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Comment Re: COTS and no internal redundancy (Score 1) 15 15

I think as a whole they are extremely redundant. Like off site redundancy for servers. Strapping two shoeboxes together would make less sense as stereo vision does not add much at this distance (i presume but have not researched)

Comment unintended consequenses on extreme measures (Score 1) 161 161

Extreme measures have extreme disadvantages. After 9/11 pilots were given the ability to lock their cabin to prevent terrorists from taking a plane. The Germanwings incident show this locks out the good people as well. Preventing encryption will be celebrated by terrorists, they could gain much more knowledge from plain data in transmissions.

Comment No trust for ANY OEM from my side (Score 1) 266 266

Ever since Windows 7 pc's have been loaded with crapware and "enhancing experience" so hard it slows new pc's to a crawl. Almost every OEM has customer feedback background service that does not turn off after answering the user does not want to participate. For all customers I wipe pc's and install it with an MSDN downloaded installation before it is first booted. This has included lenovo machines in the last years. Glad to see I was right to do so. I have access to MSDN If you do not and download elswhere, please compare hashes of downloaded and Original iso files, you do not want to replace your OEM crapware by other malware. pro tip, your windows 8(.1) windows key is stored in the bios and not on a sticker. this can be recovered with "rw-everything", microsoft has official dummy keys you can use while installing (but will not work to activate)

Comment Re:Anyone still going to the movies? (Score 1) 357 357

As a group we visit the local cinema almost every week. Two things that help make this a good experience is 1. wednesdays are almost always quiet. 2. my local theater invests quite a lot to keep up. Digital projectors from an early generation are already replaced by new ones, the sound system has always been high quality and has now been replaced by dolby 7.1 on half of the "rooms" (don't know the correct english word). We are still lobbying HFR but this seems one investment not worth it due to the lack of content Sometimes when i visit an other cinema the experience is indeed horrible.

Comment Dystopian v/s utopian (Score 5, Interesting) 191 191

The thing about the extremes of positive and negative stories.. Dystopian = everything is rotten, yet there is some hope Utopian = everything seems perfect at first, yet these is something is deepely wrong in the background. Now what is the positive story? The reader decides to focus on positive or negative overall aspects. Take a utopian version of hunger games. The main character of hunger games. She grows up in the capital. There is welth and lots of great food, parties and everything. There is even a great yearly entertainment thing where less fortunate kids from the districts get the opertunity to show worrier skills and make themselves and their families rich. When she volentiers for a job to help these kids prepare (a job that can make you famous) the harsh reality becomes apparent. These kids and family are repressed and live awful lives just to make the life in the capital possible. When she tries to speak up she gets to feel just how awfull the powers in the can be, even her family and friends are punnished for her attempts to speak up. Same world other view. In the end what story is more positive?

Comment there are many other hobby dlp projects out there (Score 2) 41 41

I have been looking into this type of 3d printers and there are many others. Most not as reproducable as the standard reprap fdm printers. This is why i am currently designing the reprap petri that will be reproducable when the design is done. Right now it is in early prototype phase and does not work.

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