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Comment Re:Behaviour in the past? (Score 1) 196

Define spies. Google has turned data over to the feds that has led to US citizens being arrested. Google cooperates with China's great firewall policies and therefore contributes to human rights violations. Google is as evil as they come when it comes to data security and protection, do not consider your data secure with them.

Comment Re:Real banner week for the TSA... (Score 1, Troll) 166

The TSA is backed by PETA avidly and they are doing an excellent job per PETA standards / expectations. Almost every TSA employee you see would be unemployed and abusing small animals at home if the TSA did not give them somewhere to go for 8h a day. So next time you see one of them yank a tracheotomy tube out of a child in a wheelchair or cavity search an old woman, just remind yourself of all the safe pets out there.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 0) 318

Yeah, just like their heads span when people left them when they decided to both raise fees and drop all decent programming by going streaming only.

All of these moves are coldly calculated. They will win no matter what, your departure will not make anything spin I assure you. They are an essentially zero competition industry. They will become progressively more and more evil until someone else comes to market, but they have a massive head start, and I haven't even heard rumors about competition other than Amazon, but they're nowhere close.

Comment Windows 8.2? (Score 2) 374

I still don't really get what 10 is bringing to the table. It seems like such a minor upgrade - skipping two version numbers is such a farce. The video on that page that highlights 10's new features is such a laugh. It flashes to the same start screen like 8 times with a mouse icon just about to click on a microsoft word icon (brace yourselves!). I can tell from the flashy music that this windows 10 experience must be intense, but saw no objective evidence that it does anything new whatsoever.
    I actually want to see microsoft do well - I think the Surface is an incredible piece of hardware, and it would be great to see the OS and the app store catch up, but 10 just looks like a skin package for win8.

Comment Re:Upside Down? (Score 2) 142

We are finally going to catch this guy!! -

(the problem is the background - your brain is very good at understanding what upside-down means, but an algorithm trained by seeing tons of right-sided up images only understands that a silo is rounded on top and straight on the bottom. - The question I have, is what are the pratical implications of all the extra processing power that might take? Finally figuring out who that gymnast was from that circ-du-soleil screenshot? )

Comment Re:Since when are terms of service court enforced? (Score 1) 77

Kind of slanderous statement for an AC to make. Yelp has been in the spotlight for this kind of thing ever since a class action lawsuit in 2011. Any evidence of them doing what you are claiming would garner tons of attention and congratulations btw you would have a pretty strong case against them. I call flat out shenanigans on this post and encourage modding this down unless you can provide some degree of evidence backing such a claim.

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