx's analysis of capitalism still holds true.

Dealing with the effects of capital accumulation on the working class, Marx states:

"They mutilate the labourer into a fragment of a man, degrade him to the level of the appendage of a machines destroy every remnant of charm in his work and turn it into a hateful toil; they estrange him from the intellectual potentialities of the labour-process in the same proportion as science is incorporated in it as an independent power. ... It follows therefore in proportion as capital accumulates the lot of labourer, be his wages high or low, must grow worse. It establishes an accumulation of misery corresponding with the accumulation of capital. Accumulation of wealth at one pole is, therefore, accumulation of misery, agony, toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole."

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"Do you have any idea how stupid you sound when you make such statements. You lose all credibility when you act like facilitating crime isn't in and of itself a crime."

The original crime was monopoly, Intellectual property and it's believers are the biggest scam going. The people who originally wrote copyright didn't expect it'd become eternal.

Look at the following chart:

If you still think he's a "criminal" you are too stupid and illiterate to see that the law is nothing but the rich man's tool to take away the rights of everyone else.

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... this (mass surveillance) is just more part and parcel of state suppression of dissent against corporate interests. They're worried that the more people are going to wake up and corporate centers like the US and canada may be among those who also awaken. See this vid with Zbigniew Brzezinski, former United States National Security Advisor.

Look at the following graphs:

And then...

WIKILEAKS: U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum Wage In Haiti So Hanes And Levis Would Stay Cheap

Free markets?

"We now live in two Americas. One—now the minority—functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other—the majority—is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty and magic. To this majority—which crosses social class lines, though the poor are overwhelmingly affected—presidential debate and political rhetoric is pitched at a sixth-grade reading level. In this “other America,” serious film and theater, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins of society.

In the tradition of Christopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism and Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges navigates this culture—attending WWF contests, the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, and Ivy League graduation ceremonies—to expose an age of terrifying decline and heightened self-delusion."

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... learning is trapped in the 19th century. I'd love to take this game and get a developer to polish it to AAA level graphics.

We learn from things we do repeatedly, so it would make sense to discover how to take advantage of our pleasure centers to make certain kinds of learning addictive in and of themselves. Now this is NOT to say that traditional learning is all bullshit but there is definitely a severe dearth of talent and intelligence when concerning how data is displayed, interpreted, thought about and engaged with. Ideally you should take things that are complex and break them down into things that are both interesting and easy to understand to build bridges to higher order understanding of concepts. I think one of education's greatest downfalls is not realizing that presentation, aesthetics, etc, are just as important because they HOOK the interest of kids. If you can't hook kids curiousity and just say 'here grind through all this boring work for no particular reason' I don't think we're doing them any favors. How many adults really remember anything from school if we're honest? I bet most of us could embarass our political leaders by just flipping open a highschool textbook and asking some basic questions.

I look back on my own education and I see how limited in imagination the current system really is on a whole host of things, schools tend to kill kids curiosity if we're honest with ourselves. Many of us didn't enjoy learning until we got out of school/university completely because of the nature of schools structure itself.

I think there is still plenty left to learn about learning and things we don't yet understand that the old guard has trouble dealing with.

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"I have very good memories of Descent 3 online"

Most people who moved from Descent 2 to the third knew the third wasn't as good as the prior two. Also D3 was not as financially successful as the prior two games which lead to them cancelling Descent 4. Which means there were major problems throughout the game.

The biggest problem was that when they made D3 they didn't carefully measure the mathematics of everything in Descent 2, i.e. how the ship moved, how the weapons behaved, ship model sizes vs weapon sizes vs level sizes.

Descent 3's biggest problem was they didn't understand all the small things that made Descent 2 (which is just a beefed up D1) so great. The level sizes in D3 and perversely, the free form architecture and 'outside' terrain created these massive open spaces that severely destroyed the pacing of the action. What made descent so great was constant barrage of action in enclosed spaces. In D3 they made lots of things just way too big and many of the ships and weapons felt 'off' vs the kind of huge open spaces and free architecture they had. I enjoyed D3 multi for what it was but the feel of many of the weapons and corny introduction of ships with varying characteristics perversely ruined the series for me.

What made Descent was the equality of the descent ship with the INEQUALITY (aka you have x and he has y) that arises in terms of weapons. This is what took me years to figure out and put into words, inequalities should be encouraged in the domain of powerups, not permanent ship statistics. This is why Descent 2 was so fun, aka if you had plasma and the other guy gausss. The other guy had homers and you had mercury, etc. And you ran around the maze hunting for powerups when you were out. This kept the pace of the action going. In Descent 3 they totally messed this up and you can feel it throughout the entire game. Too much space and not enough action leads to serious lulls in fun and it showed up in the descent communities reaction to the game and in the sales.

What they should have done is slowly build off Descent 2's legacy instead of retooling all the powerups and ship models, they should have stayed close to the D2. The real problem was Descent 2 was so well put together and the dev's didn't realize what made it what it was. Basically when you change the object properties of the levels/weapons/ships/etc without any understanding of knock on effects you create unintended consequences for the feel of the game and the pacing of the action which is what Descent 3 developers sorely didn't grasp. Most of the fun in descent 2 came from running around and escaping other peoples powerups in small tight spaces. If we went back and changed things like ship size and hitboxes of weapons in Descent 2 and experimented you'd understand immediatley that the values for these things change the entire feel of the game when you combine them all. It's all those little values that 'feel off' when you add them together that makes you realize they aren't fit together properly in Descent 3.

I wish they could have open sourced D3, it would have allowed the community to fix and modify what the developers didn't understand. That being said, check out Talon.

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... but the real problem was that Descent 3 was not as good as the prior 2. Descent really shined in multiplayer over LAN/Kail/Kahn. Back when I was playing with friends Descent was eclipsed by quake and other first person shooters because they were easier to play and the single player portion of the game always had serious issues.

I don't have confidence any reboot would understand why Descent 3 failed in terms of single and multiplayer. The developers of the original descent didn't even understand what made descent great then that doesn't bode well.

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... the reality is game developers have more power than ever because the internet allows them to tap the enormous stupidity of kids and mankind as a whole. You can now sell an unfinished game before you even finish it. You can now F2P classic games and charge for endless money for "fake unlocks" that you'd normally get with a full game. Like with league of legends, heroes and skins, and it's friggin ridiculous because most gamers are so god damn tech illiterate. Game devs/pubs have finally reached utopia of stupid morons feeding them endless amounts of money for worse content as a whole. Diablo 3 sucked a lot more than diablo 2 from both a multiplayer and single player standpoint. Same could be said of other games where it's merely rehashing and taking fans for a ride.

That being said, there are some bright spots like crowdfunding but those possibilities have been extremely uneven and there's a high failure rate. We have yet to see if 'big games' can be down via crowdfunding and not be as lackluster as every other typical publisher funded game.

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