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Comment merci (Score 3, Insightful) 467

As an American, I wish my fellow countrymen would stop beating their chest about this. All politicking aside, we should just thank those passengers who defeated that terrorist. It doesn't matter if they were Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, or whatever. They could have also been French, Dutch, German, or any other nationality. When somebody throws a grenade into a room, somebody has to jump on it, or everyone will get killed. Those passengers "jumped on the grenade" and saved many lives. Merci.

Comment Re:Seems logical (Score 5, Funny) 378

Otherwise you would end up printing in PAL instead of NTSC.

The page size would be DIN A4 instead of Letter.
The resolution would be in DPM instead of DPI.
The printer would get 30 days paid vacation off per year from first use instead of five vacation days for the first year, two additional days per year until maximum 10 days off.
The printer might print on the left side of the page.
American words such as "color", "trash", "apartment", "cop", or "truck" might be printed as "colour", "rubbish", "flat", "bobby", and "lory"

Thanks XEROX from saving us from all this confusion.

Comment Re:Probably By Design (Score 1) 732

The Marines are just giddy to have a new toy of their own that they did not have to beg from the Navy or the Army as a second-hand device...

The Marines need an aircraft that can be used in an expeditioniary environment. That means among other things, lack of suitable airfield infrastructure and hence VTOL. They could do expeditionary from aircraft carriers, but the Navy has a different focus and those carriers might not be around long enough to build a 8000 foot runway.

Comment Re:Probably By Design (Score 1) 732

...Incidentally, the genius who designed the procurement method was Donald Rumsfeld.

It actually goes back to Robert McNamara. Some joint platforms do work out, but usually unintentionally, and not by design. The F-4 and the A-7 were both successful aircraft that served for many years in the Navy and Air Force. The key seems to be simple, adaptable designs that could be easily upgraded with newer weapons systems and sensors.

Comment Re:How do you obtain antiques? (Score 1) 503

So in the Star Trek universe where money doesn't exist, how does one acquire, say, a collectible item like the badge that Wyatt Earp wore, or a rare tea set once owned by Andrew Carnegie?

You have a holodeck malfunction and Wyatt Earp, the hole-in-the-wall gang and some 19th century Robber Barons take over the Enterprise. Then in a plot twist you acquire Wyatt Earp's badge and Carnegie's tea set.

Comment Even in Star Trek, not everything could be replica (Score 2) 503

Even in Star Trek, not everything could be replicated. Trilithium crystals or Romulan Ale come to mind. Trilithium ore was mined under terrible conditions as seen in several episodes on TNG. Other things had to be purchased, actually bartered as Capt. Picard had no capital, from time to time, usually from the Ferengi, Romulans, Klingons, etc.

Comment Re:How to avoid the tech bubble (Score 4, Insightful) 135

Don't be inside the bubble when it burst.

That's the best advice of all. Make sure that whatever you're working on, it's continued existence does not dependent its short-term market valuation. Imho, most of the losers in the 2000- bust were businesses that needed to maintain high valuations in order to have access to capital to for day-to-day operations. In short, needed to constantly borrow money to cover operating expenses.

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