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Comment Re:Sold Out: The American Worker (Score 1) 331

You miss the fact that as people age (which many of the Obama supporters have), they tend to mature from D to R.

That might have been true in your father's Republican Party. But the current party has become an activistic party and activists scare off most voters over a certain age and life experience.

Comment Re:Jeppesen (Score 1) 220

Yes, I used one way back when learning how to aviate and navigate in flight school in the Navy. Back then, digital Flight Management Systems (FMS) were something found only in military fleet aircraft and big airliners. Fast forward to today, even light aircraft are getting digital FMS- and GPS that are far better than the INS and Mission Computers I used in my fleet aircraft. Even gliders are getting advanced digital FMS systems that show the pilot where he is and how far he can glide without lift. I'm not a flight instructor, but I can imagine that the old Jeppesen circular flight computer will soon be a novelty that old-timers like to reminisce about while they are swearing about the young'uns over reliance on GPS.

Comment Re:Who is surprised? (Score 1) 88

...I'm not sure that's certain. It may have been rebels using Russia supplied equipment, or there may have been Russians operating the equipment too.

Just giving "untrained" rebels, who are operating on the Russian border, a BUK system without any oversight or command and control would endanger Russian aircraft in the region as well. I don't think the Russians would be that stupid.

Comment Medical condition? try sailplanes instead (Score 1) 77

FTA, not sure what his medical condition is that's holding him up, but he may be able to get a glider pilots license instead. The medical requirements are not as stringent. As opposed to a simulator, glider flying would teach good stick and rudder skills, energy management, reading weather conditions, and sound decision making. On top of that, soaring is a great hobby.

Comment just go somewhere!!! (Score 4, Interesting) 151

I would rather NASA goes somewhere, even the Moon, than plans to go somewhere even better, such as Mars, but never gets off the ground. The Mars discussions are like the Wright Brothers complaining it's not worth building the Wright Flyer until they solve how to cross the Atlantic, because who really wants to fly 259.7 meters on a sandy beach.

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