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Comment Re:We don't hate them because they are perky.... (Score 1) 107

I have had problems at work like that, and I function better at night, always have. It is definitely a "Diversity issue" but good luck getting people who badmouth people who have trouble with the morning schedule, to recognize this.

I'm like that, too. I generally can work a full day starting around 9-9:30, leave at a reasonable hour, and then have a sort of down period from 8 to 10 pm. Some time between 10 and 11 I usually have a second wind and work 4-5 more hours of pretty high productivity. Unless someone's been making me come in at 7:30 or 8 for meetings, which kills both my daytime and nighttime productivity. Fortunately, most of what I do has allowed the flexibility to work the hours that work for me.

Comment Re: This was _outlawed_ in the USA? (Score 1) 545

I was about 10 when the Oakland County Child Killer started hitting in southeast Michigan (1976), starting with a girl from the town I lived in. Even with that, most kids still walked to/from school most of the time (you could get a ride if you got up late or it was super cold), but I think few walked alone. In elementary school the crossing guards were kids (safety patrol) from the "upper" grades and just wore a reflective orange strap for visibility.

The fight for ratings was the start of the lightspeed peer to peer. It wasn't quite direct, but it became basically one hop-- any local news that would scare people could get on the wire with video and then be spread to everyone in the country by 6 or 11pm.

Comment Re:Margins issue (Score 2) 228

More likely in play is that people who have invested in on level of technology rarely upgrade without a very compelling reason. The "quieter" reason is not a reason that impacts the person who is using the tool, he's already invested in ear protection. The "quieter" reason is a reason that impacts the person who's not using the tool.

Most people around here who use them have no hearing protection and at most a simple bandanna over their face for "dust" protection. They're typically illegal immigrants or maybe legal but don't have enough education or english skill to get any other job. Both cleaner and quieter would help protect them, but people don't want to do their lawns themselves and don't want to pay much to have their lawns done, and are either deaf or at work when their gardeners come. In LA there are huge amount of people who work at home in the entertainment industry (writers, editors, sound design) and are disrupted by their neighbors' gardeners.

Comment Re:emergence of battery-powered leaf blowers (Score 1) 228

But some use these blowers for an actual full days use of work, not an occasional use for a driveway. Battery powered units are not mobile enough for a landscaper to use.

And the two-stroke blowers can't 'blow the paint off a car', unless there is other major damage to it already.

If they're being used on hardscape it's not the air that will blow the paint off, but the high speed abrasive dust. Around here the dust has a lot of decomposed granite in it, which will do a nice job on your paint at high speed.

Comment Re:What's wong with a rake (Score 1) 228

And you can't rake flowers...which leaves you with only one option. Using a leaf blower!

It sounds like maybe you should get out in the yard yourself and try some of this stuff out, so that you see how it actually works...or perhaps you live in a >1-floor home with no yard to care for, in which case you shouldn't be putting forth your uninformed opinion on these things in the first place?

I have a good sized yard with all sorts of things planted and have never had a need for a leaf blower. If you have actual delicate flowers, the blower is going to damage them, and unless you're an industrial gardner supplying florists, you could probably just reach in and pull leaves out with your hands. Or leave them as mulch-- much of my raking amounts to collecting the leaves from under the oak trees to use as mulch around the fruit trees.

Comment Re:What's wong with a rake (Score 1) 228

That's actually the real problem behind all the leaf blower noise -- Americans in the suburbs often have giant pieces of property with unnecessary huge lawns and unreasonable expectations that they be kept up continuously as if they were part of a golf course. Maybe we should attack the underlying problem -- like avoiding giant unneeded lawns or getting rid of this notion that any leaves on the ground are bad or "untidy" (they can actually be good fertilizer if they aren't excessive).

It's not just huge lawns. In SoCal even the postage stamp of a lawn gets blown using a backpack blower at least once a week by the "gardeners". Leaf blowers became popular during one of the droughts (the 70s?) because of prohibitions on hosing off your sidewalk. People don't even use them for leaves much of the time, in a lot of cases it's just to get the dust off the hardscape and much of it ends up stuck to the side of the house (or in your lungs).

Comment Re:FWP (Score 1) 228

Like my neighbour, who takes a good 20 minutes to clear leaves off an area he could sweep in 5 at max (I know this because I have a larger area of paving that's how long it takes me to edge it, sweep it and rip the weeds out of the gaps in the concrete).

