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Comment: Re:Anyone still going to the movies? (Score 1) 357

by bitflusher (#48281349) Attached to: MPAA Bans Google Glass In Theaters
As a group we visit the local cinema almost every week. Two things that help make this a good experience is 1. wednesdays are almost always quiet. 2. my local theater invests quite a lot to keep up. Digital projectors from an early generation are already replaced by new ones, the sound system has always been high quality and has now been replaced by dolby 7.1 on half of the "rooms" (don't know the correct english word). We are still lobbying HFR but this seems one investment not worth it due to the lack of content Sometimes when i visit an other cinema the experience is indeed horrible.

Comment: Dystopian v/s utopian (Score 5, Interesting) 191

by bitflusher (#47914485) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future
The thing about the extremes of positive and negative stories.. Dystopian = everything is rotten, yet there is some hope Utopian = everything seems perfect at first, yet these is something is deepely wrong in the background. Now what is the positive story? The reader decides to focus on positive or negative overall aspects. Take a utopian version of hunger games. The main character of hunger games. She grows up in the capital. There is welth and lots of great food, parties and everything. There is even a great yearly entertainment thing where less fortunate kids from the districts get the opertunity to show worrier skills and make themselves and their families rich. When she volentiers for a job to help these kids prepare (a job that can make you famous) the harsh reality becomes apparent. These kids and family are repressed and live awful lives just to make the life in the capital possible. When she tries to speak up she gets to feel just how awfull the powers in the can be, even her family and friends are punnished for her attempts to speak up. Same world other view. In the end what story is more positive?

Comment: there are many other hobby dlp projects out there (Score 2) 41

I have been looking into this type of 3d printers and there are many others. Most not as reproducable as the standard reprap fdm printers. This is why i am currently designing the reprap petri that will be reproducable when the design is done. Right now it is in early prototype phase and does not work.

Comment: I as an enthousiast do not see a 3d print world (Score 2) 302

by bitflusher (#46835135) Attached to: Consumers Not Impressed With 3D Printing
First. During my day job I frequently work with a professional 3d printer. As a hobby I own a Reprap (hobby 3d printer). I would describe myself as a 3d print enthousiast. However I do not see 3d printers live up to the hype. the mantra: "Everyone will print everything in 3d from toys to funriture and a 3d steak". My argument is new technology does not replace everything else there was before. People still walk/ride bikes/take a car/boat/train because planes and helicopters excist (who would have thought)! My opinion: Some things will be printed such as unique small items and parts to repair stuff. And the 3d printed steak.. not going to happen. We already have vega-meat-replacement nobody calls them steaks. One example what it is usefull for. I am currently printing a lense cap holder to snap two caps on a strap. This needs to be printed because almost noboby had a 71mm and a 57mm cap. I print this because it will never excist as a product.

Comment: Re:Needs IPV6 (Score 1) 63

by bitflusher (#44636211) Attached to: Internet Infrastructure for Everyone
NAT is a band aid. It works mostly. However you can have the carrier grade NAT I have on my cell Phone any day! it is the future for the next 30 years. It is a band aid over a band aid and we will all have it. I really hope the NAT stuff is here to stay for backwards compatibility but also really hope for the already available real solution to become widespread in the next 3 to 5 years, not 30.

Comment: Needs IPV6 (Score 2) 63

by bitflusher (#44636049) Attached to: Internet Infrastructure for Everyone
If you want all devices to run everything you need IPV6. ISPs are lagging badly. Even though it is not the hardest thing in the world. France and Asia are switching. My ISP is running a pre-pilot for over 2 years, it runs fine. They are still not roling it out for the rest of the users (probably corp funding that is lacking).

Comment: I like virtualization better than cloud (Score 2) 196

by bitflusher (#44247881) Attached to: WRT virtualization:
I have a virtual server at Amazon. It works great and talk about this virtualized machine. Today everything is a cloud even a single synology nas is a cloud. So i use virtualization to describe it. My usb stick however is a "personal wearable offline cloud" (you can stick the cloud label on everything right?)

Comment: I know, it is making business just a little harder (Score 1) 327

I am buying apps like no other as part of my business. In normal business you work with buying and selling and VAT is no problem. Apple however does not send bills with VAT, Apple states they are not done negotiating with the government. I had to read this two or three times.. what on eath do you have to negotiate on VAT. It is really clear: all business have to pay. Now the Added in Value Added Taxes i have to pay is higher than it should be, there goes part of my profits, thank you Apple!

Comment: Kill your data with fire! (Score 1) 295

by bitflusher (#43309797) Attached to: When Your Data Absolutely, Positively has to be Destroyed (Video)
I have a special storage space for harddisks that died or are removed from discarted pc's. Properly erasing the drives with software conforming to military wiping standards will cost me many hours. A couple of years back I saw an article about data recovery, a highly specialized company was able to recover data even from a disk shot with a nail gun. The only real failure in recovery was a computer displayed in the lobby that was mostly melted in a fire. Now I throw anywhere between 20 and 30 disks a year in a fire after removing the pcb's, they mely to strange artworks. One time it was too dry to make a fire, removing the platters and putting them in an over at the highest temp for half an hour peeled the magnetic coating (be cairfull with notebook harddisks, those have glass/ceramic platters that are break and shatter with many sharp fragments)

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