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by captbob2002 (#47352805) Attached to: Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

Personally, I think if autonomous cars can be proven to be safe and reliable, there will be a virtual tsunami of adoption by the buying public.

The lemmings can have them. What is the real push for autonomous cars? It is not safety. It is so you can be trapped in a metal and glass bubble and pay FULL attention to your infotainment system which will be delivering advertisements to you for the bulk of your ride. No thank you.

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by captbob2002 (#47352763) Attached to: Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars
Not all of us toss out our automobile when the newest model with its whizz-bang new options comes around. I'm still working on the third 100,000 mile cycle on my 1991 chevy truck. If I haven't gotten rid of it yet I won't be doing it just to get a USB port. Cars cost too much to replace due to fashion....unless you buy into (ha) the permanent car payment scam known as leasing.

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...Universities tend to have important data that absolutely cannot be backed up in any normal way. Data that is legally obligated to stay on one specific computer in one specific room and never leave; under penalty of legal action.

Hate this. Why keep the data where it can be encrypted and backed-up? Why keep it in a secure location as opposed to the Primary Investigator's (PI) office? Gah.

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by captbob2002 (#46620327) Attached to: An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw
Yes, pure luck. A gentle breeze in 2006 could have blown Ford into bankruptcy - there were that close. Ford executives made clear at that time and for a couple years afterwards that they could very well approach the government for financial assistance. If Chrysler and/or GM went down it would have taken Ford as well: supplier networks are very intertwined these days.

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by captbob2002 (#46532699) Attached to: Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

You really don't understand how unions and contracts work, do you? It is not about protecting the poorest workers - why would any union member want to do that? It makes more work for everyone else and makes all look bad. It is about making sure the contract is followed (especially language pertaining to discipline and dismissal) in each and every case.

If a lousy worker is being kept around it is because a manager somewhere is too lazy to do their job and get rid of the worker.

Too many would rather pawn-off a bad worker on another department or group rather than document the problems, attempt corrective actions, and dismiss the worker if that action doesn't improve performance.

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Pretty common if you were driving a 1971 Vega with its unsleeved aluminum block and cast iron head and ran with it low on oil and low on coolant as so many of them did back in the day.

These days cars require so little maintenance that many folks don't even bother with the tasks they should perform. Change the timing belt? Why? the car still runs.

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So speaks the 1%, or the 1% wanna' be. Did we forget the 11 times Reagan raised taxes or how high he ran up the nation debt or how he declared open season on workers by crushing PATCO -and middle-class wages have stagnated ever since regardless of how productive the workers become or how much profit corporations rake in?

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by captbob2002 (#46080383) Attached to: California Students, Parents Sue Over Teacher Firing, Tenure Rules

A) Violating their contracts by firing some teachers that happen to be fucking up our children. .

Don't be an idiot. Follow the contract which has provisions (Yes, they ALL do) to get rid of the bad teachers. If the school administrators will not do their jobs FIRE them and hire some that will. Same for the school board.

Too many bad administrators and school board members hiding behind the teacher's union contract - not bad teachers being protected by it

You don't need to set-up the bad teachers for a lawsuit that they'd win by shredding their contract.

The union and its members do NOT want poor performers in their ranks, why the hell would they? But they will, and must fight tooth and nail to protect their contract.

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The administrators concerned retired comfortably without consequences to their careers.

Really retired? Too often around here they "retire" to collect their pension, than are re-hired at an even larger salary while they collect their pension. We have pay so much to lure them back so we can continue to partake of their "experience."

See, such bullshit isn't 't just for Wall Street, it is right there on Main Street, too. The only more egregious double-dippers we have in my state are the twits that run *and get elected) to the state legislature...where they go to fuck-up education even more.

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by captbob2002 (#46080283) Attached to: California Students, Parents Sue Over Teacher Firing, Tenure Rules

Which is precisely why the education of those who will inherit our future shouldn't be left up to the whims of self-serving narcissistic union leaders.

Looks like the fedora-wearing, big-boss union leader/gangster canard is out again. 1973 called and they want their generalization back.

The local union members elect their local union leaders from within their own ranks.

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