I see the same thing with clearing the roof. My neighbors have theirs blown twice a week for something like 20 minutes each time. I can do mine (same size) with a broom in about 10, and I do it a whole lot less often because I do it myself. It's not necessary to do it all that often-- once every couple weeks in fire season and in the winter if there's rain in the forecast.

Comment Re:What's wong with a rake (Score 1) 228

Before leaf blowers there were no city ordinances to take care of the leaves, because there were no storm sewers either. Storm sewers become clogged and streets flood with the slightest rainfall if leaves are not tended to.

The smaller storm sewers in my area are 5' diameter tubes you can walk through. The large ones are 10+ feet wide and deep trenches. The really big ones (far downstream from me) are used to film car chases for TV (all those chases in the 70's cop shows). No amount of leaves will clog them or their inlets (which are also huge - during a heavy rainfall there's pretty good stream in the center channel on the end of my street. I used to jump it until I realized that I could easily end up a few miles downstream in a debris basin. The debris basins can handle hundreds of tons of trees and rocks coming in from the mountains.

Comment Re:FWP (Score 2) 228

As someone who used to care for a large lawn next to woods, a two stroke engine powering a lawn mower sized leaf blower/vacuum is the best for blowing leaves into the woods. Turns a four man job with rakes into a one man job. Even electric leaf blowers are noisy. Do they plan on increasing the fan size?

I live on the edge of a national forest. There are trees and leaves and wild animals. I'm always amazed when people are trying to hold back the tide and make it look like a lawn at disneyland and get rid of the wild animals. All those things are the reasons to live here and if you can't accept them it's better to go live in Irvine or someplace else with a mediated experience.

Comment Re:FWP (Score 1) 228

Put a wall up to keep the noise out like everyone else does. Why am I or anyone else not free on my property because you don't like something on yours?

Noise ordinances are written the other way around. You can make as much noise as you want on your property as long as it doesn't exceed 50 dB or ambient+3dB (or something like that) at the property line. If you want to make noise, the wall is your responsibility.

Comment Re:FWP (Score 2) 228

Is it really too much to ask that i keep my freedom even if it somehow bothers you one or two days of the year? I mean the alternative isn't going to be as rosy as you think when your freedom annoys someone else at some point in time. Hell, just look at drones or the state of children walking to school.

You clearly don't live in Southern California. A substantial fraction of people have "gardeners" (even if they live in cheap rentals) who show up once a week and mow/blow/go, often with a couple of backpack leafblowers going at once. They can spew so much unburned gas that you smell more gas from your neighbor's yard than when pumping gas (we have emission controls on gas pumps). If you live anyplace with suburban or denser single family housing you pretty much hear them constantly from about 8 am to 3:30 pm, year round (live oak trees, among others, drop leaves year round, though acorns are seasonal and not even every year) . Many people have their gardeners twice a week-- and they blow the whole lawn even if there are so few leaves it would be faster to just walk around and pick them up by hand.

Comment Re: This was _outlawed_ in the USA? (Score 5, Insightful) 545

And in the United States in the early 1970s I did similar things. Crime was WAY worse then than now. But nobody thought anything of it.

We have become insane.

Yes. I walked to school with a couple other 6 year olds in 1st grade in the 70's. It's lightspeed peer to peer communication that's made us insane. Every bad thing that happens anywhere to anyone gets bumped up to national news so it seems like it's all in your backyard and around every corner.

Comment Re: You described a Web Page or an App (Score 1) 148

Also durability. An app will only run as long as the device and OS that it was made for remains current. If you're generating content that will remain useful for more than a few years the content and markup should be independent of the platform. I have PDFs and HTML that were generated in the late 90's that are still readable on any current device. If they were apps they'd be lost forever when the devices and OS's are gone. Think about dead tree books-- I can (and have) gone back to look at 100 year old technical papers that were in dead tree format and they're still readable. Apps are very ephemeral. Epub will be readable as long as you can keep copying the bits (it's ultimately a text based format, with features that allow images). PDF is close, but has a lot of limitations and is also a little too closed for a lot of applications.

Comment Re: You described a Web Page or an App (Score 1) 148

If you do an Epub 3 you only have to do it once and don't have to do the whole app development, and it will also be less of a storage hog and requires development across multiple devices and OS's and requires more work from the developer to allow all the things that ereaders provide. There ends up being a lot of app overhead that you don't need if you just supply content instead of an app. Ebooks that are now Epub 2.0 used to be provided as apps, too, just to give someone a text experience. I don't want to put together an app for every new piece of content when there's essentially a markup scheme (HTML5/EPUB3) that will do the same thing with less effort.

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