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Comment: Re:Upside Down? (Score 2) 142

by binarybum (#49077917) Attached to: Breakthrough In Face Recognition Software

We are finally going to catch this guy!! -

(the problem is the background - your brain is very good at understanding what upside-down means, but an algorithm trained by seeing tons of right-sided up images only understands that a silo is rounded on top and straight on the bottom. - The question I have, is what are the pratical implications of all the extra processing power that might take? Finally figuring out who that gymnast was from that circ-du-soleil screenshot? )

Comment: Re:Since when are terms of service court enforced? (Score 1) 77

by binarybum (#49071003) Attached to: Company Promises Positive Yelp Reviews For a Price; Yelp Sues

Kind of slanderous statement for an AC to make. Yelp has been in the spotlight for this kind of thing ever since a class action lawsuit in 2011. Any evidence of them doing what you are claiming would garner tons of attention and congratulations btw you would have a pretty strong case against them. I call flat out shenanigans on this post and encourage modding this down unless you can provide some degree of evidence backing such a claim.

Comment: ooh, my eyes (Score 1) 62

by binarybum (#48995597) Attached to: YouTube Launches Multi-Angle Video Experiment

I tried to watch the sample video thing. Terrible issues with audio-continuity between the views. Seeing that dude's fanny pack was a great example of why nobody needs \ wants this. I might have had some degree of respect for the guy despite his annoying voice if I hadn't switched to the view that showed the bejeweled fanny-pack. Editing exists for a reason, just like elected political representatives. This is like those people that show you their completely unedited vacation photos- all 568 of them. It kills the magic. If done very very well, I could imagine this maybe being useful for porn (but only until good holograms become available).

Comment: Re: In other news... (Score 2) 307

by binarybum (#48947419) Attached to: The NSA Is Viewed Favorably By Most Young People

my guess is that the NSA ha.... {carrier interrupt.... flagged term detected...refrence auto replace library S:\NSA\project pawn everything\standard response1.txt} "is really just so awesome, all kids like it, totally rad like {auto field\ insert up to date NSA authorized popular rap music singer}! .{\resume native post}

and that's probably why the results look that way.

Comment: Some front page editing? (Score 1) 413

C'mon /. editors. The example at the end of this summary paragraph is really graphic, jarring and terrifying. It's a little much for a front-page headline summary and frankly unnecessary to the subject of the story anyway. A little bit of journalistic couth would be appreciated.

Comment: Re:Get What You Pay For (Score 1) 163

by binarybum (#48762431) Attached to: In-Flight Service Gogo Uses Fake SSL Certificates To Throttle Streaming

Yes. your question has only a few limited scenarios - there are many many more that could be listed - trying to reasonably rank those without context is completely unreasonable. Even looking at your examples I'm having a hard time figuring out what order to try to rank those options in - I'm sure there would be as much agreement as with selecting pizza toppings.

A good ISP (there aren't many) should announce their average upload download rates and paying users should expect to experience those numbers regardless of how they choose to use the bandwidth. Sliding scale charges for very high usage isn't unreasonable in my mind - shady throttling is.
Go-go charges a lot for their air service, and every time I have used it I can barely tolerate basic web-page load times. My prodigy dial-up account was faster than their wifi. They should probably be offering it as a free teaser for now and charge more when they have a reasonable service to offer.

Comment: Re:May want a disclaimer here... (Score 2) 304

by binarybum (#48700877) Attached to: Putting a MacBook Pro In the Oven To Fix It

Here is a simplified guide for those wanting to try this.

Step 1: place macbook pro in oven at 340 degrees
Step 2: Remove (with mitts!).

  Now for decision tree:
    Option A: your mac is fixed! the apple logo has melted off and it boots Ubuntu just fine.
    Option B: your macbook has melted shut - if you've been using Mac products long enough you are used to all kinds of restrictions on hardware and software that you thought you "owned" so this probably doesn't even bother you.
Option C: The fumes from your oven wake you from your fugue state - Go and buy a Surface Pro - but turn your oven off first.

Comment: Re:Remove != Improve (Score 3, Insightful) 110

by binarybum (#48509619) Attached to: Microsoft's Age-Old Image Library 'Clip Art' Is No More

exactly. I don't know why the responses here are so positive. Getting rid of a primarily vector based library that takes up little space and is available locally is not a great move at all. If you don't like it, fine don't use it. But your points are well taken - this move to online everything is tedious, slow, and frustrating. I need my documents in a cloud, but I sure don't need my bloody word processor in the cloud.
Think Global, install Local.

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